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  1. Likely busy with playing pinball with planets lol hmmmm @JIMMY_the_DOG?
  2. The highest temperature ever recorded in a particle accelerator was about 4 TRILLION kelvin
  3. TUFX now updates every day, BUT all they are just moving a character in the Readme file around. And then the mod breaks i wish for Mars to have a planetary ring system that is completely stable, and doesn’t block out the light or burn the planet.
  4. Everyone uses rankh, which is like kelvin, but for Fahrenheit. I wish random things happen less randomly
  5. And then I use multiple in a single, ludicrously huge ship lol
  6. But they where already el- aaand your dish causes so much confusion, it explodes i wish the temperature didn’t go all over the place (it’s 80 degrees now, and a week ago it was in the single digits what)
  7. Hmm.... is it possible for Perseverance to record Ingenuity’s first flight or are the cameras on the main mast only picture and audio.
  8. Now your glasses need glasses i wish life was found on mars
  9. Hmm, I launch a 300m long capital ship to defend
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