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  1. Well i will start a new save this time it will be mostly making space station and landing on planets instead of.. making a space infrastructure city and its name is too long to fit
  2. 9/10 seen you too Really? Who is it
  3. Going To Duna As Of Now I Tried To Put Rovers To Duna Twice And All of them failed beacause off.. well mostly maneuvering
  4. This is the best you can get I Use it and god it looks so good. I Thought my PC Can't handle it but nope, it can handle it.
  5. i was just browsing steam and i saw ksp 1.11.1 lol
  6. I said no just jim! stop it get some help @Dat Kerbal Dude
  7. Morning For Here in the philippines @Le Lynx
  8. 10/10 I Have seen you allot in forum games
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