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  1. Yeah that's one of the many norse things that survived in Iceland while declining back in Scandinavia
  2. No, not at all. But maybe @Abel Military Services?
  3. What a lovely mission report this is! Really looking forwards to future updates. Love the updates. Followed! Also, having a blocked docking port is a questionable design choice
  4. *insert witty "no" here* @Spaceman.Spiff?
  5. Late last night i was doing a gravity assist off of Tylo to enter Jool orbit. When i entered this moon's SOI... chef's kiss the music. The Tylo soundtrack is awesome. It is perfection. The peak of music. Thank you, Intercept.
  6. In finnish there are two words for diameter. The first one is "läpimitta", literally "throughmeasure", while the second one is significantly more BadS: "halkaisija". Literal translation: "splitter".
  7. In the Star Wars galaxy, an imperial officer gave Han the surname "Solo" because he didn't have any. What if it is standard procedure in the Empire to give people with no surname the one "Solo", and there are actually a big bunch of Solos around the galaxy???????????????
  8. Mini-neptunes are a kind of planet which (as far as i understand) has an actual surface, but a really thick atmosphere- making them kind of a middle ground between rocky and gassy planets. It is already confirmed that we will have at least one superkerbin in the form of Ovin in KSP2, but what about mini-neptunes? Consider what this would add. A brand new kind of planet, with a new damn near impossible challenge (Eve times 1 000 000 000) and a great deal of uniquety to its star system and the game as a whole!
  9. Manageable at least, i hope. Will you join us, @LeroyJenkins
  10. Ñô. How 'bout @Abel Military Services?
  11. If i don't give a damn, that means i do not care at all. But how much do i care if i give, say, five damns?
  12. Hello there! Welcome to the KSP Forums, @LeroyJenkins, you truly epic person
  13. Ever heard about patches? Also, i actuakky thinl that a rewind audiovisual effect when quickloading would be cool- but probably impossible to implement. Let's not bother the devs with this.
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