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  1. Messed around with Airplane Plus, made a Eurofighter-inspired build, armed with a fireworks dispenser, 2 dumbfire and 1 controllable rockets: Here it is on Kerbin & Laythe: 4 Had enough fuel to fly around ~1/4 of Kerbin equator's circumference.
  2. Even more nuclear SSTO fun, with six (!) 3.75m fusion jet engines this time. Not planning to top this anytime soon lol.
  3. Only thing I can think of is resources, a vessel on an interstellar trajectory traveling at a significant fraction of the speed of light could require less food/water/power etc.
  4. Dusted off KSP for the first time in a while, made some screenshots with visual mods & engines from my mod:
  5. Damn, these look great. I love the dark look for the general purpose one.
  6. Played around with my recently released first mod - used the fusion jet engine to get to Duna and fly around. Pretty satisfied with the balance, as it wasn't much easier to do than with stock rocketry, lots of things to keep track of. Other mods used are Near Future Spacecraft for the cockpit and Heat Control for the radiators. Departure: Trip and arrival: Cruising and landing Overall pretty happy with how the gameplay seems to have turned out, just a few misc technical/visual tweaks needed. Feel free to give it a shot, it's pretty fun
  7. Lol yeah, the whole metallic hydrogen rocketry project started because I'm too impatient to wait till it releases.
  8. Thanks! The fusion NTJ engine can generate a bit of power if FFT is installed, and that mod has 2 fusion reactors meant for generating a ton of EC.
  9. Future Technologies Expansion This mod series introduces new futuristic parts that expand the options of the mid-late game techtree. Right now there is one small mod ready and a larger one nearing imminent release. The core principles behind this are: Aesthetics that don't look too out of place next to restock-quality parts Gameplay benefiting from various other mods including CTT and SystemHeat Fitting in and expanding on features and part rosters from other mods, mainly Nertea's outstanding PKMC mod suite which inspired this project Frontier Aeronautics [Version 0.3 - first public release - July 26, 2021] First mod in the series (and currently the only one released) this introduces the J-F755 'Petrel' - a 3.75m bimodal fusion thermal jet. This large engine is best used in late game SSTO designs for use on any atmospheric planet. Pictures and notes: Current Features: Planned Features: Dependencies (required to run): Module Manager CommunityResourcePack Waterfall - to be moved to recommended section soon, currently running the mod without it will lead to NREs) Recommended mods (for full intended gameplay - highly recommended): CommunityTechTree Far Future Technologies Heat Control Download: Available through CKAN SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2815/Future Technologies Expansion: Frontier Aeronautics Known Issues: All models and textures are under the All Rights Reserved License; all cfg and dll files are under the MIT License. Metallic Hydrogen Rocketry [WIP, release inbound soon] This second mod in the series introduces a selection of mid-game level engines that use metastable metallic hydrogen to acheive performance similar to nuclear thermal rockets. Most require a mixture of mH and liquid hydrogen and radiators if SystemHeat is installed. Pictures: Planned Features:
  10. Haha yeah got sidetracked with other stuff but getting back into it now for final touch-ups, will try and get a release out before next week (after which I won't have as much free time). The scope got expanded a bit a while back so the mod has 4 engines and 5 fuel tanks.
  11. Some more WIP mod testing pics (part 1) - only ironing out bugs and visual issues left, expect a test release soonish
  12. Did some more testing and a bit of a photoshoot with the super secret parts I'm working on:
  13. Georgeous! For anyone wondering I think it's based off the Kronos-1 spacecraft concept: https://spacethatneverwas.tumblr.com/post/130745932490/kronos-1-deep-space-exploration-vehicle-this-is
  14. There is a way to do thos and more now if you install TU Recolor Depot.
  15. https://www.wired.com/story/test-out-next-gen-space-tech-kerbal-space-program/amp Just saw this, neat!
  16. Is there any way of preventing debug log spam when traveling interstellar? It's something about the game being unable to find intersepts.
  17. Finished making some super secret stuff Release inbound soon TM
  18. Any chance for waterfall configs in the future? It's becoming a very popular visual mod nowdays, would be nice.
  19. Eyyy he's alive! Thanks for the update, been wanting SH compatability for a while now, was even planning on throwing something together myself.
  20. Boy, do I have good news for you lol - something I've been working on: There's still lots to work left to do but a pre-release is likely inbound within a couple of weeks
  21. I made an emissive heat texture for my engine and imported it into KSP via the Blender MU plugin. I used the Bumped Emissive Specular shader and got a dark/metallic effect in game (that wasn't there when I used the Bumped Diffuse shader). The issue peristed when I lowered the shinyness value to 0. There's no Bumped Emissive Diffuse shader present, so I'm a little stumped on how to deal with this. Anyone know what to do?
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