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  1. You didn't see buttons in the part pop-up for "analyze results" and "transmit data" (or science)? I have no idea how it shows up in the archives, never looked
  2. This can be a side effect of system load very often. Are you running out of RAM? Kos will send that spam until KSP responds to its requests during its booting of kos cores is all I know specifically, so the more overloaded KSP is, the more you see them. When launching large craft I'll often do it right after firing up KSP and not much else running
  3. Better sorting options for any category or subcategory can really help a lot here also. Sort by frequency of actual player use so what you use most is at top! Sort engines by ISP! Parachutes definitely need their own category or subcategory; that catch-all with chutes and ladders and most everything else is worse than Walmart on Saturday
  4. This is just a few general thoughts on GUI design I hope are already addressed in KSP2, but likely is not too late to seriously consider if not. 1) Clickable items should not be enabled until the layout has settled. I know I'm not the only one who has clicked a button in the app menu only to have a different button appear under the mouse pointer which then receives the click. People with very fast computers won't notice this issue so it is recommended to devs always include GUI testing on slower machines and slower net connections (where applicable). But not enabling elements until layout has settled is the standard solution to this issue that always works. 2) A mod accessible common pop-up window manager so popups can be arranged more intelligently. Like not popping up right under the only other existing pop-up already open. This also would resolve focus and click-through issues. 3) Irreversible PAW options like "remove from symmetry" should either have a complimentary "add to symmetry" or have a confirm dialog. And as noted in 1, should not be clickable anyway until the PAW layout has settled. 4) The "mental index" information should be prominent, not buried. Example, when looking at the list of alarms, the craft name for each alarm should be right there in the list, not buried such that one must either type the name into the title when creating the alarm, or edit the existing alarm and scroll down to see the craft name. But the point is general and the alarm app just an example; important flow information up front, not buried (or even inaccessible)
  5. Multi spectral includes several scans. Click the triangles in the part pop-up. Lots of info there including altitude requirements for the scan to proceed
  6. To this day, the most fun game for me and family was 1NSANE off-road racing and capture the flag. The surf guitar music was so sweet. Good times
  7. It makes your decisions actually matter. This is important. If you learn proper technique, stay focused, and it is far safer than driving in traffic where other's inattention is a far greater risk.
  8. I'm all for more EVA refinement and control. Especially kOS EVA control, lol. But unless the user interface mesures intuitively with rock climbing motions and actions I'd find it tedious. But yeah, I could just not do it. On the other hand, I still think a simplified interface flavor as I described would be much more popular for more players. If full VR suits were common, that would be another story. I've never understood emulating athletics via keyboard or typical game controller. Better to go out and throw a real football or do some real bouldering in my opinion. Some activities can't easily be virtualized properly. That said, given the more automated version I described and actual caves with easter eggs and I'm all for it
  9. I like the idea, but am not convinced KSP, a spacecraft oriented game, is the best place. Given the tediousness of moving kerbals around I think I'd get bored quick unless it were somewhat automated. By this I mean that the kerb has a climbing kit and the piton planting and whatnot just happens automatically as the user presses "f" to climb and maybe some wasd keystrokes to alter the path taken. I wouldn't be interested in grinding through every motion. The grindy version would make a better mod than game requirement. Giving mods more refined access to EVA control would be great for many cool ideas
  10. Also, unless one's periapsis is already near enough the star to do something like this, the DV required to drop PE that far would be very expensive
  11. What would be the setting names for the number of sides and the variant? It would be nice to default these to the values I typically use. I couldn't find the relevant info in any cfg files I looked in Nevermind, found them in craft file!
  12. I use the "x" key to attach things, you might try that and see if it works
  13. I can think of multiple prior posts to these forums that push far into rule 2.2p territory. @intelliCom's post doesn't even come close to having an issue there and is a breath of fresh air, tbh
  14. Optional solar weather described as a "complete change in design philosophy" for a game centered on interplanetary travel. I'm squinting real hard and still not able to steel man this statement
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