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  1. Hello @The Kerbal Ruler, When i first learned KK It was amazing, it was just i needed and yeah i started to know these "KK Static Mods" And i said "Hey, i can make one!" and published my first one: It Was going well until i realized. "Whats the point on Rocket testing anyways? i should have made a space center instead" So i stopped development and moved on. 1 Month Later Manhattan Airport Was Born. It was a airbase turned into a airport. So Yeah, I Guess i know everything about KK Pretty Much, And want to contribute to that community.
  2. Mission Report: 5 Starlink Sats. Currently At 10:11 AM Standing The Big Gojira Rocket With 5 Starlink Sats In TSC 39A. And At 10:21 AM Launches! Sucessful liftoff and send of payload and the the gojira return and landed back to kerbin apprently it had to land on a droneship, lol. Thats All For This Weekly Mission Report.
  3. KSP Story Mode By @miguelsgamingch About: Just A Fictional Story I Made And Here to Share It Here in The KSP Forums. Every Picture Is credited. Suggestions Are Appreciated Enjoy! Chapter 1: Past, Present And Future. 1000 Years Ago. The Planet Called "Kerbin" Was Formed In The Kerbol System, Also Included Four Other planets: Moho, Eve, Duna and Jool and two dwarf planets: Dres and Eeloo After That It stayed Quiet. 500 Years Ago People Were Found In Kerbin Called "Kerbals", The Made Pyramids And Colony. Image Credit To @Triop
  4. I Put 10 Starlink satellites in a starship today.
  5. Hello @Unknown_Linux This has been a bug since and we have not found a answer. Your KK Should work fine. To make this work you will be needing To Put A Universal Spawn Point, Just Search It Up And Click that, go to the launchsite that wont work and put it there, make it a launchsite and boom. This is what i use when i make my KK Mods. According to @Avera9eJoe the KK dev isn't active right now either, he's taking care of a new family member So Yeah.
  6. i assure you the postive team has 50 percent given up i give up. -61 (-) im going negative
  7. Wow.. The forum is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo Different.
  8. OK, Change my mind, lock this thread
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