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  1. Infernal Robotics Next features such struts, look like generic struts with "ModuleIRActiveStrutRemover". They disappear when they are moving and reappear when the moving stops, afaik. Not sure if this will work with stock robotics.
  2. Just updated, great thing! By the way, what kind of green(from Restock color palette which is on Restock github) do you use for Soyuz/Progress/Salyut/etc? Or just a hex number. Thanks in advance!
  3. Those gliders look good and, after tricky elevons attachment, fly very good, thank you! I think it's the only mod with ablated single part spaceplanes, lol, it's really a thing. I heard you were questioning future of that parts. It seems they need only removal of non-functional elevons and maybe attachment nodes for resized(stretched by MODEL{}) stock control surfaces, colors match.
  4. Contares Core(needs USI Tools for floaters to work)
  5. Ven's stock revamp, Making Alternate History, Tantares(special legs without suspension), The Martian, Duna Direct, Kerbal Reusability Expansion + all above
  6. It's experimental because it lacks support for comets and new Jool textures. Take it here. The work never stops.
  7. Partially. Kerbal ballast system is broken because of 1.11 changes, otherwise seems normal
  8. You already have Simple Construction. But i think you are asking about Kerbal Konstructs. Keep in mind that it's OK to place statics with it, but its launchpads are not guaranteed to work on ther planets. And it's not quite realistic because you don't need resources to build them. Also i'd recommend you OSE Workshop to produce single parts, it is needed in some cases.
  9. You need to be very sure you downloaded: KopernicusBE_1110_Release58.zip
  10. I'd bet they are now clipped into KSC2 VAB, standing at exactly same game coordinates as the VAB. I was playing GEP and launchpad was clipped into VAB too, spawn point was on the roof of it. It's kind of bad interaction between KK and Kopernicus. Keep in mind KK was not updated since 1.8 and Tahiwha is doing something, but hadn't updated it yet.
  11. Find Trajectories110.bin in Trajectories/Plugin, make a copy of it and rename to Trajectories111.bin. It is unsupported, and may miscalculate things for ultra-light crafts due to 1.11 specific changes to crewed parts. But it seems to work.
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