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  1. He did! Without him, KSP would look so much uglier! Actually, I like the Cherenkov glow a lot, I'll probably try to tweak stuff myself.
  2. Yeah, the side panels are already solid, too bad I can't make the windows solid, it would be handy.
  3. Fighters are cool. Flags layered on top of each other are weird. Ejection seats are pain. I also used to have a pic of this thing strapped to an SRB, with the ejection seat flying out, but it's disappeared for some reason.
  4. Wow, this is beautiful! Intercept should hire you, your style looks awesome! What program are you using?
  5. Hi, just found this thread. I'm Russian, so if this is still relevant, I can assist with translating a portion of the article.
  6. Whoops, somehow failed to notice your first submission. It's a really nice design, I dig the clipped antennae. Have your well-deserved badge:
  7. That's really cool and kinda funny, can I call it "W H A L E" in the submission list? Is that a tiny Star Destroyer? That's some interesting shaping, I really like it?
  8. PALETTE pack, I think it's called Kerbosawa Mode. On the teaser pic it's Fox's Vintage Profiles, the profile is Apollo 8. By the way, a message for everyone interested. I'm really sorry I delayed Part 2. I kind of have to do a lot of stuff IRL right now, and I don't have any free time. I'll try to write it tomorrow, okay? This is not cancelled, don't worry, it's just on a very brief hiatus. I just need a little bit of time to sort out my IRL stuff. If this cheers you up, Part 3 is scheduled for next week! I really hope I don't have to delay again
  9. This is so crazy! Pushing the challenge to its limits, and also hillarious! I like that you took the time to rescue the Kerbals one-by-one! Awesome! You already have a badge, so no need to claim one. I'll add you to the participant list!
  10. Tested out several Orion Drive vehicles based on the firework overclocking exploit, started a mission report about them: "Thunderstruck" Took fancy screenshots. Here's one:
  11. Err, never used it, so I have no idea about its functionality. If it just balances a craft or something like that, it's probably okay, but you, the player, still need to do the actual flying. If it flies the plane by itself, it's kinda cheaty.
  12. A little teaser for tomorrow's Episode 2 (Don't open if you want to "go in blind"!)
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