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  1. Danny2462 I wish i can be with you when you make videos. also You have an account!!!!!

  2. Danny! Please screw around with the Sprinkle mod - It requires Kopernicus to work, however, you could have fun with such a small world...

    Love your videos and Have fun (please do another messing around in KSP, with modded in planets of course)!

    Please PM me if you need MOAR planets to screw around with (there are many mods, and the ability to create your own planets...)

  3. have a forum account??!!

    moar kerbal head landing gear plz

    but this time on a plane

  4. wasn't that bad....but now we know where you live, Danny...>:D

    Prepare for a dihydrogen monoxide attack! From the sky!

  5. Let the friend request wave begin!!! THE KRAKEN IS COMING

  6. CursorDeleter

    I have barely ever posted here in the forums, but I took the effort to figure out what the hell my password is on this account for this special occasion. Thank you! You have resurrected my greatest ally! You, not SQUAD! I will never forgive them after an appropriate number of Kerbals have been sacrificed. May the Kraken bless you. -Danny (Yeah this username is pretty random, I've created the account before I really got into YouTube. Check Twitter for proof that I'm... me.)
  7. I'm a huge fan of the original game, and I'm sure a lot of people here too. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be good at advertising the project (I've came across it by accident). That may be the reason why they are only at 20% with only 14 days left. Probably there's a ton of people who would love to see a sequel, but they just don't know about this. Spread the word, back the project, do whatever is needed to help this game become a reality!
  8. Secrets at the heart of Kerbin

    Their idea is that the Kerbal solar system, and it's planets are similar to ours, but everything is scaled down to 1/10 in size (IIRC). This makes things less complicated (faster orbit times, closer moons and planets, etc). However, they didn't scale gravity accordingly, for obvious reasons. Also, a bigger planet would require more processing power.
  9. KSP Devs on Kurt J Mac's FLoBathon

    It was discussed somtime after the Kurt J Kerman idea, the team asked HarvestR, and he said it depends on the content he would show. Like how close it is to the final version, will the showed feature get actually implemented in that version, whether it's a secret feature or not, etc.
  10. KSP Devs on Kurt J Mac's FLoBathon

    Kurt is officially a member of the test group, the dev team may allow him to record and upload footage from experimental versions. Would be cool, but probably won't happen :/
  11. [Video] My not-a-Let's Play channel!

    Thanks everyone for the good feedback, I'm glad you guys liked them! I didn't know you can disable signatures, I'll put the link in the post!
  12. I normally disapprove of self-promotion, but I've got a lot of good feedback on YouTube, so hopefully this thread lets people find out about videos they might like, but would hardly ever come across otherwise. About the channel: First of all, it's not a let's play type of thing. I do stupid/unusual/fun things, and edit them together with some music and text, into a funny video. (if this tells anything to you: these reminds some people of Criken's older videos). I try to release a video every weekend, and so far I've been able to keep up with it. The channel
  13. Show off your awesome KSP videos!

    I\'ve done some videos as well. Mine\'s not a let\'s play channel, more directed and less serious than that. Latest video:
  14. The crew collection

    The title says it all. If you found a Kerman whose name is odd, funny, or looks cool, post a picture of him here! I\'ll start. I present to you: Danger Kerman Smile for the camera!