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  1. that is honestly why i dropped out not just because the koviet union broke into 15 krepublics
  2. i forgot to say that i found it on spacedock immediately after posting that
  3. so i started watching Danny2426 recently and i was like i'll get this and both links don't work for me. both of them don't work, that is the issue
  4. i'll probably be krussia/kroscosmos becuase i played as the koviet union and it kinda collapsed
  5. me: builds ssto also me: runs out of fuel at 40k km yey i got liked by the lead moderator lol
  6. my ekranoplan also works on land but this happens
  7. did you not see that @Nertea said this would be broken until 1.1- oh wait he said no 1.10.x nvm
  8. yeah that was the problem i had, he managed to fix a bit of it though
  9. i know how to fly planes properly so i am able to land it i guess, or i could just strap a kerbal on eva on and deploy a parachute
  10. i tried it and it works since you can land it perfectly, also a parachute would make it fall downwards and not glide onto anything like the ocean also it can still be recovered which is reuse