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  1. I came back and tested a config to allow stock asteroids to spawn around a planet. It worked! There are now asteroids spawning just outside the rings of Caeruleum! It is basically free fuel in orbit, though the inclination with the rest of the system is whack at about 80 degrees. Has some nice views too! Caeruleum is a cloudless gas planet, essentially a warm uranus but without water. It gets about 3 times the light kerbin gets, so it is quite warm.
  2. Today, I really just... made a 'bridge' escape craft, which has a nifty carrier that it can connect to! The nuclear engines have 5km/s of delta v, which is not bad considering that it also has a lot of dry mass and oxidizer.... i guess... There are two rhino engines for an extra boost at a good effeciency. The front round part does undock (it originally detatched with a decoupler), and is able to fly away with a capacity of 19 kerbals (and one more in the captains swivel chair). The ship is probably capable of landing on Duna and returning to orbit... I might need to add a ladder. The pod can easily enter Kerbin's atmo from LKO, has close to 2km/s of fuel if detatched fully fueled up. I couldnt put enough parachutes to slow its descent to below 10m/s, so it does use a bit of propulsive touchdown with the parachutes helping the orientation as it likes to fall upside down. All the crew capacity of the ship is on the pod. Also the whole pod can act as a little boat, a bit unstable in the water tho. While building this, my game crashed just by looking forwards in the SPH... luckily I had saved this right before.. This needs TCA to hover, and the aerospikes at the front provide way more than enough leverage. I will test this ship soon. I think the only DLC part is the robotics servo, which is used for the captain's swivel chair lol
  3. I... dont understand it... I am thinking of perhaps... toning down Solaris a bit? I am also doing the long process of slowly switching all the .png files to .dds and switching to use onDemand to reduce ram usage. I am thinking of making Solaris be just... cities on continents, denser than Earth, but not outright ecuminopolis... or maybe doing a sort of compromise to make it far less complex like making it just top layer. Though in that case, there will still be terrain features poking up out of the cityscape like the peaks.
  4. Granted, Your cat's tail is now a radio I wish for... uhh.. rockets
  5. Granted, he is now building his giant creations irl, which will take forever. I wish for... oh idk.. ksp to properly calculate the ec of a panel exposed to a negative luminousity star?
  6. Ok so I discovered why my attempts at reducing ram usage didnt work.. I wasnt using onDemand at all, and I now need to convert 50 .png textures into .dds, and then add the ondemand node to make it work. all of the normals are already in .dds will do that tomorrow
  7. Ah... that is interesting... I havent touched that kind of scatter/pqscity in months.. I am also trying to move around the files to reduce ram usage, it currently uses around 17GB of ram. I did bring it down from around 18.5GB. Due to how KSP is coded, ksp itself will never load anything that is in a folder named "PluginData", Kopernicus (or a relevant mod) will call to files in that folder (This reduces the RAM usage). I have put the textures and the normals into there, I will need to do the same with the heightmaps tomorrow to see if there is even more change. the 17GB is with JUST the main EverothCluster mod (Estrela Dobre, Excelsior, Pythros, and Arcturus). the other three mods (DiniSystem, CorrSystem, EverothNoRealUp) with the combined six more systems barely use 1.5GB of ram mainly due to the lack of planets there. I have made some changes, I removed a dwarf planet from Pythros as 1. it just had too many bodies orbiting one star directly, and 2. theres basically no other dwarf planets, why have both in one system? Moved one of the moons of Solis to another planet. I did setup the intensitycurves of the stars with Ohiobob's calculator, with Estrela Dobre, it resulted in excessive brightness, changing the sunlight color to be 25% dimmer fixed the issue. I also have decided that Aestus (the brown dwarf) will have just two planets instead of three, and Adventus (eccentric wandering gas giant in the Mortuus system) will have four large moons instead of six or eight.
  8. There will be two homeswitch files, one switches you to start from Temporalis, the other one from Proxility.
  9. Today, I then actually implemented the texture and heightmap for Kindynos, the second moon of Glacios. And also fixed the intensitycurves for the binary stars, however it does light it up a bit too bright. I then re-installed the no real up mod, which is a barely worked on branch of everoth. placed them according to the wormhole map. The system at the top is Corr, about 1.3 real lightyears away from Kerbol. the cluster around kerbol is Pythros, Estrela Dobre, Arcturus, and Dini. I then experimented with purple lighting woo! negative luminousity star because physics has been yeeted out the window for the Corr system! The cluster of stars that surround Kerbol. from Corr (This image was taken right before I actually added the two stars of the Corr system, just had the barycenter, which produced heat for some reason) The view from Mortuus, about 1/8th the distance However, this is the closest you can get in the wormhole chain from Corr, the rest of the 1-2 kerbal lightyears, you need to travel with a vessel... the mod should, in theory, be possible with stock parts, but incredibly difficult.. and impossible to return home from Mortuus. Orbiting Adventus, looking 'up' at the Corr system. the color matches Adventus surprisingly well.. (no, Adventus didnt originate from there, it originated from a different galaxy, is older than even the Mortuus system at 12 billion years vs the 9 billion years old Mortuus)
  10. I decided to hyperfocus a bit and... well.. Bring back the original idea of having wormholes to Everoth Cluster! I am still going to finish all four systems of the mod before moving onto the next mods. The idea is that... you start at Kerbol, and you can use wormholes to travel between each system! Each wormhole does require you to traverse from the outermost planet to the innermost (or vice versa) to get to the next system, encouraging the exploration of whatever system you are currently in. The distances are in kerbal light years. Every system is connected to a network of wormholes, except for Infanus, which is a proto-system. the white lines is the two way, the yellow lines are one way with the arrow indicating the direction. Tis map is not an accurate layout of all the systems, it is flattened to lessen the crisscrossing of paths The difficulty is based on how easy it is to navigate based on delta V requirements. Kerbol, Estrela Dobre (and its satellite system, you have to go there to travel to the next system), Pythros, and Arcturus are connected in a line with two way wormholes. there are one way 'gates' at Arcturus that sends you back to Estrela Dobre and Kerbol. All the other systems are in future mods. Dini is connected to the main group with a two way wormhole, however, there is an anomaly at Pythros that will send you far, far away to the Corr system. The Corr system will be... very exotic and mysterious with physics being thrown out the window at a very high velocity. Omorfia is a five star system... good luck finding the wormhole and getting to it Mortuus is... well its not THAT hard with delta V, but the system is GIGANTIC. If a kerbal gets yeeted to the Corr system... they may be stranded in that sector of space for the rest of their days... similar to how they are sometimes stranded around the Mun for years. Yes I did forget about kerbals that were landed on Minmus for 15 ingame years one time.. and their ship was FULLY capable of returning home.. when I switched to it, I was like 'oh.. oops!', and just... piloted the craft back to Kerbin.
  11. I did make a video of one of the engines running! No clue what to power with this beast tho.. I also did a cinematic test shot of a craft going through a station orbiting Caeruleum! (The craft is on my steam workshop page as "Bee shuttle", and is stock) I may retake this shot after I add Caeruleum's three moons, though only one moon will be visible as.. well.. one will be TINY, not even the size of Gilly, orbiting within the rings, and the other one will be the size of Minmus, orbiting slightly further from Caeruleum than Minmus orbits Kerbin. The big moon will be the size of Ike, and an arid desert. There will not be any EVE clouds added to Caeruleum as it entirely lacks a global cloud layer.
  12. So I did a few things... came back to planet modding and randomly added a new system as a different mod compatible to Everoth Cluster, but I only added one of the 7-8 planets. I decided to add a planed named Caeruleum, which is the third planet in the Dini system. It could be classified as a 'cloudless warm Neptune' as its about the size of a kerbal scale Neptune at around 4 times the radius of Kerbin It is just warm enough for no global cloud layer to form, and as a result, it just looks like a featureless azure blue ball. I added rings, and the planet has an 80 degree 'tilt' (its the same 0 as any other planet, but its featureless sooo....) I think it would be really cool if a mod could be coded to where the space camera has the option to shift to a certain config defined angle when in certain SOIs, like... when entering Caeruleum's SOI, the camera can smoothly turn 80 degrees and gives you these views The two stars Iremia and Anatarchi have an eccentric orbit, which causes the smaller Anatarchi to release immense flares. I do have lore about this system, and the two planets inwards are hellscapes, one is an irradiated duna sized planet, the other is a laythe sized world of eternal fires. Caeruleum is regarded as being calming and welcoming to any visitors. Iremia and Anatarchi are 1.1 and 0.4 solar masses respectivley, making it the same mass as Estrela Dobre, but significantly brighter (about 1.5 solar luminousities in the Dini system compared to 0.9 in Estrela Dobre) A pretty wild view when using locked camera aligned to the plane. I will add three moons, but the rotation will be very incorrect as ksp1 cannot have axial tilts I then tried making a rocket piston engine This one was quite underwhelming, with very, VERY little torque, but it did work. it uses a normal piston crankshaft and heatshields blocking the thruster on the upstroke I then made a giant version. knowing that engines push to a distance of about 9.8m from the tip of the nozzle, and that the vector is quite small and powerful... the 9m stroke length requires a collosial 4m long crank arm thing at peak torque, this thing can more than overcome the resistance of two of the largest electric motors, with probably about 3000kNm of torque at peak Attatched a 400t flywheel to it for smoother acceleration It was so powerful it started escaping the restraints
  13. I attempted to make a tank using the axial engine! It is geared to a 9:1 ratio, but even with that extra torque, the gears kept slipping!
  14. Granted, but the meteors arent bits of rock hurtling down at the ground, but are instead chunks of sky hurtling up through the ground, inverting the entire planet in one chaotic mess I wish for a working donut planet in ksp
  15. Today, I: Made a car with the engine (its actually an axial piston engine i think.. not a radial engine). It worked fairly well Using 0.1x timewarp, it accelerated quite fast as the friction pad gears didnt clip as much burning out the 'clutch' going up a slight incline Made a submarine with the same exact engine! it... barely moved at all. also the water is glitchy looking as I made the waves extremely tiny to get a good measurement of the speed.. which was a max of 0.3 m/s, which is slower than a kerbal can swim I then made a tank! it worked... ok.. reaching 7-10m/s before the treads come off Decided to use the piston to tension the tracks... a bit too much and caused them to fling off like rubber bands experimented with a few different track designs this one just fell over This one was the most successful until I went over 10m/s and the tracks fell off Tried constraining the trads using adapters.. which resulted in them clipping through the central piece instead of jumping the edge Got randomly inspired by that whacky seat on a long stick slapped to a big engine that vector flew in the incredibles (i think), and made an SSTO the cargo bay is vertical NYOOM Space! this did get to LKO with about 1km/s left Decided to take that powerful helicopter engine... and slap it into a bigger submarine! this one surprisingly tops out at 3.5 m/s, however the ballast was wonky and a very slight change resulted in it going up or down with little ability to change course.. sometimes when it is at speed, it moved up despite being pitched down.. weird.. but it was cool, worked a fair bit. Decided to take that one ornithopter I made that didnt work, and flew it on Tumidam! worked... really well actually! well, the pressure was about 7atm and the gravity on this gas giant is about 0.2g, so any ornithopter could fly here lol! Flew a solar plane here to see if the solar panels worked properly.. that was a nope as the panels were attempting to track Kerbol instead of the VERY BRIGHT STAR RIGHT THERE. Also, this was taken when it was about 10km above the 'surface' of Tumidam.. which is basically *on* the surface anyways. This one is at a higher altitude of about 100km.. I teleported between the two altitudes because I was NOT going to wait that long I then ended today by flying around on Vitrum during a sunrise! Vitrum as a very dusty lower atmosphere
  16. Yesterday, I made a bunch of SSTOs! This will be in chronological order First, I was inspired by the new biggest SSTO, and made a giant ssto for myself! (This is an older pic, while I was setting up the kal RCS, which used vector engines, the actual launch mass is around 9400t) Ah... a glorious 6 fps This SSTO is a lifting body, the wing parts do barely anything After a sub-optimal rocket SSTO ascent, this beast is pushing out of the atmosphere! I was honestly unsure whether this was going to get to orbit I somehow managed to get it into orbit with 1200m/s left! It could probably carry about 1000t to orbit Also, there is NO way this will land and stop in one piece lol.. The other SSTOs below, I have landed. I then decided to make a cute little SSTO sorta based off the clown car from star wars I guess? Takeoff wasnt that great I then somehow got it to orbit first try (well actually the second try as the first try the main gear was too far forwards and it exploded on the runway before getting into the air) Orbit with about 600m/s left, can carry a copilot! I then decided to make an asymmetrical SSTO The first try didnt go so well as it simply didnt have enough thrust So I added an engine! Due to the drag, this is the most stable configuration when accelerating in the lower atmosphere, it gets pulled up away from Kerbin in this position (flipping it so the pilot is on top will cause it to dive if no corrections done) This honestly looks like a B-wing Got it to orbit with a few hundred m/s left too! The clown car and asymmetrical SSTOs were surprisingly easy to land Made this thing.. somehow it is an SSTO too despite wanting to add more stuff but it works I guess this thing has 2km/s left in LKO I then made the shortest SSTO I could.. like.. shortest in length I did clip some tanks in the center, mainly to just 'simulate' that rear nosecone actually being full of fuel The two engined version couldnt pass the speed of sound due to the incredible dragginess of the cupola This is the second version of this four engined SSTO, added the extra tanks on the wingtips so it wouldnt use all the liquidfuel in them before in the main rocket tanks lol Probably still used some in those tanks, but is currently in orbit with a few hundred m/s left. And today, I made a piston engine for the first time in a while! After a few iterations, this was the result the pistons all push a plate in a specific pattern the first few test flights of the plane I put it on didnt go so well mainly the insane P-factor caused it to fly out of control. I managed to fix this issue by making the tail longer, and having the blades set to control the yaw Surprisingly, this engine can run without cheats, however bettertimewarp is needed to run the game at below 1x timewarp for the engine to not glitch through itself This plane can get up to a decent 67 m/s in straight and level flight, about 72m/s in a dive. even in slow motion, the yaw was very touchy. the engine runs at up to 300 rpm, about 250 is manageable at 1x timewarp without glitchiness. This engine is by far the fastest and most powerful piston engine I have made. it took 30 minutes of realtime to get to the island airfield lol experimented with an actually radial engine performance of this radial engine was sub-par, didnt seem to have enough power, and kept stalling at high speeds Next engine I made was a 1.25m version of the big engine that flew worked well enough, so I slapped it on a smallish plane, which was really just a smaller fuselauge with the previous planes wings slapped on
  17. Ah its part of the planned demolition of a hundred meter radius of the city! Waiter, there is a... uhh... soup in my soup's soup soup bowl!
  18. I have noticed that even with a planetshine config in my mod, the lighting is coming from Kerbol and not the nearest star. with the debug mode, the yellow line is the star its using, right? The star system is "Arcturus", with a bright star and close planet, which results in the current situation having about 54kW of solar radiation instead of the 1.3kW Kerbin gets. I have the config file in my mod where I add my own planets. it seems to recongnize the planet and how bright it is (Solis, the planet im orbiting, uses Eve's color, and its parent star Arcturus is 13 solar luminousities)
  19. I was suddenly curious as to what would happen if I went to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000x timewarp.. Yea spacetime broke lol.. Scatterer oceans stopped moving, planets were stuck in their positions (and not rotating), space itself legit became an extremely dense liquid where even 1000kN on a pod would barely push you at 2m/s through space despite the navball reading very differently. Oh and gravity also doesnt work in the slightest in space randomly. yea.. also inclinations generally got misaligned with rings. The year counter read 373 million years before breaking I think theres only 425 days in a kerbin year? even at max stock timewarp, nothing budged in the slightest.. it took like 3000000x timewarp to even make celestial bodies budge Also... it was only the display that stopped at 373 million years... but the game let me continue at the highest warp rate I made, which was a bit over 60 trillion years per second.. idk where it would stop. Also, atmospheric flight was fine, except that it was truly eerie, time itself was stopped, the mission and universial times were stuck at 0, ocean waves were frozen where if I landed... i would be literally on a water hill that doesnt move lol...
  20. I decided to slap the command pod cannon onto a boat
  21. I messed around in my mod. Added a moon, screwed around with hyperedit Sanden Kerman on a supposedly icy moon after I moved its parent planet ridiculously close to the stars lol Attempted carrier landing of a 747 Landed! but.. broke the carrier... so I guess it still counts? Screwed around with Maledictus the cube moon FINALLY added an emissive texture to the ecuminopolis I have (that was emissiveFX from kopernicusexpansion) Attempted with EVE city lights.. got.. very questionable results Figured out dragless tech... attempted to make a station orbit at like 20km on Kerbin Made a podracer for Vitrum (That glass moon is prime grounds for racing podracers flew a cargoplane on Vitrum This plane is somehow the most effecient big plane I have ever made made an adorably TINY podracer made a cursed concorde, which I didnt complete because the nose gear KEPT COLLAPSING Noticed that the recover vessel button does, in fact, have an image of a ship recovering a command pod, and thought "what if the process of getting the pod back to the ksc could be expedited by putting a command pod cannon on the ship?" (said command pod cannon in testing) Attempted to overclock the engine slightly more to get it from 7km range to like.. 12km range... accidentally sent the poor kerbals out at 0.5% lightspeed Afterwards, I managed to fix the broken scatterer for Kerbin And then I tped a craft to Neybiri and flew around on it for the first time
  22. I attempted to leave Kerbol's SOI... again... however even with infinite fuel and ion engines, the game stopped letting the craft accelerate past 50-60km/s despite having full tanks. I dont think I want to timewarp 20,000 years lol.. perhaps I will try nuclear engines? last time, I managed to get up to over 7000km/s. ok tried nuclear, and apparently engine thrust during timewarp outright stops at some point for some reason, even with infinite fuel
  23. the craft is a VTOL rocket fighter that uses throttle control avionics to hover with several spark engines and can fly like a jet with the aerospike. the nose is three procedural fuel tanks. It does work, but for two minutes before running out of fuel
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