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  1. wait... if i make the NERV solid core nuclear engine via extraplanetary launchpads, can i fuel it up with enriched uranium? it keeps saying that it cannot handle radioactive storage, which is kinda odd, or is it that you cannot transfer fuel in or out edit: ok somethings off, a radioactive tank cant handle radioactive storage (IT IS ITS PURPOSE LOL)? that doesnt seem right, i let the nuclear processor cool off (its near future electrics) also, i have kerbal atomics, which is most likely compatible am i doing something wrong? i do have a few level 2 engineers edit: apparently it works just fine transferring it to itself! but not to a nuclear fuel container attached to it somehow
  2. ok, so should it fix the issue of the lagspikes occuring once every 3-6 seconds and lasting nearly 2 seconds? as in, not fixing the issue, but making it far less of an issue?
  3. I just recently passed 3000 hours in ksp after almost 2.5 years of having the game.. and i have a question; are those rookie numbers? i have heard of players having well over 5k hours, but is that extremely common?
  4. ohhh... ok like this? also, is the amount of civillans that come dependant on the housing space? since this only has space for four civillians, only three will come, but what if i have space for... say... 800? will 300 come at once? or is it always like 3?
  5. huh... didnt expect that... wait... did that just imply that dres is home to an alien species?
  6. im kinda confuzed as to how the civillian contractor dock works, i have it on allow contractors, and i have plenty of snacks and power, and crew capacity. i waited two days, and nothing happened? do i need to wait more? also, im running ksp v1.9.1
  7. I did a 30-40 minute burn once, and i could use physics warp. this was with a 2700 ton craft, which i refueled on Gilly. The craft had 28 NERVs and 4 Rhinos. the rhinos ran out fairly quickly (to quickly reach escape velocity), and then it was on the nuclear engines for another 33 minutes, burning to go to the mythical planet of Dres. but that was in gametime, because of the lag from parts (and activated engines... apparently), when i did 4x physical warp, it was going at just two ingame seconds per real second lol. it also had around 8km/s delta V left after finishing the long burn. in that pic above, i was docking a space station to the ship. the ship had SO MUCH delta V, i made it go from a 1000km kerbin orbit, all the way out to duna, orbited ike to refuel a spaceship, went into low duna orbit, and went to eve, and just about made it to Gilly. my fps with this monster is about 6-8 lol. nervs are inside fairings, and somehow, SOMEHOW this ship is the ONLY craft i have that has any sort of engine heating issue with the stock nuclear engines, the fairings usually glow after a 20min burn lol. every burn was quite long due to the low twr of 0.09 when full, and 0.25 when empty, and it turns slowly. and then there was that time when i made an ion mun lander, and i didnt know about physics warp, so i sat through 16 minutes of burn, a few times since it kept failing
  8. and if it doesnt work/gets stuck, you can press alt+F12 and go to input locks and clear the input locks and try again.
  9. ok, thanks! it worked. im just wondering... if i separate the body names by commas like in this pic, would this work? or would it think that that long list is the name of an object?
  10. Ok, it worked,, and i saved some soundtracks, but when i launched the game again, the soundtracks didnt actually save? i feel like its actually taking the playlists from here (i have music melomania), or did i incorrectly rename them?
  11. I think there probably should be a keybinding where you can press to switch between action sets. just an idea.
  12. The gamedata folder for the mod goes into the gamedata for KSP, but the other folders go into the main ksp folder. you put the mod gamedata into the ksp gamedata, the playlists and music folders in the mod? you merge them with the music and playlists folder on the ksp folder, i have the music folder highlighted here, and playlists is the second row below it.
  13. Maybe get a mod where the flats of minmus are oceans of ACID. no, like REALLY corrosive acid, bam. thats an interesting challenge i guess?