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  1. It uses 5 RD-0169 engines on the first stage. Coming sometime to Eisenhower Astronautics....
  2. Thank you for your suggestion! However, after considering it I don't think that I want to include it in Eisenhower Astronautics. I am not interested in making it and I believe it is not within the scope of the mod. Moreover, there are no pictures of the RO-95 nor its derivatives the RD-131/2, and there is only one photo of the RD-57 to my knowledge. That being said, the parts from this mod will be easily used to kit bash parts of your proposal. The RD-0146 can be used alongside Tantares parts to make the Vezuviy upper stage, with the Tantares Energiya fairing.
  3. I know I haven't given an update in a while, so... URM-1 is totally textured and in game! URM-2 tank and engine mount are totally modeled and textured!
  4. AO just about done, I am planning for a dev release soon(ish) after a little more texture work and basic configs get written.
  5. @Dragon01 That is not the Soyuz 5 I am planning on creating. I am going to make the Methalox version, with the RD-0164 and the RD-0169 (maybe) and RD-0124M( (RD-0124 burning CH4+LOX). Check it out: Yenisei will still be possible, because you could use Beale's RD-170, BDB's RD-180, and my RD-0146 (eventually) from Angara. On another note, there's no need to bash other mod dev's work, even when comparing or praising someone else's work. While I appreciate the sentiment, that's just not ok. I think Beale's work is excellent, and I hope my engines are half as good. By the way, he just
  6. Finished modelling URM-1 last night, I'm gonna start texturing today!
  7. Eisenhower Astronautics This mod aims to add the Angara launch vehicle and it associated upper stages to the game. It will eventually include more modern Russian and Ukrainian rockets that are not already in Tantares. This mod will be built to mesh well with Tantares and other stockalike mods. I am always looking for advice as this is my first parts mod that I have actually made a forum post for. Angara 1.2: URM-1: URM-2: RD-191: RD-0124: Angara Development Plans: Angara 3, Angara 5, Angara 7, URM-2V, RD-0150, RD-
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