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  1. this will drastically affect the cubesat economy
  2. Somewhat of a necro but thank you for making these fixes and providing a decent amount of stability to this mod. OX10cs are too small for quite a few craft and concepts.
  3. Figured it out: Reinstall. Unless that nukes the structures you've placed
  4. Having the same issue with KSRSS's moon. Unable to build a base because of it, this is a pretty serious issue.
  5. Had this happen before too so I'll big-bold my fix: To fix the engine deployment bug, hold alt and turn to 4x physical time warp, then press x to end the warp, and the engine should successfully activate.
  6. Mare Smythii FLO on the moon - circa ~2005. This is my own personal kitbash of FLO - it's a damn cool concept but I get why it was canned. Craft files are available upon request! All that's needed is Restock, Planetside Exploration Pack, and procedural parts. P.S. if it's possible could we get some all white paintjobs for the Saturn tanks/interstages and all blacks for the interstages? Would be useful for recreating the Comet (FLO HLLV) paintjob. And would make me feel less guilty about using Saturn parts late into a KSRSS career save LOL
  7. Hi quick question -- which launch pad from MLP fits the Jupiter series? Been trying to find a configuration that works for my own save to no avail. EDIT: Damn I'm stupid.
  8. I want to be a normal person and do the Integrated Program Plan Mars Mission in my career... But the voices are so loud
  9. MEM test article landed on Mars from an interplanetary trajectory. A bit scuffed bit it works. Also confirms that a) the margins are thin and b) Valles is basically the only practical landing site due to the denser atmosphere. Meanwhile, the first orbital mission to Venus returns home after a two year trip, confirming the lifting capacity of a prototype nuclear shuttle. The shuttle will be repurposed as a low orbit tug, and the lessons learned from its flight will serve to improve the next three Nuclear Shuttles.
  10. Saturn V-C jettisons its recoverable booster skirt as the sustainer carries a orbital refueling depot's rear docking adapter to orbit.
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