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  1. I updated the rings around almost all of my planets to be much more detailed! This may seem like a LOT of ringed planets, but... I have a ton of planets in my mod and they are spread out across four different star systems I like how when zoomed out, the rings seem fairly simple-ish.. Near Correlae. But then getting closer to the rings, there is just more and more detail the huge orange-ish band is that little orange strip in the previous pic Hados' old rings Vs Hados' new rings! More detailed n stuff, made sure to keep the same two big ring gaps for its two innermost moons. I did use the original ring texture in the new one, I just.. created a custom texture on top of it Tumidam's rings! Some new planets! Gemma is a large gas giant in the Pythros system, the furthest planet (the furthest object in the system is a brown dwarf, a substellar object) (Yes this image is from before I put an actual texture on Gemma And another new planet! this time in a new star system! well.. the star system is quite dead... This gas giant is "Adventus", latin for 'adventure'... Well.. it is a wandering gas giant that is about twice the radius of Jool, 8.5x the mass of Jool, and is actually from another galaxy. Adventus started its life 12 billion years ago in a star system in a nearby galaxy, but was ejected during its formation. It has six moons that formed with it, but six more it has obtained by flying by systems. It flew by at least four star systems before getting sent on an escape trajectory out of its home galaxy, and spend the next few billion years drifting through intergalactic space before entering the kerbal galaxy encountering a couple of systems, and settling in orbit in the Mortuus system, This planet's orbit is NOT stable, and will be ejected within a dozen orbits, but its orbital period is about 200 years so you got some time. This is Adventus at its apoapsis and periapsis Rings! Also Adventus' eccentricity is 0.95, and takes it VERY close to the binary in the center of the system (It is a orange/red giant orbiting a toroidal black hole) So thats what I did in KSP today... WAIT I also built a dectuple decker plane It flies quite well... TOO well... It is now part of the "O-crap!" Airlines fleet! Can carry 108 passengers! The passengers can act as a cushion for the pilot in emergency crashes landings! The newest Boing-74444444447 has achieved the 'most amazing looking crash landing' award! Alternativley, the pilot could use the nifty ejection system! But why leave the rest of the plane practically in one piece? "O-crap!" Airlines: Get more bang for your buck! LITERALLY!!!
  2. This means that the normals are broken or incorrect.
  3. The soup is in a bowl made of frozen wine sir, you really need to start eating it or it will melt Waiter, why is there a planet in my soup?
  4. what about a giant stock ship with 2000 kerbals onboard on a collision course with Jool (and its out of fuel)?
  5. A while back I did make a truck that could construct a rocket on its back that could get to orbit
  6. I am wondering if/how I could submit my planet mod for challenges? It is a pack that has the vast majority of its destinations in other star systems, but it can be chosen whether to start on Kerbin (normal start), Proxility (Pythros System, easy start, 0.8g, 480km, but its atmo is 2.2atm), or Temporalis (Estrela Dobre System, hard start, 780km, 1.75g, 1.6atm), and certain bodies have sections of its surface significantly harder/easier to travel to and from (tidally stretched bodies with REALLY wonky gravity, devastated planet with a giant crater that has nearly its entire atmo pooled into, eyeball planet with an ice cap that half of the time is a literal death sentence attempting to land on, lower areas of a high gravity planet). Or is it like.. any planet mod is done at hard difficulty and above? There are plenty of easy, medium, and hard planets in each system, including two other systems that are their own sets of challenges
  7. Granted, but as you are unwished, a random wish happens that unwishes your unwish to unwish the unwish to the point where the word 'unwish' seems to have lost a bit of its mearning. I wish for a way for Jebediah to not be stranded on a super-kerbin
  8. Granted, but neutrinos almost never interact so despite quadrillions of them passing through you every second, nothing happens. I wish for a silly thing to happen... hmm... maybe a boat spinning on a top that is floating in lava perhaps?
  9. Granted, everything around the car gets corroded before hitting the car for free! (Oh and this includes the road) I wish.. for a KSP2 update!
  10. Granted, now you have an ion engine with 19,000s and 50kN, but it takes about 17 septillion ec/s I wish for... hmm.. procedural galaxies!
  11. Granted, but they knock your rocket off the pad every single time. And then it rains cats (and dogs) sideways. I wish KSP had caves
  12. Granted, but it is filled with really really old jokes and it is impossible to laugh at. I wish for a funny thing to happen
  13. Granted, the warhead weighs 5 billion tons, but has barely a single gram of fissile material in it, giving it only a couple tons of explosive power I wish there were more comets
  14. Granted, now the fallout games are real due to RTGs being misused! I wish dust stopped clogging fans
  15. Uhhh... no? (The tea cups turn out to be magic.. like.. they dont have magic, they are magic) Waiter! why is there a soup in my soup's soup?
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