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  1. Feel free to derive it from JoolSurface, it's permissibly licensed and i did basic Voronoi mountains to make it less boring. Had to work around 1.10 update resetting it to defaults by naming it JooI, lol. https://github.com/hohmannson/jool_surface
  2. Clear the config file of better crew assignment and leave only this. It's clean and it does the job without problems. @PART[*]:HAS[#CrewCapacity[*]] { MODULE { name = ModuleCrewAssignment defaultAssignment = Empty } }
  3. It seems that editing thread when you are on a 5 moderated posts limit(for new users) results in thread being automatically hidden until it will be moderated again. Also - possible compat for Kerbalism (3) should look like that but i don't know about proper absorbtion numbers because don't play Kerbalism enough. @PART[AsteroidShield25m]:NEEDS[FeatureRadiation]:AFTER[zzzKerbalismDefault] { MODULE { name = PassiveShield radiation = 1 // absorbation, rad/s toggle = false // can be toggled } } @PART[AsteroidShield50m]:NEEDS[FeatureRadiation]:AFTER[zzzKerbalismDefault] { MODULE { name = PassiveShield radiation = 1 // absorbation, rad/s toggle = false // can be toggled } }
  4. Yes. Fix Stock Docking Nodes patches a replacement module by MM. CommunityFixes fixes the stock module on the fly. Tecnhically you don't need to have both.
  5. It's possible with Kopernicus, it's legit and get it (freshest ones) here if you don't want to do it manually https://github.com/LapisNator101/kittopia-dumps
  6. Air-augmented rocket. Useless in oxygen-less atmosphere, sadly. Other set-ups(heating intake atmo with burning fuel) have questionable performance compared to an electric propeller running on fuel cell. Unless, of course, it runs on unlimited heat of reactor instead of fuel. Grab your nuclear jets in Near Future Aeronautics, CEDA Aeronautics, Spacetux Recycled Parts, SXT. Electric propellers in Firespitter, KAX and Breaking Ground DLC.
  7. Procedural Parts - Procedural Structural Part
  8. It's MobileLaunchPad from DLC. As of 1.12 non-DLC variants of it exist, look the same and have different names.
  9. Cardboard box from pre-Serenity ground science mod answers your question. IRL things like ISO containers have max allowed mass ofc. But matter in KSP (due to 1/10 scale) is extremely dense and for most of the containers max mass should be unlimited/non-defined anyway.
  10. Not too much, it was tested and no significant improvements. Seen a mod like that, but it does it for landed vessels only and it's in proof-of-concept stage and it patches core game's libs so won't post it. Look for a mod that puts physics on hold in Google. Coding practice will still be needed to make it work in orbiting and suborbital situations. It offers visible improvements when you activate it on large ground bases, it's very promising.
  11. It's an infuriating behaviour, because can't store even the smallest crate/box/inflatable hab and can't do anything with it. See no reason for Squad's stunt that prevents this. Anyway it shouldn't have been hardcoded like it is now.
  12. It will force stock KWP-Kerbin atmosphere properties, sadly
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