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  1. I'm using Gimp to make the planet texture, but idk why or how but there's a polar seam always appearing in Gimp when i use Polar Coordinates. At first I thought it was just a bug that if I mark map backwards the map will be fine. However, upon bringing to KSP, the polar seam appeared and idk how to remove such problem
  2. How does the craft riding on the fairing not roll over? I tried dual fairing for railing but the craft still find a way to roll. Also how do you keep the fairings rigid and not fall over?
  3. These days my KSP is getting a lot of lag spikes, despite being in VAB/ SPH designing. These lag spikes affects the whole computer yet when looking at task manager, KSP CPU usage is at an extremely low point, usually the CPU usage is at 96% however during these lag spikes it drops below 60%. There's no known activities that could trigger this within ksp, no other apps CPU usage rise to such height that causes this, plus most of the time it's in the VAB/SPH, where no auto save activity happens to explain such random time lags. Anybody experienced such problems and have solution to this?
  4. Can the tutorials of "Making Maps Using Photoshop (... and a little Wilbur) - by Jeremy Elford" applied to Gimp?
  5. By Wilbur, is it another software like wilbur imaging? Or something in Gimp? I have more ideas than just Ike, revamping much of the original, adding several asteroids to visit in the asteroid belt, making Gas Planet 2, 3 and Harvest, and maybe even adding Nova Silisko changes (since in the wikis, Nova Silisko regretted that Jool is too green, and there was a link towards other changes as well).
  6. Me: Ike is really boring, I wanna revamp it. Also me after finding this: holy shi- But hey on the plus side, i can learn pretty much all the important stuff to start making planets from scrap
  7. Will more celestial bodies be added to the original Kerbol System in KSP2? Also, will Nova Silisko's unimplemented planets in KSP be added in KSP2?
  8. Why does some of the engine has 100% explosion potential? How can I reduce that?
  9. The mod is so big that my game can't run it and it crashed on the start no matter how low the graphics is How do I disable everything else though, just delete everything aside from NK stars, planets, clouds, config, and barycenters?
  10. Can I just download Nova Kirbani system? That system is epic since I see your post but I don't want to go interstellar at a large scale like this
  11. The planet pack is great, but when i want to land on Iota on career mode, the game always freeze when I exit timewarp. In the log, nothing shows up about why it crash, it also crash when i timewarp in tracking station
  12. Well it's kinda off what I wanted to discuss about in this topic, what's wrong with my craft though
  13. the separate control point helps me pin to retrograde or prograde during belly flop descent
  14. I've been experimenting with bellyflop landing some tall vessel (basically Starship descent), and actually succeeded once before KSP inconsistent aero physics ruined it. Though with more tests, I found that the craft will go stable when the elevons were deployed the other way. The same thing happened to my previous successful craft, with the back fins goes the reverse way as the SAS tries to stabilize. I have a separate control point during belly flop but that doesn't fix. The first successful craft (which later fails,) is Artemis Voyager I and the craft just went straight to engine first dive after 20km (if dropped from 50km). The second craft that I still experimenting is Artemis Voyager II (I'm great at naming), which has forward fins, flips nose first, before engine first, and lastly nose first (or remain engine first, depending on forward fins height). And yes i'm using this post to fix bellyflop too (pls I want to make video soon).
  15. This Idea came up to me when I was searching a location on Duna for Upsilon. Every Celestial body in game lacks smaller details, and so I want to suggest some terrain features that should be added in. I might also attempt on history of the Kerbol System. 1. Ejectas and Ejecta Blankets When an object massive enough hits another object with enough force, it creates a shockwave that spreads out from the impact. The object breaks and excavates into the ground and rock, at the same time spraying material known as impact ejecta. This ejecta is distributed outward from the crater's rim onto the surface as debris; it can be loose material or a blanket of debris, which thins at the outermost regions. If enough ejecta are deposited around an impact crater, it can form an ejecta blanket; this blanket is full of dust and debris that originated from the initial impact.(obviously copy and pasted from wiki) In KSP, ejectas only exist on Dres as Impact Ejecta biome, but you can't even see the Ejecta. And the celestial body that has the most unnamed craters, the Mun, has no ejecta at all. 2. More Craters KSP celestial bodies have very few craters. Especially Ike which is a body near the size on The Mun orbiting around Duna, that somehow has less craters than it's parent body Duna. Maybe add more unnamed and shallower craters like the ones on The Mun (which also doesn't have a special crater biome) on to vacuum bodies and atmosphere thin bodies (Moho, Minmus, Duna, Ike, Dres, Vall, Tylo, and maybe Eeloo as well) Asteroids with SOI should have some craters too. And sometimes geological activities can't erase every crater. Unless the Celestial body can continuously pump out materials to cover every surface like Io, craters will most likely exist on the surface of the celestial body. 3. Volcanism and Cryovolcanism Giant mountains that spew out Ice or Magma, and even if the celestial body is dead, past volcanic features can still be found (stuff like chasms, ancient lava flows, volcanic pancakes on Venus, flat basins, canali etc). On Kerbin and Laythe, there could be more Archipelago and chain islands where tectonics moves geological hot spots forming multiple islands on each eruptions. On Eve and Duna, lines of once flowing lava, with Mons upward several kilometers. Same thing on the Mun, Pol and Moho. Ike looks like it has an overflow of lava creating the giant dark spot the kerbals recognize on Ike. On Vall, Minmus and Eeloo, mountain ranges forming from the materials spew out by cryovolcanoes, along with flatter terrains. 4. Liquid erosion Duna has a biome named Midland seas, with several canyons connected to it. The surfaces of these canyons and midland sea are quite flat, suggesting that water might have flowed on Duna, which might have retreated to the poles. If this is true, then Duna needs more canyons, small canyons that are the remnants of liquid water flowing from the highlands to the seas. Fans of sediments where once liquid water carrying soil reaches the seas. Traces of hydration when the Dunan summer temperatures reaches above freezing point, where water from crater and chasms edge drop down to lower elevations. Sharp edges on Canyon walls like the ones on Valles Marineris on Mars. Join with Volcanism will make Duna extremely detailed. The same thing can be said for Eve, but with eroded lands where acid rains down from the clouds in the dense atmosphere of Eve. 5. Expansion and Shrinking It is said that Mun has Munquakes when using seismic experiment, as such we should be able to see some features of the celestial body shrinking (just like how moonquakes happen). Fault lines can be added as a separate biome where it will yield extra science point by seismic experiment. Expansion on a celestial body's surface can cause canyons (probably why Dres and Eeloo has canyon). 6. Mantle Convection Convection of underground oceans like on Vall (possible proof being interior shifting, detected using Gravioli) could form cellular terrain like the ones on Pluto's Sputnik Planitia. Terrain like Chaos where fractured Ice on the boundary between Midlands and Lowlands. Such terrain could also be added to Eeloo, which the age of the it's surface is unknown (probably very young due to the lack of craters).
  16. But during one of my Save, I only change the parts flag. And restarting KSP then reloading the same save that has the error before, will work nicely. Also, what about the Bon Voyage time where I didn't file edit at all?
  17. The first time I encounter something similar to this error is when i started merging saves, during Upsilon time. I copied the vessel but not the Kerbals and it resulted in something similar to what I encounter. And before Upsilon I played stock for most of the time, and still haven't encounter this error when I have more mods added. It only starts to appear when I save file editing. The only thing I can link to is save file editing, and maybe TUFX (since it was the most recent mod I have) or Editor Extension (that mod also causes null reference when I delete symmetry). I've only edit save files for Savefile merging, Kerbal name changing, part flag changing, Part adding (if i forgot an essential part), part deleting, Reattaching parts (docking port bug of unable to decouple node), editing part location and editing part location.
  18. [EXC 14:10:13.949] NullReferenceException UnityEngine.Transform.get_position () (at <5aeafee3fea24f37abd1315553f2cfa6>:0) FlightCamera.UpdateCameraTransform () (at <c1858a3f77504bd1aaa946fdccf84670>:0) FlightCamera.LateUpdate () (at <c1858a3f77504bd1aaa946fdccf84670>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) This is what I frequently encounter now, a flight camera error. First, I was just going to change some flags on a part via save file editing. Then when I load up the save THIS BLOODY loveING THING KEEPS SHOWING UP. And then KSP crashes. Then I use bon vonyage to plot a rover to go to the highlands near the KSC. But Bon Voyage always things up at destination so i reload the save, a quick save that i have load before that I didn't touch or edit anything. AND THIS SAME loveER COMES BACK AGAIN. FIX THIS BUG PLEASE. There's no mode affecting camera in my mod list, just visual mods, readout mods, dock rotate, better time warp and bon voyage
  19. So i was testing my spinning station with this mod, i don't understand why the mod kept oscillating the roll back and forward when i set a RPM, it keeps rotating back and forward. Next, I try relative rotation, i set the sun and use a front docking port as control point, it didn't even do anything, the whole craft is still facing the same direction, not facing the sun. And lastly, pain (ksp log file ) https://drive.google.com/file/d/128lbVBjugsjNHsK-bK2ycEphFuanqUrB/view?usp=sharing Update: The mod CORRUPTED MY WHOLE CRAFT
  20. Ah, because the bases are for Upsilon, these bases has more stock stuff like more habitations. In the case of the Vall bas, it has 4 stock launch pads (made from 2 wing E connector, one battery, one jr docking port, one circular light, and a fairing) with 4 shuttles. I was trying to have several bases in one save. If i have several small crafts that their parts adds up to the amount the 2 bases part count add up, will it have the same amount of lag?
  21. Update, so the base is completed and landed, but here I am on a 138 part craft, with no fairings. But when I'm in flight, KSP uses 100% of my CPU, and in Map View or IVA view, KSP is only using 60%. On the clock, in flight it's yellow, and in Map view it's green. Reloading the craft seems to make it smooth, but the timer is still green and yellow flashing, I expected green when a craft is below 250 part. My lander when landing near the base also went smooth when I don't look at the base, but lags when I do so. In my save, there's two 21 part relays, one 281 part Tylo base, one 124 part space station in Tylo Orbit, one 398 Vall base, one 355 part Eeloo Base (that base I recently land), a 48 part Tylo Lander, and the 138 part craft I'm currently in. 16 saves are in the game, 70 VAB crafts, 74 SPH crafts and 83 subassemblies, as well as 5 auto generated backup saves.
  22. 6 domes (with flat fairings to allow kerbals to walk)? Also I found out the total amount of fairing on the base is 22, 3 long tubes, 1 spire, 6 branches to support solars
  23. What about the fact that the 12 fairings hid inside a fairing has more performance than 12 fairings exposed wait doesn't matter the lag is still the same
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