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  1. Nosecones are a possibility and would probably be the nosecones from Rocket 1.0 or 2.0. I'm certainly not making all new tanks and engine parts for Rockets 1.0 and 2.0, but I may make the nosecones. However, I am considering including parts for Rockets 4.0 and 5.0 when imagery and information comes out next year.
  2. Today, in fact! AWSI v1.0.0-beta.1 is released! https://github.com/EStreetRockets/Asbury-Western-Stars-Industries/releases/tag/v1.0.0-beta
  3. Completed a stretched Stage 1 tank, per Chris Kemp's remarks in his NSF interview.
  4. So now that I released that latest Angara update, I'm re-initiating development of Kistler K-1. For the first release, I plan to only include parts for a regular K-1 configured for ISS pressurized cargo. The wide variety of other variants will be in the second major release. As of now, the the first 3 parts of the LAP are just about complete and in-game:
  5. Eisenhower Astronautics v1.1.0 released! Gallery: I'm so excited for the first major update to Eisenhower Astronautics! Thank you @Bealefor contributing the parts for the hydrolox Angara A7B core! DOWNLOAD HERE Specific Changelog: KSP 1.11.x Updated DeployableEngines to 1.3.0 Updated B9PartSwitch to 2.17.0 Updated ModuleManager to 4.1.4 Updated ModuleManager to 1.4.0 New part lineup Black interstage and engine mount variants Grey fairing variants Angara A7 2.5m core, interstage, and engine mount
  6. Progress update: All the new parts and variants are in game! Here is a version of the Angara A7 using some parts from BDB!
  7. Picture by @EM23 Rocket Motor Menagerie v1.0.0 (7 May 2021) Full Screenshot Gallery This part pack is designed to provide some new interesting rocket engines and diversify your propulsion options. Currently the mod only includes 1 part, the RM-122T "Rainier" Cryogenic Engine, a stockalike version of the Space Transportation Main Engine. In the future it will feature many more engines using different fuels. These fuels provide advantages and disadvantages compared to stock Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer, having different efficiencies, thrust ranges and storage volumes. You can che
  8. Picture by @Zarbon44 Ziegler Launch SystemStockalike Astra Rocket 3.x A Small Collaboration Between @Beale and @EStreetRockets This mod adds the Astra Rocket 3.x to the game in a stockalike style. It is meant to mesh well with Luciole, Bluedog Design Bureau, and other stockalike mods. Gallery DOWNLOADS Spacedock Github Bug Reports Support for SAF provided by @blowfish Dependencies (included in download, check for latest versions!): Simple Adjustable Fairings - used for hard fairings. DeployableEngines - provides small modules for engines. Instal
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