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  1. Upon closer inspection it seems all parts of this mod (station parts expansion) get welded unreliably (parts/nodes missing), Could this problem be cause by using the older MM?
  2. Thank you, the icon seems to work now with a less recent MM. But i'm encountering a slight problem, some parts don't seem to get saved in the weldment. Example: https://imgur.com/a/j0o73sV (Bottom before welding, top after welding)
  3. Hi, i've just downloaded this mod but it does not seem to work for me. I tried reading a couple pages back but i couldn't find/understand much. My problem is that when i press the icon in the VAB, nothing happens. Playing KSP 1.7.3, HEAVILY modded, but no procedural parts/infernal robotics. The mod version i installed is
  4. Hey, great mod you've got here, I'm just wondering: does leading and trailing edge shape matter in FAR calculations (b9 procedural wings) and what would you suggest for a supersonic jet?
  5. Man does this mod look sick, i can't wait for it. Do you have a general idea when it'll be finished and released?
  6. I wish i was that good. They look ultra-sleek and a dropbox/kerbalx link would save like a month
  7. First of all, I wanted to compliment you for this awesome mod. There's literally nothing like this around. But I also had some questions: Is it normal stock planes spontaneously combust upon carrier approach? Is it normal some planes miss landing gears and/or control surfaces? Is it normal some ships miss command modules?
  8. Very interesting mod, i've just downloaded it but the pre-made enterprise doesn't show up in the SPH ship list
  9. Why are all links broken? Hope everything is okay man, sm armory is pretty dope and it seems strange all threads have been locked.

  10. Can't even help since sm armory is now impossible to download
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