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  1. I'm working on the tech tree and cost balancing for a small update coming soon. Also included: bare .9375m RD-191 frame 2.75m procedural fairing RD-191 and RD-0124 texture improvements newer versions of dependencies
  2. @Clamp-o-Tronis right, it's so it looks better attached to all different kinds of tanks. Its a part of the (re)stockalike style, and it also makes sure it can be "legoable"--able to be used with all sorts of different parts. But even so, don't worry. My AJ-26s will come with a .9375m diameter mount, a 1.25m mount, and a bare version. The .9375m is intended for use on Kistler in game, and the other two are to ensure legoability.
  3. After further testing, the bug was made worse. Please use v1.0.0.
  4. EDIT: THIS RELEASE IS NOT USEABLE! Eisenhower Astronautics v1.0.1 is released! https://github.com/EStreetRockets/Eisenhower-Astronautics/releases/tag/v1.0.1 Its just a quick bug fix release, Thank you to @JadeOfMaarfor the fix!
  5. This is going to be a great mod! Great to see a stockalike Long March Mod!
  6. Great! Speaking of future updates, check out the plans for the next major update on the roadmap: https://trello.com/c/8TdhUJgK/40-dev-plan. I won't really get going on this for a while, as I have other projects, like K-1, to finish, as well an inevitable bug fix update (v1.0.1), but I'd love to hear any more suggestions or ideas.
  7. All dependencies come with the download. Nertea's CryoTanks is recommended.
  8. RELEASE TIME! Eisenhower Astronautics v1.0.0 is live! Github release: https://github.com/EStreetRockets/Eisenhower-Astronautics/releases Follow on SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2632/ Eisenhower Astronautics Many thanks to the following: @PickledTripod, @Beale, @CobaltWolf, @Nertea, @JadeOfMaar, @DylanSemrau, @Zorg, @blowfish, @cineboxandrew, @Zarbon44, and @MotokiKuN Please let me know of any bugs that I missed so I can fix it for v1.0.1.
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