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  1. It's a ps4, and its connected to an old monitor. Trying to get screenshots off a ps4 is annoying as hell to do. I'm open to suggestions.
  2. Well I finished testing, I came to a compromise and ditched the PB-Nuk energy source due to it's weight. I redesigned the lander and payed close attention to how much I could take from the lander while keeping important components. Since the radiation generators are gone it can no longer be considered in the RADKOR class, and that's fine. PB-Nuks aren't viable for low mass ion landers because they are 0.08 tons each, I stuck closely to the idea of having a RADKOR Mun lander that I didn't consider the fact it may not even be able to work. Anyways the RADKOR Hornet was 1.20 tons, 1.29 ton
  3. That's a good idea, and yeah I share that favoritism for ion engines. When I did asteroid rendevouses I didn't have to worry about gravity wells and I mainly used ions to push those asteroids around wherever I wanted them to be. The first design I used when it comes to high Dv missions like rescuing kerbals in heliocentric orbits or moving asteroids was a radiation powered ion craft, cleverly named RADKOR (radiation core) because that was the primary energy source cause I had to adapt it for Jool missions. Solar ain't too good that far out. I made multiple iterations of the design to explore t
  4. I finished my RADKOR lander designed for the Mun. I had to lower the mass and increase the power generation without sacrificing the design of the lander, which resembles a hornet. So I named it the RADKOR hornet, turns out the lander doesn't work too well on the Mun. I fized the electricity issue but it's too heavy. I need to get the mass from 1.4 tons to 0.7 tons for Mun landings to be viable. It works well on Minmus however. I'd say your design is probably the best for low mass ion engine landers due to the solar panel placement. I would have done the same but I didn't wanna copy l
  5. I recovered old ksp pics from my pc and I found the original Saurus V rocket used for the KSP discord challenge to ship satellites to two planets in one mission. What a beauty. The Saurus V (PC) is the precursor to the Saurus VI (PS4), a heavy lift rocket and a forgotten design that packs a lot of delta V. This rocket got me my Kerbonaut rank on the KSP discord. Unfortunately my ksp save got corrupted and the design is lost. Maybe I can remake it. Saurus V liftoff from my KSP discord challenge Two satellites were mounted on the rocket for the interplanetary mission. No lar
  6. -24(+) Sorry, I've seen the results for the past 2 games, which is why I'm aiming for a positive number win this time.
  7. A fellow polandball fan

  8. Various songs, but I recommend synthwave when doing missions. Some of the songs I listen to don't fall under the synthwave category and are just techno or rock songs. And a few other songs in my album are derivative from other songs played by youtubers playing KSP, lol. (One song I play is called Mode - Hemlis and it's a good song when doing more difficult/dangerous missions)
  9. Hopefully the pressurized air to vacuum will cause the kerbal to fly in the right direction to most likely not survive atmospheric re-entry to Kerbin.
  10. I was landing a class C asteroid on Kerbin, for scientific reasons. But the thing went so fast through the atmosphere at such low altitudes that I knew I had no hope of landing the thing with parachutes. The asteroid hit the ground at about 1100 m/s, exploding every part attached to the asteroid, the resulting impact also killed the asteroid recovery crew instantly (r.i.p crew pod attached to back part of asteroid, the poor guys had no chance of surviving, I wouldn't either after instant deceleration from 1100 m/s to 400 m/s, if not for the sheer force of the impact disintegrating every part,
  11. Great build! I need to do something like that next time I get on KSP.
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