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  1. I'm finalising the capsule and trunk configs and working on integrating life support configs. Solar panels may take me a little while as I have to dig into the RO solar tech levels and work out realistic values. Another user also reported an issue with parachutes but I have not looked at that yet, but it may be an issue as well.
  2. I've mainly been working on the capsule and trunk and so I haven't had time to get around to the parachutes yet. I believe that it is possible though, you might want to take a look at other parachute configs for RO and see how they do it.
  3. @HebaruSan not sure this is the correct place to inform you but I noticed a couple of issues with CKAN not showing the latest updates to mods. The first is ROSolar, v1.1.1 is available but CKAN only sees v1.1. The second is ClickThroughBlocker, currently at and CKAN only shows up to Thank you!
  4. Ah. I think I have found the problem. I'm guessing that you're using the stock rescale patch. If so, try saving this as a .cfg anywhere in your GameData folder: @PART[KK_SpXCD_capsule]:AFTER[Kartoffelkuchen] { @RESOURCE[MonoPropellant] { @amount = XXX @maxAmount = XXX //Change XXX to desired value } }
  5. Hi all, unfortunately some things have come up which means that I probably won't have time to get the RO configs out for a few more days. If anyone has any suggestions/input please feel free to reply and I will see if I can include it. Thanks for your patience.
  6. Yep, I've been working on Crew Dragon and the trunk mainly. I'll probably have something that's good enough to start testing in the next few days or so (but of course anyone is free to contribute as well - there are plenty of examples in the RO folder to help).
  7. No issues in game, and the logs reported no errors! I did notice a small issue when playing around with it in game (but not related to the version, I think). When the part is rotating, there is a bit of overlap in the PAW as the "stop rotation" button appears but does not shift the other buttons down (see https://imgur.com/a/mQSLqNj). Not sure how difficult this is to fix (if at all possible), but if so, it would be a nice little tweak.
  8. Really love this mod!. I have recently started a new game in 1.8.1 (RSS/RO) and was wondering if the newest releases (which are marked as 1.9.x only) are compatible with 1.8. Would love to get the highlighting features!
  9. It does but sometimes it is slightly off on the delta v calculations. Generally MJ is more accurate for real fuels.
  10. Hi all, I've encountered a strange bug where the TAC Life Support consumption changes are not applying correctly (ie. food in the RO two person pod lasts for 216 days, Kerbals still require electricity, etc.) I am having this issue on both my heavily modded install as well as a clean copy, so I was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue. I can provide logs if needed but I have a feeling that this may be a global issue with something going wrong during the MM patching. Any help would be much appreciated.
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