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  1. The bureaucracy isn't going to be finished anytime soon, (obviously) giving me plenty of time to take the hill for myself and build a fortress around it to enforce me owning the hill. MY HILL PROTECTED BY A FORTRESS
  2. The coffee is broken and can't be crashed, let alone flown in the first place. Will we see @ColdJ here?
  3. I strike at the hill with a sickle and a hammer. COMMUNISM Everybody's collectively owned hill
  4. Wait no there's no lottery tickets on the planet and where this is going is honestly just sooo lame. Restart from this point!
  5. Please act like this post does not exist. Continue on from the post before. Ididn't realize that there was another page and replied to @ColdJ
  6. ...was stuck in a storm. Summoning @AmateurAstronaut1969!
  7. Thankfully, the at just the right time the crew of the Dream Come True wakes up because the hyoersleep system has no power! They quickly realize what is going on, throw the ants outta the airlock, and fix the spacecraft. (There's dozens of kilometers of wire in antproof containers!) With the engines still on, the spacecraft brakes. As they are just about the enter the planet's atmosphere, all crewmembers enter the ship's landers and use them as escape pods to land on the planet. The crew has survived, but they have nothing to return home with. They do however have a few spacecraft capable of going to orbit and even neighboring planets. What will they do?
  8. ColdJ is too hot (HotJ! :D) and needs to cooldown. I'm here. Will @Ultimate Steve write something funny on the next post?
  9. Leave? You must be joking. NO ONE LEAVES THE RESTAURANT. Waiter! My soup is floating above the table on its own without a bowl!
  10. I release sleepy gas tm and it sedates evereyone to sleep. Then i with a gasmask remove your claim to the hill and insert my own. MY HILL
  11. As we all (should) know, the KSP docking ports act like magnets when in proximity of each other. This begs the question: could magnets be used IRL as a mechanism for docking ports?
  12. Granted. Now everyone sees exactly what you see no matter where their eyes point at. I wish i had a plane i could guide with the power of my thought
  13. I take my reverse-timer and reverse the planet to what it was like at the 7th post of this page of the thread. And since that post was mine, the hill is... MY HILL So basically we restart from this post of mine:
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