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  1. @YNM When do you think the H3 will launch? I thought it was going to launch April, although its already May. It can't be too far off into the future, can it?
  2. Hey, I am currently recording a cinematic, but when I try to do the pathing, interpolation doesnt seem to work anymore. It used to a bit ago, but i guess the KSP updates are starting to make this mod obsolete? Can someone revive this, or at least give me a fix? In case the problem might be incompatible mods, here are the ones I am using: I will put up my GameData when I can, I dont want to start KSP today.
  3. Hello, thanks for your help! I did this, and the mod functionality seems to work now. However, I have come to find that the CNC mod button on the mod toolbar is not working. I click on it, but nothing happens. This is in pretty much every scenario where the mod button appears on the toolbar. Just in case my explanation was hard to understand, I screen recorded myself demonstrating this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OU24XFj67EFObfrnIWkr0-nKMTw18U6D/view?usp=sharing In the video, I show that the CNC features work, but I can click on the toolbar button and nothing seems to pop up. B
  4. Whoops, sorry. I must have put up the wrong ksp.log, I sincerely apologize for that. I installed the mod again, and the problem is still prominent, but I believe I got the right log this time: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TR9VSl5dpX8mQdjOgmYvJtxD3FM8LBUr/view?usp=sharing Additionally, here's what my GameData looks like: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qIeod9bTwnDV4nZgKUeCnE8-dZDkuudU/view?usp=sharing Also, I can't seem to find Player.log anywhere in the ksp directory. I searched in file explorer, but no results.
  5. Is there a way you could add a feature to calculate the most efficient atmospheric ascent profile for a rocket? I think this will make the mod vastly popular
  6. Hey, I have just a few complaints about scatterer, during eclipses to be exact. I have no idea if there's a patch being worked on for this, but I thought Id adress it anyway. 1. The mountains in the distance are kinda bright during the eclipse... 2. What is going on here? I have no idea if the latter one is my problem or an issue with scatterer itself, but this thing spazzes around and slowly heads eastward. This thing seems to happen in places directly under the eclipse FYI, I use EVE redux with scatterer. Amazing mod, also I think the info could be usefu
  7. @TaxiService Hey, I just installed this mod after discovering it on spacedock, and I applied it to an existing save to add a level of complexity to my game. I am using v1.5.7 of this mod. I tried to dedicate one of my comms sat to a constellation, but I found it getting no signal. After creating a bunch of constellations and configuring a bunch of ground bases, it seems to still not want to work. Whenever I change it to another freq, It says: The signal doesn't come online. What do I do? Did I do something wrong? By the way, here's ksp.log: https://drive.google.
  8. @Nils277 I can probably translate the descriptions and everything else into Japanese, if this is still in the question.
  9. Hey, I have found that the Plane-anywhere 1 linear rcs thing is literally impossible to click on. I put it on one of my creations, but I haven't been able to take it off, configure it, offset it, nor set it to an action group. It's literally stuck there. Can I expect a solution for this?
  10. @Nertea Don't mean to ruin your day, but can you perhaps create cfgs for fundamental engines like the spark? Or am I an update(s) behind?
  11. Yeah, so when the 1650 Super was at 100%, the fps would cap out at around 50-60. I have my monitor at 75fps, and I can usually play at that rate with godrays off. The setting was used during the time of day on Kerbin, maybe 1 hour after sunrise. My CPU usage stayed pretty stagnant at around 30-40%, although my 9100f has 4 cores and it doesn't tell me it doesn't have enough. CPU utilization doesn't tell me that. Ive played Simple Planes before, and with 5 AI planes, the fps will suddenly go from 75 way down to the 20s, although CPU usage stayed the same. My cpu has 4 cores with no hyperhre
  12. Also, godrays bring my 1650 super to 100% as well. I have a 9100f and 16gb of ram. The below ss of task manager shows me switching godrays from on to off. (The drop in utilization at the middle is because I switched to and from Map view to update the changes)
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