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  1. Welp, I installed the correct version of KSP to no avail. Still getting the darned pink boxes and I don't think it's a matter of shaders...I've tried with and without planetshine. At this point, I'm considering uninstalling EVE, scatterer, planetshine and all the planet packs that depend on them and hoping that works. If it does, I'll start back with EVE and add things until it breaks. I hope it's that simple. I've been pulling my hair out over this for days now.
  2. Ahhh that makes sense. I had a mod request for what I thought was an issue with certain legacy shaders (may still be one, I've only been updated from 1.7.3 for a few days due to reluctance to deal with mod conflicts from a big update) but may have been an issue with steam somehow installing the wrong version of KSP and bricking one of the shader mods I have. Will report back when I have checked it out.
  3. Next time, if you're gonna give a really low rating, please comment why so you see higher quality posts in the future....
  4. Well, I have something like 70 mods installed. Dropbox would have a conniption if I tried to upload it. I'll attach the logs and craft file, though. I ought to note that temps do not appear for any craft at all. I should note that I'm still running 1.7.3 because I came back after a long break, don't feel like rebuilding my mods folder, and would have to adapt my own mods to run on later version. It's probably one of the mods... I'm too lazy to clean them and reload>VAB>Launchpad 70 times. Game takes 15 minutes to load as it is. Sorry for probably wasting your time. Nice work on your mods, by the way.
  5. Hello, all. I had a parachute in a very bad position--it should have burned up--but it didn't burn up, so I right-clicked it and noticed that there were no per-temperature readouts. It also looks, obviously, like something is interfering with reentry heating. If it's a result of a mod I installed, well... I doubt it's worth the trouble of sorting through them all. I'm asking in the hope that I just messed up the settings a bit. I looked through settings. Re-entry heating is enabled, temperature gauges are enabled. It is very early in career mode, so maybe it's a function of one of the buildings I've not yet upgraded, but I doubt it. If anyone has encountered a similar issue, let me know. Well, I'm installing deadly reentry. I've played with it in years past, and it wasn't available for this game version when I last tried to add it. This will probably help satisfy my techno-masochism.
  6. Forgot to report back. It appears to already have USI support, and said support appears to be functional.
  7. That's a very one-sided view of things. Some people like playing the game for reasons aside from easter-egg hunting. It is, frankly, elitist.
  8. Well, "know" is a generous term. I made a dancing ascii banana animation output in console once.
  9. woops. Well, I know the slightest bit...that's a bit less intimidating, then.
  10. Awesome, I'll page you when it's done-ish (probably Wednesday morning).
  11. Would you find any benefit if I add a config, disabled by default, for USI Life Support and Snacks? I think people might like having massive orbital greenhouses.
  12. Yeah, I realize that. Planning to do so, but I'm too busy at the minute (got dinner planned) to patch it right now. I'll revert the forum post when I do. I was lazy about it because I made the mod primarily for my own use, and decided to release it on a whim; didn't realize redistribution of squad resources was against rules. Unexpected, at least for those resources not contained in expansions.
  13. The plan was to use them as placeholders for a few days until I got around to making my own models.
  14. Oh...woops. I'll take it down and fix that in a little while. Forgot I had restock installed. Weird thing is, I never copied anything from any folder outside the squad folder.
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