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  1. Are there any tutorials/guides on how to create custom IVAs? Thanks.
  2. Why does this happen when trying to mirror wings?
  3. Is there a way to get a planet's Terrain Height Map? Thanks.
  4. Are you able to turn off certain features of this mod? Edit: Nevermind, you can.
  5. Since KSP's terrain is rendered using a height map + texture map, I believe that it could be possible. But as with everything it's a matter of performance and 'usefulness'
  6. Hello everyone! So I recently had this idea to send a small satellite with science equipment, then store that science in an Experiment Storage Unit and drop it down to Kerbin to be recovered. Inside the heat shields are 6 Drogue parachutes to safely recover it. (Inside the VAB) (Entering the atmosphere) (Splashing down!) In total I got about 646 units of science. Which was more than enough for me to finally research ion propulsion. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and maybe got inspired to do something similar on your own!
  7. This is exactly what I've been waiting for! When do you think will this mod be available on CKAN?
  8. Wow! That design looks sick! How stable is your orion drive? I've seen VAOS' video and it seems to break the vessel sometimes. Also is there a reason for infinite propellant?
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