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  1. but it doesn't even matter which mod i add if it uses module manager and b9swtich it always causes a crash and i have to remove it. it's really annoying. and every mod is up to date from what i can tell
  2. so every time i start the game it gives me this error message. this happens every time. all i did was add the station parts expansion redux mod (incudes the mod itself, module manager and near future props, and b9partswitch, i tried replacing the folder i already had with the one that came with the rar file but it still didn't work)this is everything in my folder. can you guys help me? this is on 1.9.1
  3. how do i get a single propeller plane to not roll once in air? i am trying to recreate the f4u corsair but it keeps rolling when i get in air, and it just turns to one direction on the ground. do i really need a second propeller?
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