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  1. @JPLRepo Whops, sorry didn't meant to break the T&Cs,. Thanks for the tip, I will file a bug report then.
  2. @Shadowmage Yup, correct when my GameData dir is set to KSP's GameData I can spawn IVAs, and I also found out that indeed when I use moardv props they work just fine, both models and textures. Since I am planning to make only custom IVAs for stock parts, can't I use the broken model just as reference to put the modded props, since the config file that generates (as far as I know) tells KSP that there is a module X placed at location X,Y,Z with X,Y,Z rotation, then I should just remove the stock configs and it should work. But again looking more at the broken KSP IVA I see that i
  3. @Shadowmage Thanks for the reply, I am not 100% sure on what the error actually is, however after some research I read that Unity doesn't/will not support DDS images, wich is werid since KSP still uses DDS, I have to admit that some threads say that modders should convert to another format (sorry can't find these threads back :[ ) wich kinda makes sense because the Unity console says that Texture 'texture path' not found!, and these textures are indeed DDS, and that made me think that maybe I picked the wrong unity version, but accordingly to the Official KSP Changel
  4. Hello there! I am new on the ksp forum, i've been playing ksp for a long time now and wanted to make some IVAs using rpm and moardv. I looked up on google and on the ksp forum and using this thread I found out that I have to use Unity 2019.2.2f1 and KSP Part Tools. ◄ I install Unity 2019.2.2f1 from unity's site► ◄ I deleted and installed a fresh KSP copy from steam so to not havy any issues ► ◄ I opened Unity and installed the part tools ► ◄ I removed TextMesh Pro that came pre-installed with Unity, and followed the thread ►
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