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  1. Install Kerbal Konstructs and you can open it for credits in carreer mode, or for free in science/sandbox.
  2. BE_191 warning persists in all scenes. Kinda annoying. Hot to make it go away? Beyond Home, shader quality high. https://yadi.sk/d/dFz50lmy3gKUyA BTW anomalies fix seems to be working well
  3. AVP is not for JNSQ. It is for stock system and OPM afaik. Try Ad Astra if you need AVP visuals in JNSQ.
  4. It changes the Kopernicus template of planets. For Beyond Home it means nothing, because all the planets in pack are stripped off all their properties and are created from scratch. But. Tylo and Laythe templates used for most BH bodies are currently bugged because of Squad`s unfinished revamp, causing the checkers to appear. So replace them(Laythe to Eve, Tylo to Minmus), clean the Cache folder in BH directory and you`ll be fine. Well, worked for me at least.
  5. Seems to be a template-related bug if it is on 1.9 or later. Temporary and unsupported fix is to go through all planet configs and change template = Laythe to template = Eve and template = Tylo to template = Minmus. About scatters - make sure your terrain quality is Beyond home - High
  6. They include a cheat switch to get the ore back. Not sure if it works, if not - try something like that. @GLOBAL_RESOURCE:HAS[#ResourceName[Ore]]:AFTER[RationalResources] { @Distribution { @PresenceChance = 100 @MinAbundance = 3 @MaxAbundance = 15 @Variance = 50 @Dispersal = 3 } } @PLANETARY_RESOURCE:HAS[#ResourceName[Ore]]:AFTER[RationalResources] { Tag = Spared @Distribution { @PresenceChance = 100 @MinAbundance = 3 @MaxAbundance = 15 @Variance = 50 @Dispersal = 3 } }
  7. I was right, Splet was right. 1.10.1, your Kopernicus runs fine, Laythe-templated planets are not bugged anymore(laythe got the shaders), tylo templated ones are still checkered. I assume, vall-pol-bop-eeloo are too. For Beyond Home, changing the template is safe, so i managed do "fix" all the pack. Other packs may be not that easy. Linx issued an announcement about cursed templates in Kopericus discord. It is interesting, i am not sure what shady squad mechanism is breaking them. It will fix itself when all stock bodies will got revamps, but i think you should know.
  8. It just works, thank you so much! Oh, and i have to bring it here - the realistic replacement texture for footprints. From the elder thread. Not sure what to do with it. https://sabercathost.com/folder/66777/Alternativ_footprint_texture
  9. I was tinkering with it on 1.9.1, the latest of Prestja branch. I assume that custom bodies with new shader, templated to bodies that doesn`t have that new shader in stock yet(all Jovian moons in 1.9.1 and Eeloo(not tested for Eeeloo)), are mostly subject to that "kerbal chess program" glitch. Will go Vasto(laythe-templated) later, i think it will be checkered on 1.9.1, and on 1.10.1 the checkers will go away.
  10. You are right. I managed to change Armstrong`s template to Ike and checkers are gone. Completely gone. I see some shadow flickering on surface, (those triangles seems to outline actual terrain geometry) but i think it is because of my dirty "fixing". Looks like you`ve discovered a workaround, thank you! P.S. They were seeing checkers on JNSQ Moho in 1.8.1 - possibly because Moho got its terrain revamp only in 1.9, and JNSQ Moho was templated Moho. In 1.9 it got the revamp and checkers are gone. And i think we see checkers on Jovian moon-templated celestials because they do not have their terrain revamp yet. Maybe we`ll see it on Eeloo-templated things too.
  11. If it is about Kopernicus, afaik it will appear here https://github.com/R-T-B/kopernicus/releases , not ready yet.
  12. Hi, take a look at Decoupler Shroud, that adds literally what you want. A very underrated thing. Works fine with restock of course.
  13. I didn`t seen it on GEP(primary). Did you? If it does not show on stock textures, maybe it is a key to problem.
  14. Noted, I was aware of the patch. Not helped, sadly. And i don`t catch that bug on Kerbin, like in case above, in no configuration. A very interesting bug indeed.