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  1. We're talking about spacecraft not aircraft
  3. You just completely ignored everything i said after that. I mean as actual space rocket
  4. Kinda disrespectful to say that about the most succesful rocket ever, it's still used to this day. What actually happened was that the place full of rocks was where they were supposed to land when they didn't know it was full of rocks it was only found out about when they were like 100 meters above the place. Armstrong switched off the computer and landed in a safe place, and as we know, the LM had enough fuel to land. Even if it didn't Armstrong would simply have flipped the abort switch, there was no real risk of crashing for Armstrong and Aldrin
  5. Neil Armstong was not an egoist hero. He was committed to the mission. On another note, in an alternate timeline where the Soviet Union loses WW2 to the Allies (like Operation Unthinkable happening and succeeding but i'm not talking about that), one of the more cursed consequenses could have been the R-7, the soviet rocket we all know and love, being an US rocket, if NASA had snatched Korolev instead of von Braun. It would probably not have been called R-7, but i think it would have a role not too dissimilar to Atlas.
  6. Yes, even further. What about it?
  7. Failing the first lunar landing would have DESTROYED NASA'S PR
  8. The LM computer was what guided them there
  9. With a Direct Ascent lunar mission, such as the one for Apollo, the crew would most probably be in an upward-facing cone-shaped re-entry capsule. Since on such a shape it is difficult to look downwards through windows, would it actually make sense to hold the hatch open during landing and have a crew member literally stick their head out of it to see the ground? Air resistance certainly won't be a problem on the Moon.
  10. Golly had always dreamed of being a kerbonaut, so when she would be the first Kerbal to land on Vall she was of course happy. Golly was so happy in fact, that she was too preoccupied with happiness to notice that the surface of Vall was 308 meters away, and her lander was moving towards it at 472 m/s. Öiüg Kerman - throat singing
  11. Another reason to call 911 is the existence of this thread
  12. Eve is such a thing that calling 911 (or 112) is the smartest thing ever
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