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  1. SOME OF MY CREATIONS GO PAST 500, AND I PLAY ON THE XBOX which if you didn't know, starts getting slow at 200. I am going to attempt to complete the jool 5 challenge before a kerbal has caught sight of gilly. of course I am probably going to abandon this just as I have abandoned bringing a balled mission to the mohole.
  2. Bnd fr saying Cheeze-Its are bad.
  3. I read "tube of warped space" and remembered the krasnikov tube. Everything else you said however I could hardly comprehend, because my brain is square and I don't know why I posted this.
  4. Adorabilis, as all kerbals are 10/9.917876458995
  5. If the issue isn't clipping as @Geonovast suggested, then maybe you can use a junior docking port instead. I am pretty sure that they don't have a force.
  6. so far I have not taken any measures to protect my kerbals against this, although I may soon build some orbital missiles to fire upon infected spacecraft and bases, only if it gets bad enough.
  7. I usually take a screenshot, and share it to another device using the power of onedrive.
  8. unknown, maybe? TUBM is japanese
  9. that thing can't exist, It's impossible.
  10. you're gonna kill me. also how is your quote above the reply you're quoting?
  11. I'm starting to confuse kerbal space program with human space program ha ha this is a really funny comment
  12. Banned because never better then late swiss cheddar.