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  1. Even when they are loaded with heavy rocket engines?
  2. Yea... 1000 people in E2E flight is a bit much. Yes the flight will be about an hour, but still.. hmm, also to fit that many people, wouldn’t some in the middle need a screen to watch what’s going on outside? Still really cool, but probably a bit less than 1000 is good. Also, 100 for interplanetary trip? That’s.. hmm a bit much for months, but is possible
  3. Uses it Overclocks by a factor of 15.6 billion by setting both throttle and thrust limiter to about 15 million %, activates engine and breaks the spacetime continuum and sends a Kerbal at such a high speed, they punch THROUGH Eeloo, creating a Kerbal shaped hole. The recoil of the explosion sends the rest of the ship and its crew partially into another dimension, making the situation “No Situation Report Available”, indicating that it has successfully been pushed out of time, but not space. Now that time literally does not exist for the ship, physics start to break down, and as soon as th
  4. In terms of hitting an atmosphere at a high speed, don’t try skimming Duna at 40km periapsis at 15km/s, I tried it once, and it burned through like four heat shields in two seconds lol...
  5. And if you spam like 30 sentinels in the same spot by undocking from a lifter, toooons of asteroids will spawn, and could potentially lag the game.. tho I only found three class I interstellar comets, and several class b-c asteroids in extremely far orbits. All next to kerbin soo... hundreds nearby
  6. Hmm... persistent thrust ftw zoomin to duna in 20 days with Ions lol... wait... how fast could ions get you to Eeloo and back? (Yes, lots of staging)
  7. This is all good advice! Thanks! I am indeed redoing Paxt’s terrain, and using a gradient for its slight oblateness and going to make a new non noise heightmap
  8. Would a hovercraft be a good idea to be able to go and collect the debris? Or is it not wet where people would sink?
  9. dont start a chain that goes on into infinity until this mods universe dies and the kerbals move on to the next one
  10. hmm.. well... if the booster is in atmo just before and just after perigee, the perigee will go down a little bit, and will comparatively make the apogee go down a lot, until it is mostly in atmosphere and decaying faster
  11. no, it just has to drop to the point where a part of its orbit is close enough for reentry, but generally, it will be nearly circular when that happens... but reentry can happen from escape velocity
  12. I made a ship that krakens, and then got a Kerbal on EVA, the result was the Kerbal getting hit by the kraken so hard, that it went I think 100Zm/s changing direction constantly... also does bouncing off a planets ocean at 1000km/s count as a kraken?
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