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  1. That's great, thank you! The F.U.R. thing turned out to be because of an outdated Textures Unlimited patch in that mod, disabling it fixed the problem. For anyone interested the solution is on the last page of the F.U.R. thread. Also if you can't tell from my new profile pic, I'm having a blast with this mod
  2. Here to report a few more bugs: -Most Mk2 and Mk3 extension SRBs have messed up textures (black patches or all grey). -Feline Utility Rovers' glass textures turned pitch black when I installed this mod (both cabins and the passenger module&lab).
  3. Loving this mod, really made my career game more enjoyable. Noticed a minor glitch with the supersonic cockpit from mk3 expansion: Edit: one more thing, what's the current status/roadmap? Are there any plans for more mod integrations?
  4. Hopefully the terrain system in KSP2 is robust enough to allow 3d geometry with respect to the planet surface (unlike 2d for KSP). Always wanted explorable subsurface oceans for example. In general, the more interesting terrain features there are the better the exploration aspect imo (tired of landing on a rocky grey surface and realizing that doing it again is pointless since the whole planet looks more or less the same). PS: In the VAB screenshots for KSP2 released so far, there seems to be stuff related to radiation. If that's acually gonna be a gameplay aspect, caves could become ver
  5. Was wondering the same thing earlier, found another solution: add coolant tanks to the heat loop (into a hollow tube or cargo bay). These can slow down the rate of temperature increase enough to allow not requiring radiators for the atmospheric part of the ascent.
  6. All NFE reactor parts have 2 sets of fission reactor modules (2 independent sets of controls and temperature readouts when right-clicked in flight). Engine reactors don't have this. I delted it from GameData and reinstalled but it's still there. Any idea of what might be causing this? Edit: Nevermind, got it. It was leftover patches from before SystemHeat was split into core & extras.
  7. So I noticed that the fission aerospikes don't have exhaust cooling with the SystemHeat patch installed, now they always need radiators. Is this an intentional change? None of the big radiators that are now required seem aerodynamic enough for atmospheric launch vehicles.
  8. Any chance this mod will get a compatibility patch for Nertea's SystemHeat?
  9. Has anyone tested Nertea's FFT test engines like the Frisbee with this mod? Are they feasible to get around within reasonable time? Would be nice to have more alternatives.
  10. Just tried out the frisbee properly for the first time. Started at LEO, made it to Sarnus in 9 days and 2 hours. Passed by the rings going at over 0.2%c. It was a one way trip, but with a fusion reactor onboard I probably could've packed more antimatter to slow down at the destination. Conclusion: torch drives are insane Here's an album: https://imgur.com/gallery/CBYqpWY Great work Nertea, the new FFT was definitely worth the wait
  11. Huh, for some reason Tekto didn't have any clouds or visible atmosphere when I tried this mod earlier today. I'm pretty new to visual mods, maybe I'm missing something.
  12. Just downloaded the 1.10.1 version and OPM, and Sarnus' rings are missing their texture (are all black). Any ideas as to what could be causing this? Should I post logs?
  13. Hey, I'm new to this mod and have a question: are the Legacy parts supposed to be part of this version? If so, is there a way to take them out and only keep the newer ones? There seems to be a lot of redundancy. I installed with CKAN and didn't see such an option. Edit: I also noticed that you put Legacy into Recommended, but it's a dependency of Reconfig and so also a dependency of Continued.
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