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  1. I am making an Interstellar colonization ship, the HPICV-6 "Pentalis Star". 8,500 tons, 30m diameter, 130 meters long, propulsion provided by three Orion Drives and one Alcubierre Drive, a capacity of around one hundred places, a place for a payload of 20m long, this vessel is perfect for colonizing exoplanets (HPICV stands for Hybrid Propulsion Interstellar Colonization Vehicle) This ship took me several hours to make it, and I used a GameData folder of 8Gb.
  2. I launch KSP with a GameData folder of 6Gb. Only gameplay mods, no graphic mods. My computer rests in peace.
  3. I took a look, when you approach the wormhole, there is the spacetime distortion with the noise of splashing and vibrations, but the ship is no longer teleported
  4. We need more face types(goggles, other hair types, moustaches...)
  5. I was missing a dependance, the button did not appear. But it's fixed.
  6. I try all the keys on my keyboard to try to open the interface of the OSE workshop
  7. How to build parts? I don't know where is the building interface
  8. I try to make with Kerbal Konstructs a S P A C E E L E V A T O R . To be continued for more news...
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