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  1. Haven't seen this big dish antenna in Knes, where is it? Looks great.
  2. Bases - yes, with AirPark mod and maybe some config tweaking you can make a sky platform. But the balloons fly only upwards and their buyoancy can't be controlled, pressing Deflate just pops them forever, so airships are not possible.
  3. A less intrusive solution can be installing SCANSat - you can enable radar map or biome map as an overlay over the planet in map screen and plan your descent accordingly. I use that on visuals-heavy packs and bodies.
  4. Open settings - difficulty settings and Textures Unlimited tab. There you'll find something like "custom reflections in VAB". Check it, press some buttons - maybe it'll get better.
  5. Atmos are hardcoded. For users of planet packs or even something like Realistic Atmospheres it won't work as it should. I suggest just adding a window where you can type in custom pressure, gravity and temperature - and calculate terminal velocity against these values. Also, it will help with more precise calculations in case of landing on high mountains like on Eve or Laythe, where chute landing is very different from ASL. Great mod BTW, always wanted such "realchutes without realchutes". Also, for the refuelling mod - distance from the tanker could be higher or configurable from config
  6. It uses camera transform, thus it's compatible with moving parts(Kerbal Actuators sample arm on the screenshot). Wow. Curiosity's SciCam or MastCam, anyone?
  7. WIth latest KJR-Next and engaged servo lock(may need Advanced Tweakables), extended tethers are OK in Kerbin's gravity. Tested with multiple reloads and physic warp. You've made things i needed for years, thank you!
  8. Squad didn't add configs(that allow interactions) for big parts. To add them, get this and and run it without size limits and including stock parts. Made by our glorious code overlord LinuxGuruGamer. And get an enormous cargo container somehow, maybe MKS Kontainers will help.
  9. It's NEM(googleable name) - scientific-energetic module. I'm not sure it's in the scope of Tantares, but it's ultimately a Proton fairing-wide MPL with a conic adapter to docking port on one side and a truss with two wide Tantares solars on another. I think it's possible to kitbash it with existing Tantares, Station Parts Expansion Redux and (maybe) Planetside parts.
  10. In the intake, it's for the intake part. Choice of resource is yours.
  11. Bad idea, because some Kopernicus planet makers don't define every little pool on biome map, and biome borders may be harsh anyway. I think there was a string in ModuleResourceIntake part config called underwaterOnly = false (so you can make it true). And create a resource for it, something like IntakeLiquid, which is GLOBAL and thus will be present in any ocean/sea/puddle in any biome if not overridden(and can be harvested only when your vessel is swimming or underwater).
  12. You can attach a claw to Benjee's tether and claw the kerbal, or you can use KAS cable winch, press "grab connector" and yes, it will work like a flexible tether, preventing them from flying away and allowing you to tow them back. Yes, it works in 1.11.1.
  13. Name could be "Advanced Workshop", because, well, it is still OSE Workshop, but better. Way better.
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