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  1. I just fixed it! You can download from the main branch to get the bug fixes!
  2. Thanks so much to everyone who worked on it! Just like the real life SLS, it was a big project from that was also a jobs program for contractors mod devs!
  3. So you should put each folder within the Extras folder separately into 'GameData'. The RMM STME (just like all RMM parts) is balanced similarly to BDB and is based on real performance stats. The Vector is not, as it is a stock engine modeled after the SSME. Its in-game performance is not based on real life SSME performance. While the Vector may look like a SSME, it is not a SSME replica.
  4. They use naming styles @Nertea has used for CryoEngines and Near Future LVs.
  5. I am still maintaining this mod! Please feel free to post screenshots and report bugs.
  6. I am getting to a release...but in the meantime here is a Spacedock link for AWSI using v1.0.0-beta-3.
  7. Hello all! I am currently tidying up bits and bobs to prepare for a v2.0 release in the next 24 hours. I recently uploaded a Rescaled 'Cotopaxi' Extra. (It's in the same folder as the RS-800K.) This engine is exactly the same as the regular 'Cotopaxi', but it is the size of the Vector so it can fit with Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit and other SDLV mods meant to use Vector.
  8. SLS/SDLV mount for RMM SSME is on Github! This is the last new model before release! The mod is very close to release!
  9. Alternate SSME variant configs for RM-25-69 'Cotopaxi' are uploaded to Github: First Orbital Manned Flight SSME Block I SSME Block II SSME Block III SSME RS-53 (a 1980's proposal for an expendable version of SSME)
  10. Yes. Moreover, the Extras will add rescaled versions of the SSMEs made to be at the same scale as the stock Vector so that they work with SOCK.
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