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  1. I get this error message when clicking the "Install KSP Shader Presets" button in Add-on preferences: Anyone else having this problem?
  2. @Weak Player Well PersistentThrust should add the time warp ability to all engines by default. If you just want it on specific engines:
  3. You will have to install PersistentThrust and maybe edit some cfg files for that. It's not too difficult or time consuming.
  4. Part two of my first manned mission to Sarnus and Tekto from OPM in my main career save. See here for the first part. In orbit & descent: Tekto exploration 1/2: Tekto exploration 2/2: Return: The mission yielded over 8k science, but to keep things interesting I will only research one of the five remaining tech tree nodes - mid-level fusion. The extra science will eventually be used to buy antimatter. For each subsequent node I'll prbably do separate big missions like this one. I'm currently thinking of ideas for these and would't mind suggestions Relev
  5. I'm having a small problem - the Asimov FFRE afterburning mode's "throttle" controller does not work, staying at 0 unless overwritten through the waterfall menu. I've checked with and without PersistentThrust but that didn't affect it. Anyone else have this issue? Edit: there's also no errors or warning or anything in the console/log.
  6. Messed around with installing OPT and the recolor depot config for it, tried to make something nice-looking:
  7. If you want all OPT parts to be compatible use OPT Reconfig 3.0 instead of 3.1. The latest update added in a bunch of Legacy parts that don't have TURD support.
  8. Well you can run the two together without issues but there is no recolor option for any parts replaced by restock.
  9. Getting the same Nullref as @SpacedInvader when opening the editor pop-up menu of certain parts.
  10. Here's the first set of pics of Opis-II - my ongoing first crewed career mission to Sarnus and Tekto from OPM. This is part 1. Setup: Departure: Arrival: To be continued...
  11. Sent a probe to get scence from low solar orbit: Powered by the first fusion engine in my career save, the Impulse from FFT.
  12. How can I adjust the distance cost multiplier? I checked in the mod file and didnt find any way to do that. Is there an in game menu that I missed?
  13. Finished building the mothership for my Tekto mission, turned out to be the nicest looking one yet imo
  14. Made progress onmy next mission today - built the Puffin nuclear SSTO. It's going to transport 4 crew to the surface of Tekto and back to orbit. Threw together an album comparing this one and my past spaceplane designs: https://imgur.com/gallery/RWfLrnk
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