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  1. Hi, I'm making an addon, (not for KSP,) that will be a recreation of the Kerbol system. However, I am having a very hard time finding high resolution maps for all planets in the Kerbol system. Any help for where to find maps would be greatly appreciated. The higher resolution, the better.
  2. These aircraft are really cool, how did you get these cool looking screenshots with the text? Is it an addon or did you add it yourself? Very cool
  3. I think asteroid rings would be better than a moon
  4. I've recently been making a lot of aircraft in my new career game, and I'm looking for inspiration. I also think that simply seeing working planes improves new players ability to make aircraft, so... Post you aircraft here! They could be stock, modded, fast or slow, cargo planes or suborbital spaceplanes Just remember, no SSTOs as there is already a thread for that I'll start with my SR-71-K, heavily based off the SR-71 SR-71-K takeoff at dawn Climbing to altitude. Those ramjets produce lots of thrust Cruising at high speed, en route to the Northern Ice shelf
  5. Yep, seems to work fine in 1.11.1, except that the exterior lights no longer work
  6. Really cool looking mod, I'm just wondering if it works in 1.11.1?
  7. Test your designs if you are going interplanetary However, don't be afraid to fail. Failing really is the best way to learn Watch Youtube. Watch Matt Lowne, Stratzenblitz75, Scott Manley For probes, go smaller While using maneuver nodes, activate "Extended burn indicator" in settings. Tells you when to start a burn Really, just don't get intimidated. If something isn't working, take a step back and re-evaluate. Ask questions.
  8. I have a small base on the Mun, which was completely fine until yesterday. I was on EVA near the base, when I tried to attach a part using KAS (Kerbal Attachment System), and the part exploded. Immediately after, the game crashed. (My game crashing isn't uncommon, I'm running KSP on a potato atm) It was late, so I went to bed and forgot about it. Today, upon going near the base or loading a quick save in which I am focused on a vessel near the base, the game crashes. When I am in the Tracking Station, it shows that all the crafts near the base have disappeared. Also, interestingly, the Kerbals that were inside the base are not reported as 'lost' in the astronaut complex, although they do not appear in the Tracking Station or save file. I have no idea how to fix this, do you guys have any ideas? The mods I use are; Easy Vessel Switch, KAS, KIS, surface lights, and I am using version 1.10.1 Thanks
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