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  1. Or three in keostationary orbit. 1000 satellites just sounds like heat death of the processor to me!
  2. Having 1000 satellites will not give you 1000 sets of data
  3. Thank you, I'll take a look when I get a minute and let you know.
  4. All the buildings should already be maxed out on sandbox mode
  5. I wouldn't put too much faith in the bug tracker. I reported a bug a couple of weeks ago and it hasn't even been looked at.
  6. Reported this bug six days ago but it hasn't been assigned. How long does it generally take to get picked up on bug tracker?
  7. This is a good idea, like a small area with different terrain like a simple obstacle course to test your rover on different surfaces
  8. I'm an xbox pleb, so I'll just have to stop being lazy
  9. Nice, thought you were going to lose it there on touchdown! I've been playing two years and have yet to build a shuttle.
  10. I think maybe why people are reacting so vehemently may just be down to this statement. I'm sure it isn't intended to sound the way it does. I think you do have a good system and it works for you. Everyone had a different approach to the game of course but it sounds like you've enjoyed planning and executing a good project. This isn't necessarily true early on in a career though. I've nearly bankrupt after a couple of mistakes. One mistake was accidentally firing Jeb and then having to spend nearly all my money to get him back. Later I accidentally staged too early and blew a mission,
  11. It just seems to be the way things are now though. Companies sell faulty products and it seems to be the norm that we just have to suck it up. Most game companies seem comfortable with releasing unfinished products with a policy of "sell it now, [maybe] fix it later". We've become accustomed to accepting games in their current state on the hope that one day they'll get round to fixing it. I've come to accept this as the norm (I also play Dayz!). As for the bug tracker, it's a complete joke. I reported a bug on there the other day and was told the bug was closed because 'he' didn't have a
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