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  1. I like to use Cubeupload because it is only an image uploader, it is pretty easy to create an account, I think (yes, unfortunately it does require that you create an account), and it seems more painfully-slow-internet friendly. Just use whatever works best for you, and I hope you have a great experience on this forum!

  2. I worked more on my Kania trucks, and made a logo for them! I will post pictures/videos soon. I haven't really been going into space recently (in Kerbal Space program, go figure; but hey, KSP is for making and doing whatever you want, no matter how dumb or irrelevant, that's what makes it so cool!)\

    Besides that, I didn't really do much.

  3. I am perfecting a new truck I made - the Kania RK530. 


    Screenshot148.pngThere are a few things I need to work on, though. The turning radius is a bit wide, it's kind of slow, the headlights/front bumper/side of the cab aren't very accurate to the real truck, I haven't made a Kania emblem for the front yet, and it is missing side mirrors. After all that, I will need to make some trailers for it! 

    I would have put a picture of the real truck here so you could compare, but my internet is so horrible that I was having trouble getting pictures of the real truck to load on Google so I could put them here, so if you want to see the differences between the Kania RK530 and the Scania R580  (Ignore the numbers, that's just the amount of horsepower. I though that Scania had made a next generation 530, but apparently I was wrong; or not, I don't really know), you could just look up 'New Scania R', and that will give you pictures of what the Kania is supposed to look like.




  4. I have been playing a lot of Euro Truck Simulator 2 recently, and I like the music that plays when you are about 2 hours away from the deadline a trailer needs to be delivered by (called the "Hurry up" music)

    On more than one occasion, I actually wanted to be late, just so I could listen to the music!


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