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  1. Can't wait to install KAS with it, dock two landers with RTS-1(they become a single vessel) and then strut them to rigidity.
  2. Seems to be OK with Near Future Solars and heating on GPP Grannus is OK too.
  3. Tantares for restockalike and HGR Community Fixes for stockalike(both maintained). Keep in mind, you can delete from Tantares the stuff you doesn't need. For all your Gemini, Mercury needs i recommend Bluedog Design Bureau. Restock and Restock Plus are made to revamp stock parts and add some logically missing parts(sizes, etc.), nothing more
  4. If we'll have the same tools as in VAB, will we be able to attach a launch clamp that is extended to the ground, like we do in VAB? That could be the ultimate mean of colony stability.
  5. Oh, how could i forget this. But folding wings will be tricky, i think you'll need AnimatedAttachment and actuators from Spaceflight Emporium
  6. Looks kinda like old KSOS Dauntless orbiter mod, it can fly this way, maybe needs another cockpit. No coding skills, just some Unity. You'll find community patches in the forum thread.
  7. You'll be able to MM patch KIS containers to use both inventories as a compatability thing. And KIS will be a thing until certain mods will move(OSE Workshop) and/or certain solutions will be implemented (volume override, holding Tweakscaled parts, holding b9ps parts, grabbing multiple parts). And KAS will be a thing for a long time, because Squad, surely, doesn.t want to be responsible for RTS-1 krakens.
  8. SteepTex is now BUILTIN/Duna Cliff [Diffuse] You are tinkering with Duna Restoration Project i think. KittopiaDumps, that lists (with some errors) all stock system'things, including PQS material data, can be found here https://github.com/Kopernicus/kittopia-dumps/blob/master/Configs/Duna.cfg I'd recommend just copy-paste all the material node from modern Duna to patch and you will be fine. Or, maybe, tweak brightness a bit.
  9. Yes, it is called KSP-Recall, but as Tahiwha says, it sometimes fails to stop the phantom forces(but helps most of the time). ParkingBrake may also help for temporary things, they work together. Some hardcore solutions include placing launch clamp-based parts via KIS to pin the bases(pic related), building clamps with EPL and abusing AirPark mod. Just hope Squad will stop this mathematical munacy now and forever and resulting new bugs will be fixable.
  10. KSP-Recall for landed vessel sliding fixes(should come with Tweakscale, but can be used standalone) Parking Brake to do it manually if the above doesn't help(wheeled rovers mostly) Trajectories allows calculating atmospheric reentry and landing paths by maneuver nodes and in flight scene. PartCommander can access any part's right click menu without needing to catch it by mouse, just choose from the list. Surface Mounted Lights adds some parts, but also allows to tune light angle and range of stock spotlight and floodlight, making them much more powerful and flexible. D
  11. There is no textures unlimited recolor options now, but to make them shiny you can get TU configs here https://spacedock.info/mod/2361/Magpie Mods
  12. OSE Workshop gets you covered, can be fed with RocketParts btw. Some rover and base mods support construction with KIS in that way. I use it in conjunction with EL, that's great.
  13. It is literally 100kb of config, adding mixed and reused stock textures. If you are OK on 1.91.+ Duna and Eve and Gilly, you will be OK with that. Make sure your terrain shader quality is set to High or Ultra, if you want it to look like on screenies.
  14. A set of patches to add 1.8+ shaders and textures to stock bodies that are not revamped yet. It uses a workaround, removing and recreating them under the same name to avoid the checkerboard bug and to be as compatible with visual packs, science definitions and others as possible. Uses 100% stock assets. Licensed MIT. Compatibility confirmed with: Breaking ground Stock and BDB science definitions, experiments, EVA reports Corelian and any other planer packs not touching Jool system moons and Eeloo Spectra, AVP, Sci-FiVE, EVE and Scatterer Expect compatibilit
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