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  1. Only twice I've read someone's signature. And that was when I was browsing the forums on my pc in a rare instance, and both times were on the same day. So that explains a lot.
  2. Imagine being the astronaut leaving the ship to reset experiments and 5 minutes later you let go of the ship and then the ship fires it's engines. You yell at the pilot in the ship to stop as the whole craft speeds up and flies past you, you desperately use your eva pack but the ship's rockets are stronger. Eventually the ship gets smaller and smaller and despite your best efforts the ship is now a dot quickly fading out into the deep void of space. You are alone, the ship did not hear your calls to come back, and you have no contact with any living being. All you can do now is stare at the great green planet that is Jool, and are flooded with a sense of peace for several hours until you find it harder and harder to breathe. Soon enough, even the darkness of space seems irrelevant as another darkness consumes your vision and you live no more.
  3. Yeah doing KSP missions leads to a lot of unknowns, sometimes if I don't design my crafts perfectly that could mean a fatal failure later on. And entering Eve's atmosphere or landing can bring out problems the vacuum of space can't, which can ultimately strand some poor soul to see nothing but purple land and pink oceans until they are somehow rescued.
  4. Eek, sure I've stranded some kerbals on the other side of the kerbol system but landing any kerbal on Eve will ensure the kerbal will never see blue skies or snow capped gray mountains again. It is possible to get them back (I'm planning on building an atomic spaceplane with an low Eve orbit refueling station myself), I wish you the best of luck!
  5. I appreciate the help and suggestions but I worked out these issues a while ago, the thread is fairly old. Regardless, have a nice day!
  6. Seeing an orbiting asteroid from the surface of Pol within 2.3km, one of the base modules zoomed in on it and saw the miner attached to it too. I probably achieved the lowest stable orbit yet at Pol on my save and now I can view the asteroid I brought there. Wait what?! I didn't realize planets in KSP had lagrange points.
  7. I finally fixed the design of the Port-A-Missile craft and knocked down the vab with a 5 part quick missile going 500 m/s. It was fun. The craft is basically a moving platform with a missile on top pointed 45 degrees above the ground. The control surfaces on the missile don't work too well and the electricity drains quickly for turns in air.
  8. Spending half of my space program budget to ship 6 ion flyers to Minmus to appease a kerbal stranded on the surface that has long since gone crazy. Don't go crashing them now Malvin Kerman.
  9. Rat Kerbin Dude Whatever that means.
  10. @Dirkidirk My guess is unlikely unless the @ symbol works
  11. -88(+) It's like reaching negative 100, except that you have to wait a little longer
  12. After two hours of testing, stage fixing, delta V watching construction, I finished building a new launch vehicle with greater payload capabilities than the Saurus VI. I call it the Centaur I, this beast of a rocket is 70 meters tall, with two radially attached liquid fuel boosters as well as 4 radially attached clydesdale SRB boosters to the main booster. I had to strut the thing down for stability due to it's size. The craft weighs 1750 tons and the Dv is 9000 m/s and 11000 in vacuum. After the 3k Dv used to get to orbit, it has 6k left over, and 5.5k with a 30 ton payload. I am going to test the first launch by sending a nuclear engine asteroid harvester to a class E asteroid and bring it to low Minmus orbit. My work has paid off.
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