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  1. I am having issues getting communications across multiple star systems, are the com satellites able to reach that far and if they can someone please explain how they work as I am having issues using them. thanks
  2. I absolutely love this mod and the textures on all the planets and stars are amazing, however there was one issue that I came across which was the kerbin space centre was all black and at one point it had the ring of the black hole in the background. apart from that it is a brilliant mod once I was able to install it properly and I am sure I will being playing this mod for hours to come.
  3. I have tried that but I still keep getting a warning sign for ksp stating that kopernucius has not correctly loaded the custom planet pack due to an exception in the loading process
  4. I am having issues with the kopernicus which comes in the original game data folder as it is saying that koperncius is not properly installed and is causing the game to not load and eventually crash, can someone please advise me on what to do
  5. I have tried that with the latest kopernicus but it still will not work
  6. can someone please verify to me how to download both the planet pack and kopernicus as I have been unable to see any of the planets or ksp will say that kopernicus was not working and could not load the planets