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  1. The largest SRB I currently have is the SpaceY "Freya"... Thrust (ASL): 12,231 Thrust (VAC): 13,800 I need something bigger. Anything out there bigger for KSP 1.8.x ?
  2. I am curious if the USI team has given any thought to making 5 and 7.5 meter weldable construction ports (or even 10 meter BFR)? These would be handy with the SpaceY and SpaceY Expanded parts.
  3. Let me look again...I could not find this thread you speak of, this morning.
  4. I am curious if the USI team has given any thought to making 5 and 7.5 meter weldable construction ports (or even 10 meter BFR)? These would be handy with the SpaceY and SpaceY Expanded parts.
  5. I'm entering the Laythe atmosphere from a very low, circular orbit. My speed as I hit the atmosphere is 1,700 M/S, or less, for all craft. I've given up on keeping "capsules" or other "vertical" craft from tumbling in the atmosphere...they never overheat so, who cares? Parachutes, when deployed, will get the vertical types back into a proper surface alignment for landing. The problem with verticals is having them float in Laythe's water biomes and getting the science back into orbit. Space planes continue to be a problem...I don't know how you can add more control surfaces than I already have
  6. I will get back to you with some pictures, hopefully today.
  7. So far, I have had no luck at all getting any type of vessel to maintain some form of control when trying to make it through Laythe's atmosphere . I have tried space planes from other people who state they work on Laythe and capsules that re-enter Kerbin's atmosphere without issue...but refuse to do so on Laythe. Invariably, at some point when temperatures and speeds are starting to taper off very nicely, any craft I have will lose attitude control and tumble through the rest of the decent (space plane) or lose "hold" on SAS / Surface / retrograde and come in sideways until parachutes open (c
  8. OMG...what have I created?? . There is so much information here on the subject. Being a first time spaceplane builder...this is gonna take some rethinking, on my part. Thanks for all the advice!!
  9. Continuing the discussion on trying to land and gather science on Laythe... My next question is about "planes" and atmospheric re-entry. The experimental "work in progress" in the screenshot below was cheated into orbit around Laythe and put into re-entry...it got very hot and I had several temperature bars show up...and got high enough that destruction became a worry. Note that this craft is a "learning experience"...I expect the final craft that gets launched to Laythe to be quite different in it's final form. I don't see any way to add heat shielding to spaceplanes and I don't see any
  10. "Chutes 2" showed the most interesting point, I think. In the first video, you could argue that the chutes are "blocking" the air to other chutes and, therefore, reducing the effective drag. The "Chutes 2" video completely disproves that. Until further notice all chutes at 10 spread angle...LOL!
  11. Years of KSP...and not knowing Action groups...sheesh!! Thanks antipro! I see a lot of new abilities now!
  12. Just to make sure I'm thinking correctly...in the situation above I would have 3 keys, one each to "toggle" each engine group (Twitches - 1, Wheesley - 2 and Terriers - 3). To swap from Twitches to Wheesley I would hit key "1" then "2".
  13. And the key to use would be the "4" key? How do I select all my Twitches? In my screenshot you can see they are in batches of two's?
  14. @Fraktal Thanks, but...I'm going to need way more detail on the "how to" on action groups. More of a step-by-step thing..."Click this, enter that, select this".
  15. OK, I'll try...action groups have been...hard for me to understand, exactly. See above...LOL! Yeah, I have no idea how to use action groups. Anybody know of a detailed tutorial on that?
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