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  1. Hello, I am blown away by this mod! Oooo-Weee! Yeah, I have gone through the collisions on and off. On= experiments dance into the horizon. Off= Everything is knee deep in dirt. I get its in dev, just want to say I will be using it final! Thanks.
  2. Hello, I thought I could put some cams on a pod, put it in orbit, then distribute the cams via an engineer (1.11.1) to other active vessels. I cannot, however, remove them. Am I missing something, or can they only be installed on new ships? I realize the mod cam about before the ability to attach parts in space, but this is the first and only part mod I have ever used. Thanks!
  3. My God Bless you, and make His face to shine upon you this day! ... Happiness..
  4. Can you use this for a MK-3 command pod?!? I am new to this and have been trying to get RPM working (which I did for some cockpits) now for Mk1-3 command pods. ** Ok, so I did some reading on this post. I have the impression that some have it working for 1 to 3 command pods? I am running 1.11.1 of KSP. Thanks.
  5. I am enchanted by this mod. I eagerly installed all the mods to accomplish this feat! And I did, well sort of... I now have MFDs in the cupola module, oh and in the MK cockpits. Certain landers too. What I really am needing is the MK-3 command pod, and MK2 lander can. These do not show any of the MFDs. Anyone know how I can get these two to work as well w/ RPM? Thank you so much! Game: 1.11.1
  6. Add me too! same ordeal! However, ALT+F12 does nothing??
  7. I will figure out how to do images in the near future.. I think there is something to Daveroski's reply. I have two symmetry groups of holding tanks radially attached to the vessel. That's where the explosion seems to happen! Ironically enough, the ore holding tanks have an explosion warning label on them.. LOL! I may move/remove some and see what happens. Thanks!
  8. Hello! Just signed up, and have almost 300 hours logged on KSP-Steam. I have practically had all my questions thus answered via general queries on G**gle for the last few months that I have been addicted to KSP. However, I can't seem to find an answer to a repeating problem I am having with a probe lander equipped with drills. The darns thing will randomly explode on me when either coming out of time warp, or switching to it via tracking station. It was just happening on Minmus surface, but it's happened in flight as well. I am chocking it up to a possible design or object collision/collider issue. I am wondering if anyone else has had this happen as well? I usually end up loading my save back and can make progress until the next random detonation. Regards..
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