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  1. Go in the RSS files. Search saturn.cfg and sun.cfg (or the_sun, or SUN...). Open the 2 files with a simple text editor. Go in the event horizon files, search murph.cfg and anomaly_-insert anomaly name here-.cfg. Open the documents. In jupiter.cfg, copy the name of the planet and paste it in place of jool in anomaly.cfg. (and add a 0 in the orbit height of anomaly). Go in sun.cfg, copy the name of sun, and paste it in place of sun in murph.cfg (and add a 0, here, too). For murph, don't make this immediately. I will try it tomorrow and change my comment if it's wrong (I'm french).
  2. Because we can't mod planets without it. I would just the possibility to mod planets without Kopernicus.
  3. I have an idea. Could you, Squad or a modder, allow the KAL-1000 to be used in EVA? I'm tired of having to switching on my ship to be able to switch on a KAL-1000 before reswitching on my Kerbal in EVA. Just being able to start the sequence would be enough, no need to give access to the programming of the KAL-1000 (At least, for kerbals who are not engineers).
  4. FAR? What is that? I say that, I say nothing, but Galacticraft manages to pressurize confined spaces. (But Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program don't work the same way, so ...)
  5. I make a map. Really. I’m the first.
  6. KAS, KIS, MechJeb2, Kopernicus, ScanSat, Hyperedit, VesselMover, and the mod for glass panels. (And Tilt’Elm, the mod for planet axis inclination)
  7. I know it will be very difficult to set up, but if you have the courage, Squad or a mod developer, you could make it possible to pressurize closed spaces like this one and remove your helmet in it thanks to a pressurization device, it could be funny.
  8. First, I will make it work on my computer (average quality, but respectable), then, I will optimize for small platforms if I can and if I have the courage, and I will create a pack of mods gathering all that is necessary for its operation (but Making History and Breaking Ground will still be necessary for its operation). I think that converting the map frame from .craft to .mu would be a good solution to reduce the weight by transforming it into a single piece on which I add gameplay elements like doors and devices. In addition, since we do not control the ship, but a Kerbal moving in it, the performance will be much better. Sorry for the mistakes, i’m french.