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  1. With the addition of science into KSP2, a new type of challenge has just become possible. Introducing... The first KSP2 space race RULES Ingame time will be used, in order to make sure the game is fair for everyone regardless of time devoted to it In Real Life Cheating is expressly forbidden except for TESTING PURPOSES IN A SEPARATE SAVE FILE, Cheating will result in you being DISQUALIFIED and all placements on the leaderboard you held will be removed. You MUST use the default difficulty or harder for the purpose of the challenge. LIFE SUPPORT/Anti-Cheesing You must have at least 2 empty seats on your vessel per occupant for interplanetary travel, this is to make probes actually have a use in progression and getting milestones, kerbals also require constant electric charge(assume 1 EC/s per kerbal) and a signal back home for interplanetary missions. MAY be adjusted in the future, will not retroactively affect existing spacecraft Feel free to submit your name, agency name, and anything else about the background. You can get onto the "Leaderboard" by proving that you were the first (ingame time) to accomplish something, things you can accomplish are listed below: "First Person to Enter the SOI of (Planet/Moon)" "First Person to Orbit (Planet/Moon)" "First Person to Land On (Planet/Moon)" "First Person to Plant a Flag On (Planet/Moon)" "First Person to build a space station with multiple modules docked together at (Planet/Moon)" "First Person to build a base with multiple modules, either docked or landed next to each other, on (Planet/Moon)" "First person to return from (Planet/Moon)" You may start launching missions from Jan, 1, 2024 Leaderboard: Example Player - Mun Orbit - Year 1, Day 3
  2. Get to Ash and construct a mining base, then transport some fuel to a small station around ash so you can refuel ships.
  3. Also, Self Hosting and Server browser would be nice, along with no anticheat, and just ax (Console with PC) crossplay, consoles cant use mods, so dont block all PC servers from having em because "we want to allow console players to crossplay"
  4. KSP isnt the type of game to have a cheating issue, I ran KSP1 multiplayer servers (LMP) and NEVER encountered a cheating issue
  5. I completely agree, there's also another thing DRM does not really do much to prevent piracy, and often the pirates remove all the DRM, so now those pirates are offering objectively better service Losing the ability to self-host, use mods in multiplayer, or anything similar, would be essentially giving the game the death sentence, and, like in real life, the game might shuffle on in a worse state for a few years, the community slowly dropping, until T2 decides its no longer profitable and pulls the plug, multiplayer is lost forever, and because it was official, good luck seeing a multiplayer mod akin to LMP pop up for years afterwards, and at that point, the community will have moved on, went back to singleplayer where they can actually use mods, 100-200 people are left playing KSP2 in the end, with KSP1 being in a similar state (probably being around 2 decades old) with the last dedicated players of both games kicking about until the game finally dies as the last players lose interest. Let's not have this incredibly depressing future of the last dedicated players playing alone until they lose interest in the game, how do we do that, not add DRM
  6. Methalox being sorted the way it is makes sense, everything else though, doesn't (You are either naming engines for the fuel, or for the remass, which both lead to inconsistency) If using Remass/Propellant to sort Jet engines mostly use the air as their Remass/Propellant, not methane, methane is the fuel, not the Propellant. Lots of futuristic engines use Hydrogen as their Propellant/Remass, not all of them are fission engines or have remotely similar fuel. If using fuel to sort Ion Engines mostly use electricity, and spit out Ions, so just call them Ion engines (And generally can use any inert gas/noble gas, Xenon gets the best thrust but using argon and krypton also work) Nuclear Engines can use ANY PROPELLANT in real life, hydrogen is preferred due to high specific impulse, however it is not the only thing you can put in the engines (you can put anything in that's a gas at the operating temp of the engine and) and also the "Fuel" for a nuclear engine is the reactor, not the hydrogen. What I propose to fix the issue Methalox Engines - No Change Methane Engines --> Jet Engines (why did anyone think naming jet engines "Methane Engines" was a good idea) Xenon Engines --> Ion/Electric engines (Technically they are electric propulsion, but most people know em better as Ion engines) Hydrogen Engines --> Fission engines/Nuclear engines (Fission is more correct but nuclear also works ok)
  7. Ok, so they are actually possible in theory, it's just that you would need to hang them off orbital rings instead of floating them in the atmosphere, floating colonies are much better for places like venus where the air is made of dense stuff like CO2 and N2
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