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    Aerospace, construction, cranes (Liebherr is my favorite brand of crane; Pronounced Leeb-Hair), heavy transport, electrical/electronics, science, anything mechanical, engineering, model railroading (I need to get an HO scale crane or two, or 8), and Legos. Also, as you can tell, KSP.


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  1. Lastkraftwagen, the German word for truck, often abbreviated to LKW (I feel like I might have already posted this here, but whatever. Still fun to say!) Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, a town in Austria Dijon, a town in France, and a kind of mustard.
  2. Ok, keep calm and think of something else to put on one of those "Keep Calm and ____" signs. I wish I could have this truck in ETS2 (Except different paint and left-hand steering)
  3. Here is my newest video!

    I know it's not KSP, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

  4. Just get a can of soup from the store and eat it at home. That should work, as long as the Kraken doesn't follow you home. Waiter, there is a Scania R730 hauling a Liebherr LH60 in my soup! (I got a really big bowl of soup) I'm finally back! I have been gone for a while, so I have 553 forum notifications now. I have been busy with Legos, ETS2, and also a little bit of KSP. Also just doing things around the house, and stuff like that.
  5. This song (Which I don't know the name of) is stuck in my head today, and is also one of my favorite. Both videos use the music, but the second one has the added benefit of Kerbals. It is suggested you play this at a high volume (subwoofers are definitely recommended, if you are not just listening to it on your computer/phone)
  6. You are under my control. Who, what, where, when, and why?
  7. You did too. @kerbiloid you watch Futurama? Awesome!!! I wish that I could make a Planet Express ship in KSP.
  8. Anyone going to talk about the Liebherr LR 11350-P1800 "Frankencrane" at the SpaceX launch site? https://www.liebherr.com/en/usa/products/mobile-and-crawler-cranes/crawler-cranes/lr-crawler-cranes/lr-11350.html It's Liebherr's second largest crawler crane (Their first largest, also the world's largest conventional crawler crane, is the LR 13000. I think the largest unconventional or whatever crawler crane is either a Sany or XCMG-But that doesn't matter right now.) Ahh, cranes are undeniably awesome. Even the smaller and non-Liebherr ones.
  9. Good night!

    Gute nacht!



  10. Granted. But it cannot get past the reCAPTCHA. You know, the "I'm not a robot" thing? I wish that models weren't so expensive. Especially construction equipment models.
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