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  1. Just one more note...turn off "auto-strutting" of station parts! Although KJR is an immense improvement, there will still be very rare instances of the "shudders" and a part drifting off. AFAICT this is caused by KSP's auto-struts "re-aligning" when docking to the station (even with "Grandparent" mode). I may be wrong, but after months of trying...I'm going with my uninformed conclusions .
  2. Success! After adding the KJR mod, I have been able to complete the last 3 tank sections of the station...with only 1 disconnect of a part, and I'm pretty sure that one anomaly was "self-induced" as I switched to the station from the arriving ship and immediately started rolling the station towards the arriving tanks. It does appear that KJR requires just a bit of patience when switching crafts, to allow it's function to perform, before jumping all over SAS (not sure if I'm making sense, but, it seems the physics "dampening" needs to complete before you get all crazy with moving the craft). At none of the other points mentioned above, including switching crafts without getting all squirrelly on the SAS, did I have any issues. Wish I had found this many moons ago . Thank you, Rocket Witch, for the suggestion! Jeb and Bill and their MK2 are still attached to the last tank stack, waiting for Bill to EVA and connect the portable struts (just in case!). A few "top off" trips with the mobil 1 refueler from Kerbin and...Duna (or Eve), here I come.
  3. It sounds like it might do everything I'm looking for? The only thing I don't see mentioned, below, is docking ports...but it's worth a try.
  4. Yes, I tried didn't help.
  5. It sounds like something I need to all have good things to say about it. One more question...what about existing crafts? Will it help my 75% completed space station?
  6. Thank you, as always, to all of you. It reduces my aggravation level when you all offer help. Does KJR "reinforce" any joint? RE, if you attach a station part using 2 Senior docking ports...does it reinforce that connection? Or does it only work on VAB attached joints? Does anyone know if it will reinforce joints made, in flight, with the Konstruction mod "weldable" construction ports?
  7. OK...what is "KJR"? I have over the years, with lots of work and (unfortunately) lots of trial and error with strutting, auto-strutting and reaction wheel settings, fixed most of the wobbly launches and my stations "death wobbles". The latest issue is new to me in large chunk of my station will disconnect at various times...and I do mean various times. . It can happen when I choose the station from the Tracking Station, and select "Fly", it can happen when I change to the station using the "[" or "]" key to select the station while flying another craft, it can happen when I cross the 2 KM or the 200 M barrier on approach to the station, it can happen when targeting a docking port on the station or it can happen when I actually dock to the station...or it can not happen at all at any of these times. In almost all instances, the station will "shudder" a bit (nothing like the increasing "death wobbles") and one part, either a tank stack or arm, will just...drift away. I have tried building the station without some "suspect" parts mods, like Future Construction and the weldable docking ports in Konstruction...makes absolutely no difference. I have tried tweaking the physics delta setting, as you difference at all. I have now spent over 5 months (real time) trying to get this station put together and the only thing that works is to save before any of the above mentioned times it can happen...and, if it comes apart, go back to the save and try, try again...until it doesn't come apart...VERY aggravating and time consuming. I have 10 tank arms attached, of 16 total...not very good for the time spent . (see below). I will say that I have had LOTS of you try and help with this, in various threads (depending on the "possible" issue) with no luck at all...but I do so appreciate everyone trying! I have heard "I've never heard of this" or, as you said "I have heard of it but never seen it". None of us can find the "smoking gun", at this point. It ain't "pretty", by any means...just functional.
  8. I am trying to find tutorial, preferably video, of how to use MechJeb2 autopilot to control 1. a full launch/orbit/rendezvous with my space station. 2. a landing to a specific spot on a celestial body. What I've found, so far, on Youtube is either not very detailed or not very understandable (due to language difficulties)...or both. I am..."that guy"...I need a complete and detailed, step-by-step tutorial for how to set up and perform both of these auto pilot functions. I am not asking for someone to post that here...just a link to the info. No offense intended but if it's video, preferably someone who speaks English well.
  9. I'm desperately hoping KSP 2 fixes the entire strutting, craft stability, death wobbles and "shudder" disconnects on docking thing (I'm experiencing)? If not, I see no reason to spend any money on it because these issues are the ones that have driven me crazy from day one of my KSP 1 career.
  10. No, but it does answer the question. Nothing I do seems to stop this behavior (is there a KSP "persistence" award?? ). If I could save a short video, it might show what I'm seeing better...but I don't know how to do that. My options now are limited...starting months of work over with no parts mods...I don't really think they are the issue because the station will have one section come apart at a stock part, sometimes...but I'm left with nothing else...short of putting a .45 through my monitor . I'm desperately hoping KSP 2 fixes the entire strutting, craft stability, death wobbles and "shudder" disconnects on docking thing (I'm experiencing)? If not, I see no reason to spend any money on it because these issues are the ones that have driven me crazy from day one of my KSP career. Someone mentioned trying 1.8.1 because it's "very stable". Is 1.7.3 not "stable"? I haven't heard anything to that effect?
  11. One more question...can the "root" part of a space station (or any craft, for that matter) be changed in flight?
  12. Got it. Doesn't exactly work the way I'd shows ALL visualizations for every part of the craft, rather than just the ones for the selected part. But it's better than nothing. I'm hoping being able to manipulate auto-struts in flight will stop my station from coming apart when docking new parts to it. It's all very strange...not the increasing wobbles where everything flies apart...just a small "shudder" when docking a new set of tanks and then one, already connected section, will just "disconnect" and drift off.
  13. When building a ship in the VAB and setting up auto-strut on the various parts, I get a visual representation of the "connections" the various auto-strut techniques will result in, in the form of orange lines. Once the ship is in flight, however, these visualization lines do not show when adjusting auto-strutting. Is there a way to make these visual "connections" show when changing auto-struts in flight?
  14. Nope, never mind...I lied again. All the suppositions I posted earlier are BS. The station continues to come apart whenever it wants "smoking gun". It just...does it...when it wants to. It doesn't seem to matter at what point I'm into just comes apart whenever it wants to. I will now kill 4 months of work, delete a bunch of mods...and try again. I think from this point on, Parts Mods are "no Buenos". KIS, KAS and all the other parts mods can KMA. I will never again spend months trying to accomplish something that should have been done in days. Niner out.
  15. OK...I lied...let's keep this thread going because I have more..."observations". The following are helping me build my station: 1. Port Docking Acquire Force: I have found that setting this low (25%), on the arriving port has helped. 2. SAS and RCS: All "off" both on the station and the arriving ship, just before docking. 3. As my station gains "mass" (by successfully adding tank sets), all the issues at 2K meters, 200m, port targeting and port docking...all seem to go away? Maybe someone more knowledgeable can speak to this but, it seems that the "lighter" my station is (the less actual mass it has), the more susceptible it is to weirdness when crossing the 2km, 200m, targeting and docking thresholds? Not sure if that makes any sense...but it is working that way in practice. I am 2 tanks short of having one entire side "built" . I will, hopefully, be able to post a screenie of the entire thing, ready for planetary exploration support, in the next week or so.