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  1. SLS/SDLV mount for RMM SSME is on Github! This is the last new model before release! The mod is very close to release!
  2. Alternate SSME variant configs for RM-25-69 'Cotopaxi' are uploaded to Github: First Orbital Manned Flight SSME Block I SSME Block II SSME Block III SSME RS-53 (a 1980's proposal for an expendable version of SSME)
  3. Yes. Moreover, the Extras will add rescaled versions of the SSMEs made to be at the same scale as the stock Vector so that they work with SOCK.
  4. I will not be making RO, SMURFF, or other alternate configs for RMM. However, please feel free to make them for yourself and inform me that you are using my model. I can help out a bit of needed.
  5. The SSBE is available for download on Github! The first 'Extra' for RMM has also been uploaded! It adds the RM-800K (based on the RS-800K) which was proposed for SHLV Delta IV upgrades! It is made from a rescaled STME with a booster nozzle.
  6. Here is the status of the kerolox derivative of the SSME-35 (with some adapted plumbing): the SSBE!
  7. Hello all! I've resumed development. A set of different nozzle variants are available on Github!
  8. Yeah as @Tangle said, all of those are dev updates. I will update the first post soon.
  9. Here are my suggestions for making SDLVs from stockalike mods: ReDIRECT has great tanks and assorted parts for SDLVs. I recommend using @DylanSemrau's Photon Corp for Shuttle SRBs and @Nertea's Near Future Launch Vehicle for your SLS/inline SDLV engine mount, as it is will fit my SSMEs, while the ReDIRECT engine mount will not. As always, I recommend Bluedog Design Bureau by @CobaltWolf and @Zorg and @Nertea's Cryogenic Engines for other engines needed for SDLVs (RL-10, F-1A/B, RS-68, RL-60, J-2/S/X, etc). All of these recommendations and a some more information about use cases for RMM engines will be made available on the Wiki page on the RMM Github with the next full release.
  10. Hey y'all! The latest engine, a methalox, split expander cycle proposal for the Space Transportation Booster Engine, is up on Github!
  11. Yeah, its a real chonker of a rocket. You only need the Briz or the Blok-DM if you're taking stuff to GEO or GTO.
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