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  1. If possible, when launching the tug to deorbit Centrifuge I, could you put a second tug on the same rocket to help with docking Centrifuge II? With my current design, it's not gonna be easy to get the thing to dock on its own
  2. I'm unsure - the radius could be up to 5m. The arm will have to be oriented vertically in the fairing - I should do some math and figure out how many Gs I want the thing to have. Most of the small SSPXR centrifuges run less than 0.2G, or about 2 m/s^2. At 5 RPM, this requires a 7m long arm, but at 10 RPM, this requires a 2m long arm. What was the rotation speed of the SSPXR centrifuges again? Visually, I doubt it will hit the solar panels though. NOTE: Gravity scales linearly with the radius and with the scale of the rotational speed. The formula is A = R * W^2, where A is in meters per second per second, R is in meters, and W is in radians per second. 1 G is approximately 10 m/s^2. EDIT: built an early prototype of the thing - it ended up being about 6m in radius.
  3. maybe - I have an idea for another rigid centrifuge design. This one will only use one robotic part. I'm thinking about having a single long arm with cabins on the end, using one of the launch vehicle's stages as a counterweight. To avoid putting torque on the station, I'll use 2 sets of ion engines to accelerate and decelerate the centrifuge. This way, the only robotic part will be a single large rotor.
  4. it's okay - again, there's definitely some in-lore reason that could be provided perhaps the motor broke down due to mechanical wear? SkyFall Industries might attempt to build a second one - I'll stress-test the thing much better this time.
  5. Is the SkyFall Industries Centrifuge Module likely to be decommissioned as well?
  6. Don't just lock the pistons - also lock the rotor. Other than that, I don't really know then, sorry. Perhaps a full ring with struts all around would be more stable, but other than that, I don't know. A modded centrifuge part may be the only option. If nothing else works, it's OK if you have to deorbit the module - I'm sure an in-lore reason could be provided.
  7. try locking the robotic parts when not in use, maybe? sorry about that - the problem never showed up, but I never ran any large-scale tests with it past "it doesn't shake itself to death the moment you spin it up"
  8. Perhaps it may even be time for a crewed interplanetary mission. An Eve flyby could be a good place to start.
  9. "Alright, this 1:1 scale replica of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant should be perfect, I'll finally get some peace and quiet-" *person from previous post arrives* Attempting to interact with something that isn't human
  10. SkyFall Industries now announces its MK 10 Crew Shuttle! This shuttle has upward of 600 m/s DV in LKO, and a 0.625m docking port of docking with stations. Instructions: We would also like to propose a new large spacecraft, building off of our centrifuge technology: The MK 1 LREV (Long Range Expedition Vehicle) This two-module orbitally assembled ship has large crew quarters, over 4 KM/S DV on a full tank, and a small payload bay for probes. Each module weighs less than 15 tons when fully defueled. Craft files: Shuttle: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U8tq89k-YbOMZm5Rw4vVLE35npGZKb-j/view?usp=sharing LREV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f569H926d0Fu_CWPcBsrFtZ12xlOMJQ2/view?usp=sharing
  11. SkyFall Industries' MK 10 Crew Shuttle is finally ready, and I'll have images by tomorrow. Would Beyond be interested in another partnership with SkyFall Industries? This may involve launching a new station module as the Crew Shuttle only has a 0.625m docking port.
  12. Hmm... Should SkyFall Industries get back to work on its Shuttle? We have plans for our own rocket-only, fully reusable crew vehicle...
  13. no, there's another one called the "pilgrim" or something 3 multi-floor arms
  14. yep, but I wanted something that didn't look like a normal ring, SSPXR does have a non-ring centrifuge, but it's very large (3.75m, I think 12 kerbals)
  15. Perhaps a modified version could use docking ports or other things, to ensure the whole thing is fully connected
  16. Module looks great! I never tried the thing out with ReStock, glad to see it doesn't looks horribly clipped in some way. yep, there's pistons in there. The airlocks don't actually do anything, structurally.
  17. SkyFall Industries is honored to have a partnership with Beyond. We wish you luck in your explorations. Our shuttle is still having problems, though. Like melting.
  18. Shuttle update: After a prototype in my own career save burned up from a high-orbit re-entry (I somehow managed to glide the front half into a nearby lake and keep everyone alive), shuttle development may be delayed. But when it's ready, it may be capable of reaching stations anywhere in Kerbin's SOI.
  19. No shoe can stop the Infinite Suffering
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