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  1. Aha! Yes, and thanks for the guidance, i see that restockwhitelist of M2X doesn't have Squad/Parts/Utility/landingLegLT-2/landingLeg, but the leg wants it.
  2. Landing leg(without wheels) from M2X has white strut. Not sure which texture it demands, i tried a lot.
  3. Oh. I don't personally have problems with KK+Tweakscale, and no such errors, I just recalled that KK uses that kind of keybind too. Sorry, it seems i confused you
  4. Happily, EL distributes by CKAN and under redistributable license, so here is your SSLed link to CKAN's archive, to latest version https://archive.org/details/ExtraPlanetaryLaunchpads-
  5. Kerbal Konstructs build mode uses it(in flight), for a very long time. But i use it for a long time and don't have problems with TweakScale for same long time. BTW didn't know about Daisy Chaining too.
  6. Enhanced stability of my Jool outpost with enhanced stability enhancers.
  7. It's output screenshot resolution, you can't do anything with window
  8. Moddability - wise: they have shown ground pylons supporting colony stuff multiple times. Their makeshift analogues in KSP1 can hold vessels underwater, on water surface, in air(will be ugly), and if you'll be able to somehow activate KSP2 building mode in those conditions, you will be able to build there. Scope-wise: i doubt there will be much specialised parts, but i really do hope there won't be hardcoded obstacles like limits for construction mode.
  9. Was making a boring green planet into slightly less boring. Zeppelins are SuicidalInsanity's "BAD-T Arenas and Airfields" and not included.
  10. Just listed them by KerbalObjectInspector, most suspected is Lens And other candidates are Light Internal reflector Spotlight Letter register and spaces do matter. Have fun! Oh, and may be LightCan
  11. OFC i can edit files directly. This patch was for demonstration purposes. I just created GitHub account, it will take some time. upd: PR tested and submitted.
  12. Best one comes inbuilt in KK and is called Mobile Launchpad or something. It's a copy of DLC/hidden 1.12 sites launchpads and has very decent model, doesn't have grass, have loading ramp. You can upscale it for ship that big.
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