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  1. Its amazing how correct you were about my situation. One of my friends confirmed that I was being played. The girl and the other guy started hanging out literally the day I packed my things. Not even a 24 hour cooldown period, damn! Probably stuff has been happening behind my back... I mean it makes sense. She would go for someone who can help in advancing her career. What can a grunt like me offer her? I am angry, mostly at myself for being stupid. I am sad as well, mostly for myself. If the world really operates on the Karma system then is all of my Good Karma disappearing in a void somewhere? Why is the Big Man up above being so miserly in giving me my share of happiness? I might never know. Like, 20 big bad stuffs happen and then one small good stuff happens. Atleast I still have KSP and ethanol. Their friendship has been unconditional, through all of my many many bad times, since KSP version 1.2.1
  2. Even if she wants to, the other guy has friends in HR, they decide where staff would get transferred to. Its a lost cause. I am sad.
  3. I tried to romance a senior at work, she's younger than me by 2 years but 2 steps above me in the corporate ladder. Things looked great, we went on a couple dates. However, today I was handed a transfer notice. I have been transferred 224 kms away from my current location to a rural branch of my organization. This does not just smell fishy, it stinks of a coastal fish market. I also have an idea who did it, but that guy's like 4 steps above me on the corporate ladder.
  4. I made a Surveyor-ish cheap lander designed for landing on inner solar system. So far, its landed on Minmus on its own power, on the Mun with the aid of the transfer stage doing like 80% of the deorbit burn I also sent a rover to the Mun. Here's the good boi scanning rocks I returned to KSP after a really long time and I had almost forgotten how much fun it was
  5. Ferrari, man. Why does Ferrari love to hurt us like that? And why do I love the pain?
  6. I have been away from KSP for God knows how long, and today finally had the courage to continue my career gameplay. I launched a prototype version of a Nuclear Tug that will use aerobraking to return to LKO from GTO, Munar Transfer Orbits or interplanetary burns. The interim name of this tug is This is the tug with the heatshields in 'Stowed' configuration, allowing the Nerva engines to fire. The apoapsis was raised to Munar Orbit The heatshields in 'Deployed' configuration. The vehicle handled aerobraking pretty well, but each heatshield lost 200 units of ablator out of 800. I suppose this has to be serviced and refitted with new heatshields after every 4 flights. That or use a less aggressive aerobraking strategy. It needs several improvements (lateral docking ports in case I want to attach drop tanks or more tugs, a comms module, ladders for the crew to grab when they are replacing the heavy heatshields etc)
  7. Oh dont look too far into it. The latest episode basically was : Us: "So how about some new gameplay mechanics?" Them: "IT IS BIG!" Us: "Umm okay, but how about showing off some of the new parts and features?" Them: "IT IS BIIGGGGGG!!!!!"
  8. I have this weird shadow glitch in my save file of a newly installed 1.12.3 game. Weird shadows keep flickering in and out of existence for my crafts. Not just this, the ambient light boost does not work even if i raise it to the maximum. Nights are PITCH BLACK. This is my modlist I started playing KSP after so long, and I am *this* close to dumping it again. Please help.
  9. The tagline of Formula 1 should be : WeRaceAsOne (In countries whose wars are sponsored by the USA)
  10. I got a job after over a year and a half of unemployment. I was felicitated by a coaching institute where I used to study, had an interview with those guys.
  11. Woah you have that many friends!? I have like 5 friends... Also since I am here: Why in the seven hells are girls/women so to-the-point one second, and absolutely impractical the next? Like GOD bro why???
  12. @jimmymcgoochie I barely have any time to surf the internet, let alone play KSP because of several national level examinations over the past 2 months, which would continue until late November. It is regrettable, but I would like to withdraw my participation.
  13. Getting back into KSP after almost a year was a truly humbling experience. I don't intend to win this challenge, I can barely steer a rocket straight after being away for so long! This is how far I have progressed in the first two in-game days. Society of Monolith Priests Through Exploration, Salvation. 1. The Suborbital Hop 2. The Orbital Shot Objectives Completed : 1. First Launch (5km AGL): Y1 D01 03:41:39 2. Leaving the atmosphere : Y1 D01 03:51:34 3. Orbit around Gael : Y1 D02 00:03:32 4. Return from Orbit : Y1 D02 01:23:44
  14. My friend and I were talking about how the champions, the record holders must have been cut out of a different cloth to be where they are and my buddy's brother said "Not really, we have all held the record of being the YOUNGEST person ever." I mean he's got a point...
  15. I am questioning all my life decisions that brought me to this masterpiece.
  16. I was not crying under the shower because of the realization, I came upon the realization AS I was crying under the shower. But you can ignore the crying part.
  17. I was literally crying under the shower when I realized that Liquids are just gases shoved in together by atmospheric pressure. Also, when Hydra raised its heads again after its defeat by Captain America, would it have killed the members to do a rebranding? Instead of calling it Hydra, they could call it something non-threatening like 'Bob'. Instead of the ominous sounding 'Hail Hydra' they would be saying 'Bonjour Bob' 'Bye Bob' 'Bon Voyage Bob' and no one would suspect anything. They would not be associated with the no-no Germans from World War 2, they would just be another kooky cult.
  18. The offset issue with the micropad is worse. Location of the strut. Clipping when the build is finalized: __________________________________________________________________________ With the Klaw, the offset issue remains. ________________________________________________________________________ Even when i make the docking port the root part, there is not much of a difference.
  19. With all the crafts, I am afraid. The building vessel's root part is the Mk 1-3 command pod, and the craft being built has the slim OKTO probe core as its root part . It is a rather simple craft; just a slim OKTO probe core and small cargo container.
  20. @zer0Kerbal While finalizing a build, the ship clips into the docking port where it is being constructed. I tried messing around with the 'DockingPorts.cfg' file in the Patches folder and tried to change the 'SpawnHeightOffset' but its of no use. This is what it looks like when I finalize build: When i release the build it leads to extreme vibrations and shaking. Is there a way to fix this?
  21. Of course we should not stop researching a technology that could not only make us carbon neutral but carbon-negative. It is just that knowledge spreads so much slower than false alarm and rumors.
  22. I don't think science, facts and logic can ever stop the anti-nuke cult..
  23. Yes of course, but beaming off power from one sat to the other, is it feasible when they are transferring power in gigawatt range? I mean if that is possible its good, but i think a molten salt energy storage system would be a better alternative. Melt the salt in daylight, use part of it to run the turbine, and keep part of it in 'hot storage' In the dark, use the stored molten salt to run the turbines.
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