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  1. Krazy Labs.Inc: The Dawn of the Krazy Labs.Inc Set-up: Rocket Design: The Norad I SpaceCraft is a Flea Booster with 4 Star Solid Boosters(?) and 2 mystery Goo and a Inline Mystery Goo,with a Camera and a Parachute,with Jebediah as the Pilot Commander,i named the mission as Norad I for Unknown Reasons,and i forgot when i launched it. and now,the Launch Images! I'm Rotating the SpaceCraft to Rhode's Ocean,for Science! And now,where firing the 4 star Boosters. Doing Science(oh,btw some experiments Reco
  2. you address me? @Someone.... @Welp @atleastimnotindetroit, @becauseofonions
  3. ha! jokes on you,im not doodly cosmonaut! @adsii1970?
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