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  1. It hasn't caused me any issues, I use switch editor regularly without any problems on xbox.
  2. Yeah, so basically I have three rcs place anywhere ports on the bottom of the craft, essentially replacing what would normally be a liquid fuel engine.
  3. So, another question relating to this problem. The satellite in question uses three rcs thrusters. The thruster has an ISP of 240. Does that mean I need to multiply 240 by 3 or just still use 240 in the equation?
  4. Just to clarify somewhat about why I was trying to work this out. I didn't have any small engines unlocked yet and so was trying to figure out if the relay satellites I were about to place in synchronous orbits had enough delta v to circularise using rcs thrusters. Interesting idea there though. I'd be interested in seeing someone attempt it!
  5. Ah, no, I got the wet/dry the correct way around. What I did do wrong was I squared 9.81. I assumed you had to do this as part of the equation
  6. Right, so...if anyone fancies checking my maths. Satellite is made up as follows... 1 x probodobodyne HECS 3 x stratus V roundified monoprop tanks 3 x place anywhere 7 linear rcs ports 3 x OX-4L 1x6 photovoltaic panels 1 x Z-200 battery 1 x RA-2 relay antenna I worked out a delta v of 10195 Am I as bad at math as I think I am?
  7. Yes, sorry rcs engines. So is m0 without fuel and m1 with full fuel? What's Ln?
  8. Is there a way to calculate the amount of delta v for a monopropellant engine? Trying to work out if my satellite will have enough delta v to position itself
  9. Is there any word on when console will be getting Some Reassembly Required update?
  10. This may well have been discussed elsewhere, but I hope that ksp2 tech tree makes more use of probes and unmanned tech before manned. Playing through a new save now and wishing there was more capability and need to send probes and unmanned missions before sending kerbals up.
  11. The missions on this game are often bugged. I stopped playing career mode because I got sick to death of having to fail contracts because they don't work. You tick all the boxes but they still don't complete. So I just play science mode now. I hope they fix this on ksp 2, though I'm not confident.
  12. I'm a casual gamer and really not prepared to spend £1000 on a pc to play a game. I wouldn't use a pc as I'm an old fart and detest the things. Console...turn on on and start playing without worrying about updates and drivers etc etc. If ksp2 doesn't get a console release it won't be the end of my life. I got other stuff I can do.
  13. Pretty sure the mission planner is in the making history pack, I'm sure I had a fiddle with it when I first got it, but I could be mistaken. I'll have to check next time I'm on it. Busy playing elite at the moment
  14. Ah, didn't realise there were no bugs on pc! I rarely come across bugs. Bugs usually only occur when you make ridiculously over ambitious vehicles, but the same can be said of pc. Show me a game without bugs and I'll show you a chess board. Pretty sure we've got the same dlc, just not the mods. I don't mind waiting longer for updates, certification takes longer on console. I'm not impatient. But aside from all that, console is still quite a sizable chunk of the player base and should not be brushed aside.
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