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  1. Or how about something like the hinges, but instead of simple plates, it is two rectangular docking ports hinged together so once they lock they become two docked ports and the code never sees a hinge again
  2. Me too. I did rig up some MK1 crew cabins with jr docking ports once. I had them on decouplers along side the main body with their docking ports perpendicular to a docking port just above them. I used hyperedit and gravity cheat ad nauseum to tune the decouplers scale, force, and locations until on activating them with the main craft atitude still and in zero g the crew cabins would move up and rotate 90 degrees and the jr docking port's magnetism would pull them in . It was a vanity project and I never used the technique but I did explore avoiding the alligator hinges that seem to be krak
  3. Does anyone know how to remove waypoints in the zoom map short of editing files? Sorry if I'm misunderstanding the basis of the waypoints. If they are a feature from outside SCANSat that are just supported in SCANSat then a clue on how to remove them in game would be greatly appreciated
  4. Is xenon supported as a resource in SCANSat? If so, what do I need to do to see it in the resource drop-downs in the maps? If not, is it in the future plans for SCANSat? It just showed up. Not sure I changed anything
  5. Quality is paramount. But the longer it takes the less surprised ppl should be when a competing title comes out that gives KSP 2 a run for its money. Nature abhors a vacuum. You can't get a blue ribbon at the county fair if you arrive the day after the fair closes. I'd be happy if a basic quality skeleton were delivered earlier with more meat added later (but not haphazard, the bones should be designed for the meat and the meat grade A) if only to stave off a big house competitor that starts hiring away your ppl and wooing your customers. Its been know to happen
  6. I completely disagree. Not all skills should be doled out by the game. If a player is good at EVA movement they should *not* be hobbled by the game GUI. I despise hobbling player ability and skill typically in the name of "balance". The challenge should be the rocket science, orbital mechanics, logistics etc. The GUI should not be the challenge. Games should be fun and challenging, not tedious nor the player's "experience manager"
  7. This should be fairly easy mathematically and programatically but would somewhat solve the issues of kerbs not being able to reach handrails and hatches without rotating an entire space station and such. The North Up EVA thing is really silly in my view and the resulting camera gimbal lock is very annoying. Ideally, one should be able to set the kerbal EVA "UP" axis direction to prograde+/-, normal+/-, radial+/- and, *most importantly*, be able to set "up" relative to the nearby vessel main axis (parallel or perpendicular etc), or relative to the current "aim camera" part. That would be noi
  8. Background: In 1.10.1 I've occasionally encountered strange behavior in the VAB with SR where I will put on a normal number of chutes onto a stage, SR will report the stage to have a predicted final velocity of 5m/s or so, and I'll move on to putting chutes on another stage. Then, when I revisit the prior stage, even though the number of chutes hasn't changed, nor anything else, SR report that the predicted final velocity has gotten far higher than makes sense. I typically just ignore and the stage does just fine and when recovered the first, more accurate, predicted velocity pretty much mat
  9. I uninstalled BE and all my ships won't load now because BE patched all the solar panels so they use the Kopernicus solar panel module instead of the norm. Shouldn't uninstalling, in a sane universe, revert the modules from the ships in current persistent.sfs file? Do I have to edit the sfs and craft files? It seems optimistic for the current mod approach to assume the mod will never, ever, be uninstalled. Installing many mods is like sticking your fingers in a chinese fingercuff: a one-way operation. Not friendly. Any advice appreciated [edit] I jumped the gun, only my new craft fi
  10. Since I installed BE 2 days ago my 5 Sentinel sats have found zero new asteroids. They usually find several a day. Is there a setting or something I can look at and fix?
  11. And you have selected version of ModularFlightIntegrator installed via the "Versions" tab? That is the version I have checked and that is the version that your error messages says is missing
  12. L-click on the mod in the main list, down in the lower right will be a set of tiny tabs. One of them "Metadata", another is "Relationships". The last one on the right is "Versions". If you check next to the version you think is ok, it will allow a version exception for that particular mod. This is how I've gotten a bunch 1.8.x mods loaded in 1.10.1 that work fine mostly. I had totally overlooked this backwater tab also prior to someone pointing my face at it. Once you see it, it is quite obvious, lol
  13. While looking for another answer to another question I remember skimming past a comment on the internet about a drill that also works like a klaw or grabber. I seem to remember the msg said it was the Terravore. Is there a drill that grabs like a klaw? If it exists, and isn't the Terravore, does anyone know which it is and which mod it would be part of? Need it for a class E real soon now
  14. I'm not certain, as I do it without thinking about it much, but I may have just checked the latest version in the "version" tab for one or more of the above packages to get to a working state. I can't think of any other difference that would explain why the latest BE is working on my CKAN on 1.10.1 and your is not. I do not recall seeing MM2.8.0 conflicting with Kop or MFI however
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