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  1. I‘d like to do this part, but I don‘t think that I can make this with only 10 parts.
  2. I like that idea. But if you want to make a module containing all those „science bombs“, the part limit could be a problem. You mean sections of 5 that are built along one axis, rigth? Would we then arrange them around a core module or also along one axis? (I would prefer the first of this two options)
  3. Yeah but remember that we'll probably have almost 18 modules so far (because we're 18 people). The station wolud probably develop noodle syndrome if we build it along one axis.
  4. If we make it in a Laythe orbit, I'd like to have some kind of an SSTO seaplane to land on Laythe!
  5. An ion transfer stage? I would recommend nuclear transfer stages for all payloads that are not very small - unless you are very patient. I'm not patient, thats why I don't use ion engines very often. Okay, sounds good.
  6. Moving the whole station to Laythe at one piece could cause problems, because the tug would have to be attached on a docking port that is in one line with the CoM and more modules means less stability so the station could fall apart during a long burn.
  7. If we want to have a shuttle/spaceplane for crew and cargo like @Aniruddh suggested: Building an interplanetar spaceplane/shuttle with only 10 parts would be very difficult. And we will also have to get the astreoid to the station. The 10-parts-limit is only for the modules itself, rigth? And once the astreoid is in the orbit that we want it to be, the ship that captured it can be undocked and deorbited. And then we can start building the station on the astreoid. But maybe we could make an ion-powered ship with only 10 parts that could reach Gilly. I don't know if that would work, but Stratzenblitz 75 managed to make a (not ion-powered) Gilly SSTO with only 3 parts... Or if we send the station to the jool system, your joke could maybe become reality. I like this idea.
  8. Sounds interesting, I'd like to contribute to this project too. I saw that we're 18 people now, rigth? But there are only 11 modules on the list so far. Can we make multiple solar modules as an example? And we could also make some kind of a communication module with antennas. And an escape module.
  9. Maybe I'll do that later (I made a named quichsave after reentry). Today I made STS 2a and STS 2b as a combined mission: https://imgur.com/a/rEa3Ao7 Edit: Here is a screenshot I forgot to add to this imgur-album: https://imgur.com/a/FIEjaby At the end, I had just enougth delta V left (97 m/s for the deorbiting burn) The mod list is still the same (EEX, KER, Trajectories, RCS Build Aid), Making History parts were also used. I'm looking forward to the next missions.
  10. @sturmhauke I am quite sure now that it was not a runway landing, since I overshot the runway so far that I was already on the surrounding terrain, but I have a screenshot of this that I could upload later.
  11. So this is my entry for STS 1b now, but this time with the rigth payload. https://imgur.com/a/Ju6562f Mod list is still the same. @sturmhauke What is your exact definition of a runway landing for the commander rank? Is it already a runway landing when the touchdown is on the runway?
  12. Here is my entry for STS 1a: I wanted to combine STS 1a and STS 1b, but unfortunately, I accidentialy used the wrong Fuel Pod for STS 1b (I downloaded it quite a long time ago and today, when I decided to attempt this challenge again, I didn't notice that there is a new Fuel Pod that has a reaction wheel and a battery). I will fly this mission again for STS 1b, but with the rigth Fuel Pod this time. Link to the imgur-album: https://imgur.com/a/qiCF7Dx Mods used for this mission: Editor Extensions Redux Kerbal Engineer Redux Trajectories RCS Build Aid The other mods I have installed were not used here. Edit: I used the Making History Expansion too.
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