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  1. Oh my, that looks awesome! Will the cool bioluminescence effect that the current Laythe clouds have in AVP be possible with the new clouds?
  2. Maybe they’ll do it on 3/14 for pi day!
  3. While unfortunate, this is about what I expected, and i'm glad that y'all are taking the time to make a great game and not Cyberpunk it. Or we can blame Blackrack and Gameslinx for making the competition a bit tougher
  4. Are these sorts of clouds only going to be rendered in a low-medium orbit, and the old method used above a certain altitude?
  5. I am not clicking this, I am tapping it.
  6. Clicking from the Johnson Space Center!
  7. Can this handle different scatter types for each biome?
  8. Welcome to the forum! As you'll find for a lot of things in KSP, there's a mod for that! I would also recommend taking a look at getting CKAN as it will make trying out different mods much easier.
  9. banned (for the umpteenth time) for reuploading a picture, breaking ten bajillion copyright laws
  10. The real question is whether it contains an April Fool’s prank/Easter egg….
  11. That's unfortunate, it would've been nice to learn more about the new planet before you removed it
  12. This is quite intriguing! Im also curious about the game mechanic that these neat radiators will be attached to. Will it be more like Nertea’s excellent SystemHeat, or more like the stock system we have now? I would personally prefer the former.
  13. hmmmmm seems I missed a few calls. hopefully @ColdJ or @AlamoVampire is here!
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