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  1. Well, this isn't working. The contract requirement of "build a new unmanned probe that has an antenna and can generate power. The probe must be fully assembled when launched." Now that I have launched, with the probe in the service bay, the requirement for the "new unmanned yadda, yadda" is not met.
  2. I can't seem to get the satellite to mount to a decoupler? There seems to be some problem for me in the VAB with 2 "pods"?
  3. I wish to create a craft for multiple contracts in Kerbin orbit. I have a repair contract, a part recovery contract and a satellite launch (Kerbin orbit) contract. I want to make the satellite a payload item (a la Shuttle) and once at the required orbit, release the satellite. I am unsure how to do this. I have put an OKTO with a small battery, antenna (required) and small solar panels (required) in a 2.5m Service Bay. My question is...how do I get the darn thing out, once I'm in orbit?
  4. What, and when will be the last KSP release?
  5. @modus I was not sure the seniors would hold very large tanks, as in SpaceY, without issue. After years of fighting station death wobble, I wanted to be sure. Thanks! @Forked Camphor I will check into Kaboom. Thanks! @Aelfhe1m Paste text exactly as you supplied, I take it?
  6. @RoverDude No sir...It was not my intent to insult you or your work. It was simply a statement of disappointment. I use the construction ports for assembling stations in orbit and would love larger ones. Konstruction is one of my must have mods. Please understand that I appreciate your work and that no offense was ever intended.
  7. I can not find a change log for this or previous version. I would like to know if we have larger weldable construction ports? 5, 7.5 or 10 M?
  8. They seem to be for 1.12. Will any work for 1.11? And, if so. Which do you recommend, latest? Waiting for more of my mods to get updated.
  9. Easy enough to try. I'll give it a shot. The reason for this thread is I want to build a bigger refueling station in Kerbin orbit and I want to use some larger weldable ports. I am hoping the SpaceY 5m port can be made weldable (wish they had a 7.5 and 10 port). Thanks everyone!
  10. They seem to be for 1.12. Will any work for 1.11? And, if so. Which do you recommend, latest?
  11. I do not have a "Patches" folder in your stated location? I can not find "ConstructionPorts.cfg" anywhere on my system. I have Konstruction mod 1.4.0 installed in KSP I am trying to upload a screen JPG of my Konstruction folder...but it's not working so here a link instead.
  12. Does ConstructionPorts.cfg exist only in 1.12...or is it available in 1.11?
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