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  1. i played on ksp 1.11 plane landing gear? if so i had that issue since 1.8
  2. broke the game using bdarmory gps guided bombs and got new text
  3. and then ksp decided that ksp64_exe has stopped working was better
  4. im gonna make a mission dedicated to the end of kasa as a farewell sort of
  5. i installed tantares and the tantaresSP add on called neptune camera and nothing really broke for me idk how to help you i didn't have that problem
  6. we could like finish this race with like a space station we all add stuff with or something
  7. im gonna be russian still which one doe russia or roscosmos obviously kerbalised i misunderstood and though you said i don't think so to that i'm being russian but now im pretty sure you meant the first thing
  8. has the 3st race forum been made yet also i just figured out about the tantares series so im gonna be a kerbal russia or a kerbal roscosmos so which one should i do oh and i got the making history expansion finally so 2 reasons im staying russian in the jnsq space race 3
  9. apparently scotland has space programms according to scott manley hey look new page yet again
  10. they built a lipstick and when it was proven to work they cancelled it but i meant like a kerbal uk like united kerbal kingdom and make it more advanced than the uk
  11. so im british so should i be the united kingdom in the next race or remain russian like i was in this race and be krussia/kroscosmos
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