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  1. Not the best pc. Loading will take forever, and the dependencies will slow it down. Also, I didn't say they had to completely remake it in the comment you quoted.
  2. Can't you borrow the models from Bluedoge or something? Didn't you do the same with the LE-7 model for the Skipper? edit: Getting a lotta hate for this. If I can only delete comments...
  3. I think FAR is mistaking the mesh plume as a physical object, and it's giving it colliders. I wonder if there is a cfg somewhere that you can set false so it won't do this?
  4. I think it's about finished. Looks way better than before, and certainly more accurate than the red, generic Hydrolox template. If anyone wants to use it, here it is. It has one problem, the plume looks good, but there is a bug that makes a part of it point upwards. You'll see it when you try. Don't worry, its not easy to see from a distance. To use this, follow these steps: Download this. Move the .cfg file into GameData/Waterfall/Templates. Go to the .cfg of the engine you want to use this on. For one of the last lines, there should be a variable that
  5. Are. You. Fricking. Kidding. Me. What about Making history do you hate? Don't you like the 1.875m tanks?? The engines? I can't agree more. Wasn't the purpose of this mod to make everything look better? If that's not what he hates, what about the DLC does Nertea even hate? Plus, some engines are already revamped from the DLC, I don't see why the revamping shouldn't be overhauled and complete.
  6. Please put this up on Spacedock so I can follow it @prestja
  7. Also, as a half-Japanese person, I thought I would correct the plume for the Skipper which has the model of the LE-7. All operational Japanese Liquid rockets run on Hydrolox, so I'm making a hydrolox plume that doesn't look like a bloodbath pouring out of the nozzle, and also doesn't look like kerolox like it did previously. Currently lacking the Mach diamond, but I'm working on it. I'll also make it expand a bit less, but it's what it looks like right now.
  8. Hey, do you know what's happening with the LR87 and LR91 engines? Are they being revamped, or are they being ignored? They are two of my personal favorite engines in the game, I'd love a good revamp on those, because I really can't use them from how bad they look per-quod.
  9. Hey, bug(?) report. I have discovered that Clickthroughblocker can actually tamper with the functionality of the plume editing UI. I was previously using Realplume, which the editor required Toolbar, and the toolbar mod required Clickthroughblocker. I don't know why Linuxgurugamer makes the two dependencies, but all I know is that I had it in my Gamedata folder, I experienced the waterfall UI being extremely glitchy, I suspected Clickthroughblocker, I removed it, and it works like a charm. Could you make the UI usable with Clickthroughblocker? Thanks. @Nertea hello?
  10. Yeah, I managed to figure out to this point. Oh, so even if I change the plume type in the dialogue given, it's supposed to not change anything? Because that's been my experience. Wait, if I click import, is that showing me the configs for the individual engine or the plumes themselves in original restock? Yeah, that has been a hunch confusing for me. What I've been doing is changing the values for each effect, then applying to see what changes. I've used this method on multiple effects, but it has not failed to drive me crazy, since some numerical values Ive entered w
  11. Yeah, found it. It says Restock is required for this, though. Nonetheless, I installed Restock for other reasons last night, therefore I guess I'll be fine here.
  12. I had the configs set with this mod for all the engines, and I tried editing it. It seems like I found some sort of a way, but it's still confusing. I might be learning for a while here.
  13. Being a half-Japanese person, I think this is really cool. I think it emphasizes the ambitious project ideas JAXA/NASDA had in its HII-HIIA days
  14. If someone makes a cfg mod that applies to even just stock engines, it's going to be revolutionary. By the way, how do mesh-driven plumes work? Is it something like the plumes in SR2? I love the progress of this mod, keep up the great work. You'll be saving thousands of lives of crappy GPUs.
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