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  1. How does it work? The challenge wheel is a new way for you to do KSP challenges of varying difficulty and varying rules, I will spin wheels for: Planet - Where Are you going, (there are wheels for Stock, OPM, GU, Beyond Home, GPP, GEP, Quack Pack, Kcalbleoh, More planet mod compatibility is coming soon) Goal - What are you doing when you get there (Build a base, simply plant a flag, rescue a kerbal, etc.) Restrictions, Parts - (Low Part Count, No Ion Engines, No Nuclear Engines, etc.) You get one of these Restrictions, Craft - (Low Mass, No ISRU, SSTO, Single Launch, etc.) Difficulties People have different skill levels, and getting an eve return mission right off the bat can be difficult, So pick the difficulty level of challenge you want Easy - You will get a challenge for destinations which are easy to reach, no part count/mass restrictions, Large structures are not required to be single launch: Mun, Minmus, Duna, Ike Normal - No planets which have any sort of above average difficulty, Part count and mass restrictions can appear, No large crafts in 1 launch: Mun, Minmus, Duna, Ike, Gilly, Dres(Stock Only, Planet Mods are assumed to be played at Hard Difficulty) Difficult - Distant destinations, Large crafts may need to go up in 1 launch: Mun, Minmus, Duna, Ike, Gilly, Dres, Laythe, Vall, Pol, Bop, Moho, Eeloo(Stock Only, Planet Mods assumed to be played at Hard Difficulty) Hard - Difficult except you may need to land and return from Eve or Tylo, You can get Grand Tours(For stock this is Jool 5 Automatically)(Planet Mods assumed to be played at this difficulty) Stratzenblitz - Unreasonable restrictions, Megastructures, Large Builds in 1 Launch(You may do a planet mod at this difficulty if you like) Are Mods Supported? Yes, Modded planets and parts are supported (there are separate wheels which will be spun if playing modded) The only mods which are banned are Mods that provide infinite fuel Mods that use no fuel(IntakeAtm counts as a fuel) General rules (Breaking these will appear in the "Honorable mentions" section) No Kraken drives(this renders things too easy) Modded and stock entries are considered equal, I prefer modded, some prefer stock, neither is considered better for the purposes of this challenge Play fair, if you want a reroll, just ask, but you can only reroll 3 times, then you are stuck with what you got Stations/Bases need to be multiple modules(No, you cant just do something that is technically a station, it needs to have distinct sections for different uses/to look pretty) View Rutabaga's Moho Station for example No Alt+F12 How do I play? Just tell me that you want to play and what mods you are using(just the major ones) Spoiler your modlist to avoid a Wall of Text I will spin the wheel for you and give you your challenge Have fun Submissions Rutabaga's wheel spin challenge 1: Moho Station, One Launch, No Nuclear, Must have multiple modules. - Mission Reports - Kerbal Space Program Forums Challenge Wheel - Journey to Wal (OPM) - Mission Reports - Kerbal Space Program Forums https://youtu.be/jr526eV1tPw Rutabaga's 2nd Challenge https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/210319-challenge-wheel-1000-units-of-dres-ore-to-minmus/ - Hauling 1000 ore from dres to minmus Honorable Mentions Spin the Challenge Wheel, Mission Report. "Go to Bop and return with minimal mass, no Ion Engines" - Mission Reports - Kerbal Space Program Forums
  2. There has been tales of a second SSTV signal, 10,000 Petameters away... Another easter egg, or just a bug? Only @Holo has found it... Yet. I have, for I play KSP, to find it. That's why I started this thread. To record all the mission (in screenshot form). I will try to get there, have recording software ready, and then, if I can record a SSTV signal, decode it. And, if there is a result, post it. Wish me luck if you think it's worth it The Probe The rocket is launched in all its glory Soon after, the fairing deploys And I always put too much DeltaV... Now we're in orbit. And the nuclear engines initiate the escape burn. I'll try to get a Mun gravity assist.
  3. Current version: v0.8 Download at GitHub: https://github.com/GregroxMun/WeekWorldPlanetJam/releases/ (0.8 release available) Download at SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3124/Week World Planet Jam (0.8 release currently being uploaded slowly--use github.) If you want to discuss our work and more, check out my Discord. Week World Planet Jam A collaboration between ten planet modders to create a Kerbal Space Program planet mod within the span of one week. On 2022 August 14, at the behest of Techo, ten planet builders on the Gregrox Mods discord server came together to build a solar system together within one week, in an event called the Week World Planet Jam. We present the results of this collaboration here. The Sauwel system contains 9 planetary systems comprising 30 celestial bodies. Aside from a few initial conditions, each contributor created their planet blind, with no spoilers or hints about the other contributors' work. The system is therefore an interesting mix of different styles of planet design, resulting in a system where every planet is something of a unique oddball. The mod is released as of September 22nd, 1 month after the "deadline" version, and includes a few tweaks, art passes, compatibility patches, and bug fixes. Mod dependencies: Kopernicus (and its dependencies) https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases KopernicusExpansions-Continueder https://github.com/VabienArt/KopernicusExpansion-Continueder/releases/ Specifically KEX-Common, KEX-RegionalPQS and KEX-VertexHeightMap16 SciRev/Scientific Revolution (bundled with WWPJ, MIT License) TextureReplacer (bundled with WWPJ, MIT License) Mod Support: Scatterer: scatterer atmospheres are present on all worlds with atmospheres. Environmental Visual Enhancements: Only supports shadow casting, no clouds. Install plugin only; do not install additional configs/visual packs. Kronometer: Several custom clocks are included, with instructions on how to change them in the SETTINGS.cfg file. Credits: Luna Gregoria (GregroxMun) - The central star Sauwel, layout of system orbits and masses, Scatterer sun lens flare, cloud map for planet d, project lead. WarriorSabe - Planet b (2 objects), Scatterer sun lens flare. Wolf Rayet (Exo's Lab) - Planet c (8 objects), cloud map for planet d, project lead. Adstri - Planet d (1 object), polar ice caps on planet e. Techo - Planet e (3 objects), project lead. Marshall (Myth) - Planet f (3 objects). Caps Lock - Planet g (3 objects). Tholin - Planet h (6 objects). CIOCIA (Cloverdove) - Planet i (1 object). Jo (JoQueebious) - Planet j (2 objects). The Homeworld and the Kerbals who Inhabit it The interstellar starship U.S.C. Optimism intended to settle Sauwel d, only to find it a bone-dry windswept desert poor in elements vital for Kerbal biochemistry. A new homeworld had to be chosen. Elaan, Caen, and Asite Par were voted on by the crew. No one wanted to land deep in the gravity well of volcanic hothouse Elaan, but cold Caen and warm Asite Par nearly tied, with Asite Par winning by just six votes as it had much more oxygen. Asite Par was chosen as the homeworld. It has 0.7 atmospheres of pressure, 0.68 G gravity at sea level, 0.432 Earth masses (Kerbal-scale), and a 507km radius. It's also hot, getting more illumination from Sauwel than Earth gets from the Sun, with daytime temperatures climbing over 100 degrees fahrenheit. It is kept cool enough to support water and life by high-altitude reflective dust. But Asite Par's life has had millions or even billions of years to adapt to these temperatures, and it's also nowhere near the boiling point of water. A nasty strain of the purple lichen-like material coating the wetter regions of Asite Par had evolved to metabolize Kerbin biochemistry, and soon became a blight on Kerbal crops that was difficult to control. Even worse was the variant which attacked the algal symbionts which give Kerbals their green color. These parasitic fungus-like infections would result in death if not treated. Eventually doctors found that infected patients could endure much higher temperatures, and they could metabolize the opposite chirality sugars and other biochemicals of native Asite Par life, at least until they died. Instead, they set to work coming up with a genetically modified variant of the parasite which could entirely replace the symbiotic algae in Kerbals. This version would be stable, non-infectious, and would defend against the original parasitic strain. Eventually, the benefits of the treatment for inhabitation on Asite Par would be studied and recognized, and many began getting the treatment done intentionally, and have the procedure done to their kids from hatching. Now, most Kerbals on Asite Par are purple, and those that aren't mostly live around the polar regions to escape the worst of the heat. Purple Kerbals are called Parbals, which is, depending upon who you ask, a portmanteau of "Purple Kerbal," "(Asite-)Par Kerbal," or "Parsite Kerbal." System layout: Science/Career Compatibility Astrophotos Simulated views through telescopes of each of the planets, just enough to give you a hint of what they look like, without spoiling them entirely. Screenshots These may contain spoilers and may show inaccuracies since they were taken over the course of development. [pending] License Please provide attribution both to Week World Planet Jam, and to the modder whose work you are using. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
  4. (Following the established tradition of indirect updation of the Orion master thread by subthreads merging, let me bring the idea which is just in the air since the new LOTR pseudo-prequel has raised the ancient evil from abyss.) Can a mythril door stop Balrog at least for a second? If yes, the dwarves could forge a pusher plate out of mythril, collect some fire elementals spawned by Balrog instead of nukes (maybe in mythril pots), and build a Telumehtar or Menelmacar space drive. Maybe some of the dwarvish failures (like Moria) were in fact an attempt to actually build it, and Moria was an underground launch site? Or even it was a joint venture between the dwarves and the elves, an interstellar ark to escape from the Middle Earth, say, if Sau wins? The dwarves of Moria provide the nuke drive, the elves of Laurelindorenan provide the life support and G.E.C.K. HURRY POR/TER "rapid terraforming portable kit" (remember the aggressively survivable mallorn seed and the potion of growth tested on two GMO hobbits). *** Sau had realized this long ago, he was running an opposing project ("Saurion"?) in Mordor (why, do you think, it's covered with ash and slag like a nuclear test site?) Orodruin was probably a lava pool launch system. Maybe also a molten salt reactor or drive prototype. Btw, what is the Balrog energy? Don't they consume uranium ore, naturally enrich it, and have a molten salt nuclear reactor in stomach? And orcs were a little bit rough because they were created as extraterrestrial colonists. As everyone knows, orcs are originally mutated elves, and this fact shows the origin of the Sau Orion project, His creative ancestor, Melkor, was trying to upgrade the elvish-dwarvish project, and Sauron is maintaining the legacy hardware he owns. *** Saruman's vanity was running his own low-budget project, the Orthank (sic! "Or-"), with water pool launch pad. And an unlicensed clone of orcs. *** What if the Middle Earth map is actually a map of competing space projects based on the Balrog energy, mythril constructions, and elvish Big Pharma biotech?
  5. I figured out how to make logic gates in KSP!
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