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  1. @JadeOfMaar, I further narrowed down the bug. Seems like every once in a while, if an impulse drive is placed with symmetry, the thrust direction is aimed backwards. This leads to massive torque on the ship and/or melting of whatever is stacked on top of the engine from the exhaust damage. Needed install: Impulse Party, no kerbal flying saucers Steps to reproduce: 1. build a ship with what is needed to power the impulse drives, along with a few drives placed using radial symmetry and stuff on their top nodes 2. fire all engines 3. watch as the thing spins out of control and/or melts and/or goes nowhere and/or explodes
  2. Used to do a bit of piano, quit, picked up viola a few years back, switched to violin a year later, watched last year as my tiny school's even tinier music program dissolved into nothing and stopped for now, possibly for a long while...
  3. I don't have pictures at the moment, but on and off over the past 4 years I've been working on this RC lego car MOC with a 4 speed transmission. Trying, failing, trying again, it's been over 300 dollars spent and over 15 failed attempts. I guess it was this incredibly persistent spirit I had that made me enjoy KSP so much - with the same trying and trying again to get to a glorious success. It's taken me way too long, my parents say I should move on from lego, but I'm just gonna keep on trying again and again. In terms of space related sets, I have some SLS-like thing, an old space shuttle, the big Saturn V, and a few old star wars sets.
  4. Further testing with warp ships in combat: With Impulse Party, large ships are finally no longer sitting ducks. It looks like the way to go is large salvos of fireworks, this has the best chance of hitting an enemy. Warp chases might be a thing, but if you are trying to control a certain area, that does not work. To let anything through the shield while keeping it intact and its direction unchanged, the shield must be temporarily turned off. (fireworks passing through shields usually either bounce or their path is altered sligthly, so the shields do not offer complete protection but still plenty) This means that to fire, a ship must make itself vulnerable first, and during this time an enemy can strike. Oh, and I tried ramming, it doesn't work. the ramming ship was heavily damaged while the rammed ship was just fine. When a ship gets dealt a crippling blow, it flies apart in chunks, which are kept trapped inside the shield. Fortunately, shields can be turned off by kerbals on EVA, allowing trapped kerbals to free themselves from a wreckage, but if there are no live kerbals in the shield then there is no way to turn it off.
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