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  1. Theoretically, you can write a patch which will look into MODEL{} node, searching for name of the folder, and if it finds one, apply SR_Ignore tag. May or may not try it later.
  2. I use SRBs from Restock, RestockPlus and PhotonCorp, all seem to look good, seeing proper Waterfall fire and proper smokescreen smoke.
  3. I won't talk for anyone, but it works for me when only having RealPlume and SmokeScreen folders without RealPlumeStock folder. Judging by the structure of patches, it should work like that.
  4. Converted wonderful SMI_Missiles_Launchers X-51 into a normal "civil" vessel
  5. Already done, try it out!
  6. Using science multipliers of the body, maybe? Stock and non-stock bodies have them, they are usually filled by modders based on hardcoreness of the planets https://kopernicus.github.io/wiki/main/Properties/ScienceValues.html
  7. Hi! Great mod. It seems you've got a typo in the name of thread, [0.12.3] is pretty... old, if ever existed
  8. forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/191424-* yes
  9. Just a heads-up - still experiencing the dreaded sinking bug on GPP in system replacer mode. Even with Watchdog. On some other packs too.
  10. This is a good idea. Personally i don't play JNSQ because the landing gear sinking bug is still crippling my playthroughts, but it should be easily adaptable - the surface is procedural and doesn't care about sizes. Maybe even doing something with Lindor too.
  11. Very self-explanatory mod. It changes overall looks of Jool and adds a simple procedural wasteland beneath its clouds, making it into a new destination for your space frogs. It should run any visual packs, EVE, Scatterer, without problems, it has resources and other stuff normal Jool will get from mods. With pressure limits it will be even more interesting. --------------------------------------------------------- Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International ------------------------------------------------------ Suggested mods: Visual packs. Will add true clouds that can be seen from surface. EveEngines, ExplodiumBreathingEngines. Absolutely must have for flying there. Any mods with electric jets or propellers - RationalResources, KAX, you got it. Also, Jool remains ore-abundant with RationalResources so you won't run out of fuel If you feel need to touch it by Kopernicus patches(adding moons?), use JooI, not Jool (last letter is big "i") Have fun, report bugs! https://spacedock.info/mod/2967/JoolSurface https://github.com/hohmannson/jool_surface/releases Pics, clicks, stock EVE-less clouds. If someone doesn't like them or they a getting in the way of a visual mod, change fadestart, fadeend and deactivatealtitude to commented out values in Jool.cfg
  12. Solid panels, functionally same to BGs(can be just your existing panel without visual holes), and, maybe, glass panels(same frame, but without central square). Also, have you played with the pinnacle of EL's functionality - launch clamps that hold buildings onto the ground?
  13. Wow, those panels are very versatile! Could you please make a thin-gridded or simply solid(like colliders of it) variant, so airstrips, colony's pads and stuff won't look strange?
  14. You are planning to patch EL so survey station can work uncrewed on full distance?
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