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  1. My game fixed it the same way. got on the next day and the limit was not there. Must be random?
  2. Thanks. search this for Jeb memes “KSP jebediah meme”
  3. 1: the science you receive is “what happens when bob goes BOOM” 2:just blow up the planet if you think you can’t hit him 3: Science!! And boom (4: why have a spare missile when you can blow it up instead, or you could launch it at the mountain semi close by) and finally. What kind of KSP player is concentrating on saving kerbals instead of sending them to the core of the sun (is the “sun” in KSP named anything? Or is it just the sun?) (no offense, but I love making ships blow up, I normally make probes for this tho)
  4. 1. I did tutorials, I still have a hard time 2. I don’t think it was “in orbit” the right way, some type of not high enough or something like that 3. thanks for the tip of 45 degrees 4. I was using solid boosters, so should I use liquid? 5. I did not know you could do that anywhere other than the tracking station 6. I can’t use the nav ball, it’s too confusing on the point of the pilot can’t do nodes until certain levels. thanks for the tips, I will put them into practice later today.
  5. I’m having trouble getting into an orbit that is not in a crash corse ending a few days after launch. Any help on the subject will be great
  6. If anyone else needs to have WTMB (way too many batteries) add a payload part and spam batteries in it. Love this! if anyone else had this idea, pls do tell! If you add a few solar panels too the outside you can make a pretty good mini ion probe. Add a scientist and research parts and get it in orbit for science mode help. I’m working on making one as small as possible, light weight, small, and having WTMB if this has worked for anyone else, pls tell me how well it works. I AM going to make one, even if it takes a lot of exploding probes. My poor scientists will be doomed if this can’t work. the names are random, so I have a Jeb scientist in reserve for a while XD how can a scientist have max stupidity?!
  7. Hey, did you add steering parts (the tiny thrusters that have 4 tiny rockets going it opposite directions) if not try this. I’m not sure if it’s what you need, but I have made the mistake of forgetting these before. if it does help post that it worked, so other players can see it.
  8. Is the flight control tutorial supposed to get you out of orbit. Or is it cuz I held the rotating button? (Seems like a stretch but it’s the only thing I did different from the other time I did it) how would spinning help tho? Does it cut through the air or something? or is the starter solid booster op? idk if this is a bug, if it is it’s really funny.
  9. I’ll do that. it was a fresh world too. My 2021 world. I’m reporting the bug and remaking the world. thank you for the help guys. If anyone else has a bug like this post it here.
  10. Anything JEB related. Including: he is stuck on (insert planet name) and it’s so funny/sad he won’t stop smiling he Blew up by mistake he is lost in space (or other things Jeb related) welcome to Jeb’s fan club. (memes and pictures welcome)
  11. Why is there a 30 part limit in sandbox mode? I would understand if it was science or carrier mode, but creative mode? (Sandbox) is it supposed to be this way, or is it a bug?
  12. I’m stuck, I made a rover for kerban out of 4 crew cabins (I saw a video on it a few months ago, and remade it with 4 instead of 2) is there a set design to the “rover achievement” or just a craft that moves around on the surface of a planet.
  13. You guys are making a big fuss out of landing on the mun! JUST CRASH INTO IT AND USE EJECTION!! Boi! it’s what I do- when I’m not launching missiles at my rocket creation lab. (RCL- the real definition of it) This post is not to be mean, it’s to say what I do when I’m not working on a real rocket and just using the game for a laugh or 50 pls take no disrespect from it ok Anyone else ejected a kerbal in re entry? It’s so funny (what?)
  14. Ok. I’ll try that next. Previously I just get a rocket and angle it to face the satellite. (On ground) and let loose. sometimes I make a flurry missile by using decoupling to separate it. Love to spam them into space with Jeb in a exterior chair. This game makes better explosions than myth busters.
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