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  1. It was many moons ago I visited that thread so I plead for leniency with regards to what I remember and what may have been posted since. So there are decent approximations for the bezier/rounded cones? I found them the be the same as a normal cylinder in some cases, iirc (which I may not be). I could have sworn I tried a normal cone and still found it reported the same as a cylinder. But maybe I hit a corner case by first having it rounded, then unrounded, something perhaps got too sticky. A proper test would start fresh also. I was writing a script to compute CoM for subsections of a cr
  2. I'm fairly sure that works with KAS inventory, but I think I tried that with stock and it was still foiled by placing in symmetry. I want to be able to have kitted out containers ready to place en masse off the shelf. Squad needs a new executive slot with the title "Chief Grindiness Reduction Officer"
  3. Do the fixed/telescopic joint and associated joint socket conduct heat for stock mining and ISRU purposes? I need a heat conduction increase that can be done in EVA
  4. I'm still hoping for the proper center of mass for procedural parts. Even a better approximation would be fine for nearly every purpose. I've looked at the discussion at github and the resolution seems to be tangled up in getting an exact and mathematically perfect CoM for all possible shapes. But maybe it would be more useful to provide a proper CoM for the easy stuff (simple cones, etc) as a first step. Then an approximation for the rounded cones, then when how to handle the rounded shapes in a more elegant way, replace the approximations. As it is, even simple cones have a reported CoM
  5. I use this mod all the time. So much more stable than either IR or the new stock robotics even and works for my purposes great. tl;dr : So what is the easiest way edit a game file to turn a docking port into a lump of structural metal that will not interact with other ports as a port? long version I have a docking port issue and I'm betting the knowledge to fix it is here and I hope someone can help me. I prebuilt several sections for a station and everything went fine until I went to dock them up at Minmus and found that one my very last edit of a major element I accident
  6. OMG. I need to pay better attention. You are correct, they are temperature readings <facepalm>
  7. A crew report didn't do the job like I thought it would. But on an airless moon a barometer didn't seem appropriate either so I didn't bother with one
  8. You could delete the new parts in a test copy of your install directory and see what happens. My experience has been that deleting parts that are not used in any craft you have in the game is harmless
  9. Ok, didn't note the challenge aspect. I thought you were the OP at first glance but then thought not given you were saying now driving was not worth it and jumping better, so not sure why that would lead to a post about driving. I was too lazy to scroll back a page to verify. Please forgive me, ha. But yeah, if you have fuel for downforce, you probably have fuel for jumping; which is probably what you were getting at
  10. Absolutely, jumping makes the most sense even on Minmus. It is more the challenge of driving in low gee I guess, which I think is what OP was getting at
  11. Nicely done! Another trick is to use RCS to hold the buggy down on surface. Something I want to try on Gilly is using ion thrusters and lots of EC for downforce
  12. I made this using clamp-o-tron jrs, struts, the dockrotate mod, and lots of clipping
  13. Yeah, I've been doing those things (not the EVA, didn' think about that and that seems the easiest) but I just couldn't imagine that a GUI designer post 1999 would fail to provide a way to cancel out of a window and figured it was some secret key stroke or something
  14. Also make sure to get a leveled up engineer on board the craft. It will help production a lot, not sure about heat efficiency cooling though. But ISRU is not a scam Just skip Mun and go straight to Minmus. The lower gravity makes the cost of ore/fuel to orbit far less and you can launch interplanetary craft from Kerbin with mostly empty tanks far easier, then stop by your orbital Minmus fuel depot to tank up before going into solar orbit. Yuge savings
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