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  1. @Knight of St John When do you plan to release the next update including the new Swivel and Reliant engine plumes?
  2. That makes sense. I always thought the AA in the settings was post-processing, I learn something new every day. I never really paid attention to the horizon as much as I did to the space center and my spacecraft, though. Is there a way that you can add multiple layers of AA to scatterer? Perhaps use both MSAA and SMAA, or maybe 2 or more layers of SMAA? (I know I'm obsessed with this, but I feel like this is the only way to make my images look decent...)
  3. I hope I am not adding to the seemingly-overwhelming amount of scatterer users on this forum, but I would like to inform something, not really even a bug. I have discovered that Scatterer, upon loading a scene, likes to turn the stock FXAA all the way down. As a user of Scatterer who used to use the stock FXAA and the SMAA from Scatterer, I feel like this is a downgrade to visual quality. And if anyone says that using 2 layers of Anti-aliasing is unnecessary, take a look at this: Scatterer SMAA only, stock FXAA disabled (Scatterer likes to set it to this) Scatterer SMAA with 8x stock FXAA (I have to manually go to settings and set this every time) Here's a link to a folder with 2 screen recordings comparing the 2 with the camera in motion. Especially looking at the Astronaut complex, you can see that double-layer AA looks much better. Some might argue that having the stock FXAA on with the Scatterer SMAA creates an enormous weird shadow. However, that is circumstantial to when the 2nd setting in the Depth Buffer Mode is activated (Merge depth pre-pass into main depth.... etc) As someone who owns an instagram account posting screenshots (and also simply just a visuals-phile), I want the clearest looking imagery possible. Unless there is a reason that the stock FXAA shouldn't be on, such as a technical issue or a major performance hit (Which I doubt bc its FXAA), I plead for whatever is set to disable the stock AA be removed on the next update. Instead, the feature can be set for the Merge Depth pre-pass setting, where if it is set, it gives a warning or disables the stock AA automatically, etc. Regardless, I hope all of the devs and whoever read my forum post all the way down here a great rest of their day.
  4. I find you again! I think that would be pretty much impossible, mfs 2020 doesnt use unity but instead uses a game engine that microsoft developed specifically for the game, but even if there were a way, no one's pc would be able to handle it anyway
  5. 1. Oh, alright. When can I expect this feature? 2. I am very certain I have the latest version of EVE redux, almost as certain as it being the Mun's shadow. Shaddowmapping is really weird indeed... We all look forward to the day where we all have rtx cards and better rt compatibility with unity therefore ksp can have it
  6. Wow, thanks for this. Id love to do research independently, but I just don't seem to be able to gather information like you and a few others I know.
  7. @YNM When do you think the H3 will launch? I thought it was going to launch April, although its already May. It can't be too far off into the future, can it?
  8. Hey, I am currently recording a cinematic, but when I try to do the pathing, interpolation doesnt seem to work anymore. It used to a bit ago, but i guess the KSP updates are starting to make this mod obsolete? Can someone revive this, or at least give me a fix? In case the problem might be incompatible mods, here are the ones I am using: I will put up my GameData when I can, I dont want to start KSP today.
  9. Hello, thanks for your help! I did this, and the mod functionality seems to work now. However, I have come to find that the CNC mod button on the mod toolbar is not working. I click on it, but nothing happens. This is in pretty much every scenario where the mod button appears on the toolbar. Just in case my explanation was hard to understand, I screen recorded myself demonstrating this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OU24XFj67EFObfrnIWkr0-nKMTw18U6D/view?usp=sharing In the video, I show that the CNC features work, but I can click on the toolbar button and nothing seems to pop up. By the way, I was able to create the constellations and comms sites previously when I still had CommNet manager installed. Should I provide another log? Update: Somehow I got it to show. I went to configure an antenna, got stuck on the UI, went to the space center, switched from one save to another and went to tracking station and I was able to click it. Very strange, but I think it works for me now finally. Could you still revise this problem tough? Also, I would like a feature for this mod to disable an antenna. Could that happen?
  10. Whoops, sorry. I must have put up the wrong ksp.log, I sincerely apologize for that. I installed the mod again, and the problem is still prominent, but I believe I got the right log this time: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TR9VSl5dpX8mQdjOgmYvJtxD3FM8LBUr/view?usp=sharing Additionally, here's what my GameData looks like: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qIeod9bTwnDV4nZgKUeCnE8-dZDkuudU/view?usp=sharing Also, I can't seem to find Player.log anywhere in the ksp directory. I searched in file explorer, but no results.
  11. Is there a way you could add a feature to calculate the most efficient atmospheric ascent profile for a rocket? I think this will make the mod vastly popular
  12. Hey, I have just a few complaints about scatterer, during eclipses to be exact. I have no idea if there's a patch being worked on for this, but I thought Id adress it anyway. 1. The mountains in the distance are kinda bright during the eclipse... 2. What is going on here? I have no idea if the latter one is my problem or an issue with scatterer itself, but this thing spazzes around and slowly heads eastward. This thing seems to happen in places directly under the eclipse FYI, I use EVE redux with scatterer. Amazing mod, also I think the info could be useful.
  13. @TaxiService Hey, I just installed this mod after discovering it on spacedock, and I applied it to an existing save to add a level of complexity to my game. I am using v1.5.7 of this mod. I tried to dedicate one of my comms sat to a constellation, but I found it getting no signal. After creating a bunch of constellations and configuring a bunch of ground bases, it seems to still not want to work. Whenever I change it to another freq, It says: The signal doesn't come online. What do I do? Did I do something wrong? By the way, here's ksp.log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EEcbKfrc10YSZNrIspATj0SlvMRK_DGY/view?usp=sharing Hope I can get a solution soon. Thanks for all of y'all's contributions.
  14. @Nils277 I can probably translate the descriptions and everything else into Japanese, if this is still in the question.
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