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  1. No, console hasn't even got 1.11 yet.
  2. I fired up ksp today and noticed there was an update. Does anyone know what it was for, I can't seem to find a change log anywhere. Thanks.
  3. Sooo.... Still no sign of these updates for console? Are the devs even interested in updating console anymore?
  4. So every six months then. July. Now.
  5. Any news on when we'll be getting the last two updates?
  6. Any chance of console getting the last update before this one comes out??
  7. It hasn't caused me any issues, I use switch editor regularly without any problems on xbox.
  8. Yeah, so basically I have three rcs place anywhere ports on the bottom of the craft, essentially replacing what would normally be a liquid fuel engine.
  9. So, another question relating to this problem. The satellite in question uses three rcs thrusters. The thruster has an ISP of 240. Does that mean I need to multiply 240 by 3 or just still use 240 in the equation?
  10. Just to clarify somewhat about why I was trying to work this out. I didn't have any small engines unlocked yet and so was trying to figure out if the relay satellites I were about to place in synchronous orbits had enough delta v to circularise using rcs thrusters. Interesting idea there though. I'd be interested in seeing someone attempt it!
  11. Ah, no, I got the wet/dry the correct way around. What I did do wrong was I squared 9.81. I assumed you had to do this as part of the equation
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