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  1. Hello i would like to report a bug At the delta wings when i switch it from right to left when its at left i can move the part itself for no reason can you please help me? thanks
  2. For Some Reason Everytime In the loading screen of ksp It Says that MechJeb 2 maybe outdated but it isn't and still works fine. This is weird and annoying and i want it to be fixed.
  3. MAS Interactive IVA!?!?! Not RasterPropMonitor.... Seriously..... you might be wondering but Miguelsgamingch RasterPropMonitor Development Already Ended... Wait wait wait JonhyOThan Adopted And Will Maintain It: There is your proof.
  4. Updates For Kerbal City: Added New Buildings Including Kerbal City Airport. That Hangers That You See There And Tundra Space Complex. Including 39A And 39B Which is in real life SLC - 40. Also there are 3 landing pads there. Also Added Some Wind Turbines And Decorations (Trees, Water Towers, ETC) (Its Like Its My Own Version Of KSC Extended Lol.)
  5. INTRODUCING KERBAL CITY Mayor: Miguelsgamingch Builders: Miguelsgamingch Including The Following Kerbals: Bob Kerman, Carney Kerman And Barbara Kerman Building Kerbal City With Kerbal Konstructs And Omega's Stockalike Structures (Did not Use KSP Extended Lol) More Buildings Soon.
  6. I Have Killed About 5-6 Kerbals During An Accident When Were Trying To Go To Duna And I Also Failed Landing My Own Bomber Plane ( The C - 1000 ) ( i Also failed bombing the ksp abandoned airfield) Thats All I Just like building... Make sure to visit my steam workshop. You Can Use The Following Mods: Kerbal Konstructs , Then Use Water Launch Sites For Kerbal Konstructs
  7. its been a while since im online...