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    Aerospace, construction, cranes (Liebherr is my favorite brand of crane; Pronounced Leeb-Hair), heavy transport, electrical/electronics, science, anything mechanical, engineering, model railroading (I need to get an HO scale crane or two, or 8), and Legos. Also, as you can tell, KSP.


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  1. Denied, because I have no idea what that means. I wish for a properly colored, regular Lego scale RC Lego Liebherr R9800 mining excavator with all the Lego pieces, the instructions, and the proper app downloaded on my phone so I can control it. Please read wish carefully.
  2. Granted, but it close 1 femtosecond later. I wish that I had a case for my phone that had a crane on it (I have no case right now) I think it's an iPhone 5S.
  3. Banned for having a period in your username, and for not telling me to go to bed (It's 1:18 AM in Konnecticut. I gotta go to bed soon)
  4. No, I ate the watermelon. I think @Maria Sironawill join us tonight.
  5. No. TUBM has a diecast model crane, excavator, loader, dump truck, or any piece of diecast model machinery.
  6. Those are for the CommNet communications network. They show the connections between your craft and Kerbin. See that icon in the top left corner closest to the right that looks like a craft, 2 satellites, and a planet with those green lines? That allows you to cycle between no CommNet visualization, first hop, and the entire network (and maybe one more option. It has been a little while since I have played KSP)
  7. "They keep saying 'it can't be done' . I say 'That was said about everything we have achieved' Grow an Imagination!" - @ColdJ "Valentine's Day Is Coming? Oh Crap - I Forgot To Get A Girlfriend Again." - Philip J. Fry "If You Ask Me, It's Mighty Suspicious. I'm Gonna Call The Police. Right After I Flush Some Things." - Hermes Conrad "Well, as you know, I'm just a master bricklayer" - Hans Liebherr
  8. Not really, although I am not actually sure I don't like it since it has been a while since I have had any tea, hot or cold. So, short story shorter, maybe. TUBM thinks WALL-E looks a tiny bit like a small robotic skid steer.
  9. When was the forum created, and who was the first member?
  10. I think procedural parts (Now that I think I know what they mean. Yes, I didn't know what procedural parts were until recently. Yeah, laugh it up.) would be nice in KSP 2 so you can make your craft look individualized, and mostly so you can have just the parts you need. Wings, definitely. Tanks, yes. Fairings, yes. Robotic parts, totally! (Please add robotic parts in KSP 2!!!!). Also, if they add robotic parts in KSP 2, I really hope they make parts that are similar to the servos from Breaking Ground, but 1 piece, non-floppy, shorter, and about 1 meter wide (a diameter range of 0.5 meters to 5
  11. I don't know if this is the right thread to post on for suggestions, but if it is possible in the future, I would like it if I could scale the robotic parts that come with the Breaking Ground DLC (Mainly the hydraulic cylinders).
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