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  1. banned for me forgetting to ping you
  2. I will. @OrdinaryKerman will be next.
  3. 2 THOUSAND!!!!

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    2. Souptime


      i gave u ur last 9 rep

      the aert is almost done i dawr fast

    3. Souptime


      ok is done gona upload it now

    4. Souptime
  4. Actually with the latest releases of SWE and WaterfallRestock, SWE adds effects to the non-affected engines from restock. Seems that’s changed recently. https://github.com/post-kerbin-mining-corporation/WaterfallRestock/releases/tag/0.2.2
  5. That’s the SLS one right? I may have dabbled with that on my own….
  6. Not it poke bears, but can you give us a status update on Impulse Party?
  7. They deal with it the same way Ares would. Regenerative cooling. Which raptors already use.
  8. you're close to 2K rep and you only joined 6 months ago

    How dare you get more rep than me even when i joined over a year ago! :D

  9. I’ll look. What for though? I can’t tell the context.
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