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  1. I am in the process of making and testing these parts. I am having problems with the lighting/normal maps. I am modeling in Blender 2.8, and I am using the default smooth shading option. My models are very simple and are pretty low-poly, and are very basic shapes. I did not know how to generate a normal map, so I just filled the normal map with the color (127, 127, 255) because that is the color seems to be the default color of the normal map. How do I fix these problems? Here is the Imgur album with in-game screenshots as well as the materials in Unity: Thank you for all the help in advance!
  2. I'm pretty comfortable doing that in a dependency free way - after doing that in CRE (bundle tantares_lh2 and switch actual lh2 if you have CRP installed) - so yeah I will make Energia LH2, just need A. the resource amounts B. somebody to remind me tbh, I do not know how to balance fuel levels for tanks, especially for modded fuels. Is anyone else good at it, or could they point me to a tutorial for balancing and calculating the fuel levels of tanks?
  3. @Beale, I know you aren't a bug fan of dependencies in your mods, but would you consider making the RD-0120 run on LOX/LH2 from B9PartSwitch? Also, I'll honestly take whatever new stuff you make. This is already a great mod, and you could only make it better!
  4. @Well Please don't deprecate any Ariane 5 parts unless the KSP update is as high quality or as faithful to the "source material" as Knes. I think your parts should not be deprecated and will be better than the stock version, just like the BDB Saturn V compared to the Making History parts.
  5. A Beale Cygnus sounds awesome, but knowing Beale it may be something different I think. Lets all hypothesize. Brainstorm, people!! Also, @Beale, when can we expect a WIP forum page for this mod? Yeah its a Cygnus, I saw him post somewhere else.
  6. I know I am a little late, but I am so glad this has been revived! @DylanSemrau is killing it with this, and Boring Crew Services and Chrayol! Also, will you be implementing the shiny metal fairing from some older Blue Origin renders with Textures Unlimited?
  7. Oh cool I did not know that. In your roadmap you said you would be adding 4 to 6 new engines to CryoEngines. Are those just the old NFLV engines, or can we expect more awesome Nertea engines?
  8. @Nertea What will happen to the old engines in NFLV like the BE-4, the SpaceX Raptor and RaptorVac, and the RS-18? These are engines that I personally loved and I used often. Will they be moved to CyroEngines? I am really sorry if you have already answered this question.
  9. @NerteaWill the NFLV update include tripropellant functionality for the RD-704 and 701, or will it only use RP-1? I read that it was supposed to use LH2 and RP-1 in the lower atmosphere and then use just LH2 in the upper atmosphere/vacuum. This update look amazing, I am so excited for all of the new stuff in NFLV.
  10. This is awsome. I having been waiting for someone to make a dedicated nano launch vehicle mod. Combining this with Commonwealth Rockets by @Beale, I will have so many small rocket options.
  11. How can I install the latest version of BDB to make sure I have the new paint schemes? I have MiniAVC if that is the answer...
  12. @Beale I am sorry, I do not know the current state of development of all the different parts of this mod, but Knes by @Well just recently released the newest version which includes this capsule. Is development going to continue or are you going to try to incorporate the Knes version, or something else?