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  1. Make a huge and epic mothership which has about a dozen docking ports, is launched in one piece, and has nuclear engines and a really cool name!
  2. So, there are these users called moderators, Vanamonde for instance. What exactly are they? I know they work as the police of sorts of the forums, and that they can for example move threads between forums (like move a thread from Forum Games to Mission Reports), delete posts, and do things like that. So, What exactly are moderators?
  3. The yellow gas giant also has a large green moon which orbits at around 200000 kilometers from the planets. This big green moon does not have an atmosphere.
  4. I will, ka random person on the KSP forums. I have khe power of khe KRAKEN!
  5. I hit you with a hammer, it makes a *bonk* sound, and then i strike you with a sickle, it makes a *crunch* sound
  6. I demand to welcome you to the forums! Have a few likes from me
  8. First and foremost, i would like to declare my approval of this mission report! I really do like it, and i just love the system for the World First Society! Also, here's my suggestion for a name: Unelma Aerospace! Unelma means dream in finnish, my native language.
  9. jleblek- y long complx name- Kerman was a random KSP rocket construction worker. She, quite honestly, hated his work. Don't misunderstand, she loved space exploration. But she hated working hard for rockets to be able to fly, but being completely ignored in newspapers and such stuff. One day, when she was driving to work, she was so preoccupied with these dark thoughts, that she did not notice the RED light. Because she did not notice it, she crashed into another car, whizard which had the GREEN light. The cars crashed into each other. jleblek-something died, but the other car's occupants surv
  10. That was sooooo boring The game rules explicitly state to kill only one kerbal
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