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  1. the funny thing is, I was already here, just on a different account.
  2. Welcome to the forums! Have a great time here!
  3. welcome to the forums!
  4. Hello! I am here now, I do aircraft, that's all I do, literally, maybe the odd space plane here and their, but I mainly do air craft, and also the odd starship.
  5. You can't, but you can auto strut parts and strut parts. As of right now, extenable solar panels can break, but the ones you can attach stay on unless damaged or blown off due to heat or other forces.
  6. Can't wait for it to come out! I am so glad to see more being added in DLC form!
  7. your right, its worth $14.99, infact its worth more, it could be an entire new game, but no, they are giving us it for $14.99, cause you can't afford it does not mean you can't save money for it.
  8. So today I have built a bomber, the KB-1, the worst, most unconventional, and hardest to land aircraft in KSP. I spent a good few hours on this, I had lots of fun and here are so pictures. Day Night I can never land this on the runway EVER the two bombs and where I put the reaction wheels Download here! https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/kb-1 (may not work, if not try again in a bit.)
  9. Yes, sorry it took so long to respond!
  10. I am actualy doing this, I am just going through school right now.