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  1. I builts ya a claw crane. Wheel steer turns it left and right. Pitch and L/r axis controls the pistons. F/B axis controls the hinge on top the cab. U/D axis controls the hinges on top the first piston and roll axis for the last hinge. Im useong enhanced addition so ull have to take my word for it. I tried inserting a picture for u but it wont let me. Id be happy to explain more or send pictures. Just lmk
  2. No it didnt and im also on ps4 in enhanced edition.
  3. I made a copter. Once it gets up. Of it rolls one way i cant roll it back and i have elevons on it. If i try to roll it. It pitchs forword or backword but it doesnt roll
  4. Its till rolling and i can roll it back when it does. Ive added elevons and made ot so only the comand pod amd elevons control pich yaw and roll
  5. I have made a helicopter that works except for one part. Once it gets up if it rolls one way i cant get it to roll back without changing the pich of the intire copter. How would i fix this problem??
  6. I have a question that i would really like an answer to. I made a helo. And it get up and flys but as soon as it tilts to the side. I cant get it to roll the other way without changing the pich of it. How does one fix?
  7. Great help but could u help me with this. Im in the breaking grounds dlc so i have rotating engines. Where should the center of lift be relitive to senter of mass?
  8. As a guy that has no money for big beef cake pc's. Do u think this will ever be comeing to the console version?
  9. Yo. I have a question that i cant seem to find a solid answer one and hope that u can resolve for me. The new breaking ground update for pc. Will it ever be makeing its way to the consoles. Some of the new props and drills would be really fun to play around with. So yay or nay?
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