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  1. @JPLRepo Whops, sorry didn't meant to break the T&Cs,. Thanks for the tip, I will file a bug report then.
  2. @Shadowmage Yup, correct when my GameData dir is set to KSP's GameData I can spawn IVAs, and I also found out that indeed when I use moardv props they work just fine, both models and textures. Since I am planning to make only custom IVAs for stock parts, can't I use the broken model just as reference to put the modded props, since the config file that generates (as far as I know) tells KSP that there is a module X placed at location X,Y,Z with X,Y,Z rotation, then I should just remove the stock configs and it should work. But again looking more at the broken KSP IVA I see that it doesnt load the stock props where it should, no knobs or switches inside the iva, they are all loaded outside and they are are also incorrectly scaled (they are way too gigantic). At this point I'm thinking of : ◄ 1 ~ Reverse enginnearing KSP Part Tools with Ghidra ► ◄ 2 ~ Wait for a fix / don't mod anymore ► In all honestly I should be able to reverse it, given enaugh time, since I am a programmer but that is really, really painful. Maybe I could also try to load a custom IVA from like moardv+ wich includes modded stock ivas and start working from there but I am afraid that part tools will still break it. Welp, still thanks a lot for wasting some of your time on this topic
  3. @Shadowmage Thanks for the reply, I am not 100% sure on what the error actually is, however after some research I read that Unity doesn't/will not support DDS images, wich is werid since KSP still uses DDS, I have to admit that some threads say that modders should convert to another format (sorry can't find these threads back :[ ) wich kinda makes sense because the Unity console says that Texture 'texture path' not found!, and these textures are indeed DDS, and that made me think that maybe I picked the wrong unity version, but accordingly to the Official KSP Changelog KSP updated to Unity 2019.2.2f1 since KSP 1.8. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Version_history So maybe am I missing some kind of Unity plugin? I always used Unreal Engine 4/Godot so I have zero knowladge of Unity. I tried to put the Part Tools data to point at the KSP folder itself, but now I have another type of problem. Any Ideas? https://ibb.co/cLxnz7M Edit: Missclicked the save button
  4. Hello there! I am new on the ksp forum, i've been playing ksp for a long time now and wanted to make some IVAs using rpm and moardv. I looked up on google and on the ksp forum and using this thread I found out that I have to use Unity 2019.2.2f1 and KSP Part Tools. ◄ I install Unity 2019.2.2f1 from unity's site► ◄ I deleted and installed a fresh KSP copy from steam so to not havy any issues ► ◄ I opened Unity and installed the part tools ► ◄ I removed TextMesh Pro that came pre-installed with Unity, and followed the thread ► ◄ I opened the KSP part tool window in unity and I set up the GameData folder to the GameData folder of the fresh KSP install ► ◄ I spawn a cupolaInternal IVA and this happens► https://ibb.co/5Y1PHvy ▲ Unity Viewport is bugged with incorrect shaders and textures https://ibb.co/jz0VV2W ▲ The errors that Unity gives me about missing models/textures I've alredy spent some days looking for some doumentation but all I could find was little to nothing, I hope that I was clear with the problem. Thanks in advance !
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