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  1. ok... soo... Im in 1.10.1 and when i click on the time GUI, a NullRef error spams the log. Its only when i click on Time GUI, it also entirely breaks the window too... Also, i have the latest version of the mod...
  2. I know this would be a minor detail, but... if i were to like run out of energy like 1.5km above the surface of Kerbin, and i wanted to check a setting inflight, i cant change settings, and it doesnt show them. it would be a litle nice if it were to show the settings, but the sliders cant be moved because if being in flight. or just show the settings and not the sliders? hmmm
  3. well doing a test.... a kerbal was recycled in a recycler and i got organics...... oh god
  4. Ok, i have a rover, which i have had for over a year. and i replaced its wheels with faster ones. Eligible for Purist; did not use any engines Flawless; it achieved both 750m and 1500m without losing parts (until it rolled backwards too fast) and Check Yo Staging; no parts staged off, actually, there wasnt anything to stage in the first place! It uses robotics to turn, and also uses the pistons as suspension it cruised at about 40m/s Got to 750m fairly easily, with a time of about 12 minutes It then achieved 1500m with some difficulty, but still doing full throttle.
  5. hmmm.... i accidentally sent a kerbal to NaN space in a few frames by using an insane overclocked engine. it also broke the game hard enough to land something on the sun, but it said "No Situation report available"
  6. I accidentally detonated Arrakeen city... Well... Bob did. after picking up a plushie from the gift shop, Bob decided it was a good idea to do full throttle...... without checking where it was pointed yep, thats a huge mk3 SSTO headed straight for the Cidatel the ssto slammed into the tower at over 60m/s, and the structure proceeded to detonate Bob Kerman: "This is fine" as my pc ran at one frame per... 30s lol, it as a 300part plane vs a 500 part spire in a 2k part city lmao also, flying docking port sorry Stratzenblitz! miraculously, no other structure got da
  7. I hope so, so we can make ships in the scale of kilometers lmao
  8. I noticed that the record was going to be ~30 tons, so i decided to beat it with a 41t SSTO ok, i just did it with an SSTO The ssto is 41t, and it landed at 40m/s with all brakes and no reverse thrust. yep. and now... to take off again. also, the TWR shows that i could not have done a vertical landing lol, 0.80. Took off, i then proceeded to go into orbit I then reentered and decided to land on the SPH again When i landed it the second time after returning from orbit, the mass was now 26.4t It stopped suprisingly fast, despite touching down at about 40m/s again lol..
  9. hmmm.. i have ubio welding, and modulemanager 4.1.4, and when i click the button (im in 1.10), nothing happens im trying to weld this... it should work.. hmm.. i have the latest version of ksp (1.10.1), Ubio Welding, and Modulemanager(4.1.4).
  10. hmm... ok, also, the EL app button isnt visible... also, how to upload a file?
  11. hmmm... what modulemanager should this mod have? i have only the latest modulemanager and (i think) the prerequisites, and the modules for the construction and stuff arent showing up for This mod at all, tho modules work fine with every other mod? Or have i possible incorrectly downloaded it?
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