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  1. https://www.wired.com/story/test-out-next-gen-space-tech-kerbal-space-program/amp Just saw this, neat!
  2. Is there any way of preventing debug log spam when traveling interstellar? It's something about the game being unable to find intersepts.
  3. Finished making some super secret stuff Release inbound soon TM
  4. Any chance for waterfall configs in the future? It's becoming a very popular visual mod nowdays, would be nice.
  5. Eyyy he's alive! Thanks for the update, been wanting SH compatability for a while now, was even planning on throwing something together myself.
  6. Boy, do I have good news for you lol - something I've been working on: There's still lots to work left to do but a pre-release is likely inbound within a couple of weeks
  7. I made an emissive heat texture for my engine and imported it into KSP via the Blender MU plugin. I used the Bumped Emissive Specular shader and got a dark/metallic effect in game (that wasn't there when I used the Bumped Diffuse shader). The issue peristed when I lowered the shinyness value to 0. There's no Bumped Emissive Diffuse shader present, so I'm a little stumped on how to deal with this. Anyone know what to do?
  8. I followed this tutorial on how to create a part using Blender, however my imported model does not look the same and I'm not sure why. There are black spots on the top and bottom that shift around when the camera is moved, and also the attatchment nodes are not showing up. Screenshots are attatched: I thought this may be related to a warning I got when exporting the part ("Unable to create tangent due to N-gons") but converting the top and bottom n-gons into tris did not fix the black spot. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I get this error message when clicking the "Install KSP Shader Presets" button in Add-on preferences: Anyone else having this problem?
  10. @Weak Player Well PersistentThrust should add the time warp ability to all engines by default. If you just want it on specific engines:
  11. You will have to install PersistentThrust and maybe edit some cfg files for that. It's not too difficult or time consuming.
  12. Part two of my first manned mission to Sarnus and Tekto from OPM in my main career save. See here for the first part. In orbit & descent: Tekto exploration 1/2: Tekto exploration 2/2: Return: The mission yielded over 8k science, but to keep things interesting I will only research one of the five remaining tech tree nodes - mid-level fusion. The extra science will eventually be used to buy antimatter. For each subsequent node I'll prbably do separate big missions like this one. I'm currently thinking of ideas for these and would't mind suggestions Relev
  13. I'm having a small problem - the Asimov FFRE afterburning mode's "throttle" controller does not work, staying at 0 unless overwritten through the waterfall menu. I've checked with and without PersistentThrust but that didn't affect it. Anyone else have this issue? Edit: there's also no errors or warning or anything in the console/log.
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