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  1. Interesting argument for LDC....also that J-2 on the left looks...decent. but the right one looks amazing!
  2. From what i remember the M-1 was used in the nova proposals on the upper stages...so i think vacuum, in fact it might be an bit of an vacuum F-1...
  3. (i do sadly know this is unlikely) With these revamped saturn engines, is there an possibility that there wil also be an M-1?
  4. Eve i supossed to be foggy, in fact i dont see anything broken...
  5. Atleast we can make helicopters with 8 blades.....oh and small dragonflies!
  6. I voted Rockot because Briz-M reasons and super kosmos with rockot boosters EDIT: Just noticed how funny rockot booster sounds.
  7. I meant that blue back thingy looks really strange.
  8. Looks great! (and MK1 cabin-ish / alike..)
  9. turn the engine on, it uses an SRB-ish thing that fires to rotate it, on burnout it seperates things above it.