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  1. sad, but not too surprising with the lack of recent updates
  2. Heya! This project looks quite promising, is it still being worked on?
  3. Are you sure Oceanus is supposed to have an average temperature of 290 Kelvin/16 °C/62F? It is frozen all over, and these average temperatures match those of earth, meaning at some points the ice should melt.
  4. In the "GU-General_Settings.cfg" file, under the sub-catigory "Other Ambient Objects", there is one object named "MamaJek", what exactly is that, as no description is given?
  5. i am currently building up a colony on the Mün with Kerbalism, Planetary Base Inc and a few other mods. Kerbalism greenhouses require well known ammonia and a few other things to grow plants. Now, the amount of ammonia that is already added to the Planetary base inc's greenhouse is not near enough what i need to grow plants. Is there a mod that adds ammonia fuel tanks, or even better, a fuel switch mod that allows me to change the content of already existing tanks to add ammonía inside them?
  6. Hey, the tutorial for the Config tool seems outdated, there is no "settings.cfg" file in my "scatterer/config/planets/Kerbin" file. Can you help me out?
  7. Oh well.. But still, thank you very much!
  8. As i looked through XScience to get a look of what biomes you can make an EVA report of in the Orbit of Kerbin, i found the Biome "Badlands". I wanted to see what makes the Badlands bad, so i looked up the Biomes map of Kerbin in the Wiki and flew with a plane there. But now that i have landed there, there is nothing exeptionally bad about the region, exept for a bit greener Grass. Is there another reason, why this region is called Badlands?
  9. How about a difficulty, you can enable when starting a new game, independent of which mode you seek to play? Just a Button you press and features like feeding, water or anything else will be enabled. It would be fine for the more advanced players who seek for a challange.
  10. Some Mods in the first game enable lifesupport, aka you have to feed your Kerbals for them to stay at work. Do you think this feature will be in the sequel too?
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