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  1. Forgot to report back. It appears to already have USI support, and said support appears to be functional.
  2. That's a very one-sided view of things. Some people like playing the game for reasons aside from easter-egg hunting. It is, frankly, elitist.
  3. Well, "know" is a generous term. I made a dancing ascii banana animation output in console once.
  4. woops. Well, I know the slightest bit...that's a bit less intimidating, then.
  5. Awesome, I'll page you when it's done-ish (probably Wednesday morning).
  6. Would you find any benefit if I add a config, disabled by default, for USI Life Support and Snacks? I think people might like having massive orbital greenhouses.
  7. Yeah, I realize that. Planning to do so, but I'm too busy at the minute (got dinner planned) to patch it right now. I'll revert the forum post when I do. I was lazy about it because I made the mod primarily for my own use, and decided to release it on a whim; didn't realize redistribution of squad resources was against rules. Unexpected, at least for those resources not contained in expansions.
  8. The plan was to use them as placeholders for a few days until I got around to making my own models.
  9. Oh...woops. I'll take it down and fix that in a little while. Forgot I had restock installed. Weird thing is, I never copied anything from any folder outside the squad folder.
  10. I've played with USI and Snacks. Snacks was insane in terms of mass required for interstellar/long-duration interplanetary. I much prefer USI. I can't say I have played with TAC or Kerbalism--here's why: IRL, you can fit life support in a capsule. The Apollo fit the air recyclers and supplies all in the CSM, which was 2 modules. Adding a water recycler (takes uh...emissions...and distill+reverse osmosis or something to that effect) would add negligible space. Forcing separate recyclers and so forth on every craft with decent duration is a bit excessive, and not terribly realistic. It only makes sense for very long missions, with a large crew and no per-pod recyclers. That's just my opinion, anyhow. If someone made a plugin with B9Partswitch to switch pods to all recyclers in the VAB, adding a bit of mass and cost, I'd say those mods would be absolutely perfect, though. Maybe I ought to do that... I need to take a look at B9's implementation. Might also be a good idea to add "recycler materials" as a resource that is slowly consumed. That way you could load up your pods with integrated recyclers, and have a realistic penalty. Recyclers do wear down--the chemical process of CO2-->O2+carbon compounds requires a catalyst, reverse osmosis membranes can clog and so forth. No need for a lot of parts: just integrated ones and a few small radial "recycler materials" tanks, plus supplies to compensate for imperfect recycling.
  11. Here's an idea for a drastically different game: Stock KSP system, but all the planets (that can fit) go in Kerbin's sphere of influence, maybe with Jool as a body in a synchronous orbit. To accommodate all the planets, I'd increase Kerbin's mass/gravity and decrease those of the other planets, and tighten up the orbits of satellite bodies (muns). Of course, I'd also increase thrust, ablator and Isp to keep a vaguely stockalike reentry and ascent profile. Would also increase the cost of propulsive parts, to scale nicely to the vastly smaller system. Makes for fast travel, makes life support easier, and would look stunning.
  12. It should be easy to add a plugin that tracks how long is spent on patching and loading the various folder in /Gamedata. This would be awesome for optimizing load times. It could have a UI a wee bit like WinDirStat.
  13. Ah, I must have screwed up. Thanks for the tip. Version management can be confusing, what with clipped and continued versioning.