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  1. Spectra. Contains scatterer, eve and distant object enhancements configs, more lightweight than avp, and great terrain textures(kopernicus is needed for them). KS3P post-processing. HotRockets maybe. And some skybox mod, not sure which will you like.
  2. Sadly, but i tried that base frames and grip pads already, SSPRX is installed(you can see its parts on the screen), but looks like KSP physics consider only one part on surface to be completely still, it`s a launch clamp. That frames were suffering jumps, 0.03m/s slow moving and sometimes "drill kraken" attacks when vessel was unpacking. It can or can not occur on different installs, celestial bodies and KSP versions, so it is not reliable. It`s realistic. Almost every permanent building IRL stands on a foundation, or on piles, so i am looking for that. Thank you anyway.
  3. After years of kraken attacks on my surface bases, slowly moving outposts even on ideally flat terrain and with USI ground tether enabled, mining rigs jumping and launchpads exploding I have realised, that the only way to keep huge things on surface safely is launch clamps. Looks like KSP2 team thinks similar - the colonies in trailer are lifted above the uneven ground on familiarly looking poles. Sadly, stock launch clamps are small, surface attachable only, have integrated decoupler and, when placed in large quantities, can cause Kerbal Joint Reinforcement troubles and inflate part count. I`ve tried the Modular Launch Pads mounts too, but looks like they are not suited well for bumpy terrain(pic related). So, the questions. Is it possible to make a huge base-wide "launch clamp" without towerpivot transform, without decoupler(at last without staged decoupler), that will stand well on hills? Which part of multi-pole "launch clamp" is really anchoring vessel to the ground? Had someone here made something similar, any tips or tricks?
  4. Foundations of kolonies in the teaser are the only parts clipping into the ground, kolonies are highly elevated, looks like they are some kind of evolved ksp1 launch clamps with node attachment and without decoupling. Hmmpf. Looks like a mod idea.
  5. Near Future Launch Venicles - Clamp-o-tron Mondo, desc "sometimes you need to dock ginormous vessels into orbit"
  6. Source code w/ .sln file can be found here https://archive.codeplex.com/?p=cleverbobcat , a dll is bundled here https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/rovers-pack/files but for an ancient ksp version
  7. Surely you can use this mod with recent Kopernicus 1.8.1, for inner dawn system only scatterer configs are deprecated, mod itself and EVE are working fine.
  8. Tough looking. Works with stock and dlc suits, stock and USI MKS skills. MKS not required.
  9. It can be recompiled, sure. VisualStudio told me to change some variables from float to double, i wiped the broken sounds, deprecated oks uks parts, mmpatched kloning module it to the MPL and it works. But there are some bugs, sometimes it tells that there is not enough resources to klone - especially when the EC is listed as a kloning resource in cfg. That thing needs some coder`s hand. A humble suggestion - a .cfg switch to require/not require presence of other kerbals on vessel for kloning(it is hardcoded for now, can`t figure how to make it toggleable without deleting that check from code permanently). For some weird sci-fi playthroughs that would be great.
  10. Yeah, https://archive.org/details/KKPsMoarKerbals-1.1 source file included.
  11. Hello lBoBl, KPBS alone provides complatibility and some parts for extraplanetary launchpads, you can build in citu from MetalOre and Ore(for smeltery). If you find the EPL smeltery system too complicated, or you are annoyed by bases w/smeltery overheating on timewarp, take a look at Simple Construction patch for EPL(EPL for stock parts), or make your own, adding "ELWorkshop" and "ModuleResourceConverter" modules to any part you consider to be a construction workshop. I can help you with that. You surely can use lightweight "station parts explansion"(not redux) instead of KPBS for base building, too. And about other colonization features - deprecated MoarKerbals mod provides kerbal kloning(for configurable resources cost) and breeding(in more natural way) in citu, and WBI Pathfinder dll(recent) contains a PartModule "WBIClassConverter" that can retrain kerbals in citu, changing their skills(pilot=>engineer, etc.). MoarKerbals can be recompiled for recent KSP version, but I know little about that licensing and permission thingy, so i avoid posting its recompile, i don`t want to make people here upset. That mod needs a proper revival. And for simple life support i recommend "Snacks!". [sorry, if my English is weird, not a native speaker]