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  1. no, there's another one called the "pilgrim" or something 3 multi-floor arms
  2. yep, but I wanted something that didn't look like a normal ring, SSPXR does have a non-ring centrifuge, but it's very large (3.75m, I think 12 kerbals)
  3. Perhaps a modified version could use docking ports or other things, to ensure the whole thing is fully connected
  4. Module looks great! I never tried the thing out with ReStock, glad to see it doesn't looks horribly clipped in some way. yep, there's pistons in there. The airlocks don't actually do anything, structurally.
  5. SkyFall Industries is honored to have a partnership with Beyond. We wish you luck in your explorations. Our shuttle is still having problems, though. Like melting.
  6. Shuttle update: After a prototype in my own career save burned up from a high-orbit re-entry (I somehow managed to glide the front half into a nearby lake and keep everyone alive), shuttle development may be delayed. But when it's ready, it may be capable of reaching stations anywhere in Kerbin's SOI.
  7. No shoe can stop the Infinite Suffering
  8. Those jet engines alone cost 8K funds combined. The SkyFall Industries Shuttle will cost less than 7.2K funds per launch in total, even if 100% of the fuel is burned.
  9. SkyFall Industries has swapped out the SRBs for liquid-fueled engines for safety concerns. Also because the SRB version repeatedly failed to reach orbit. However, our crew shuttle still has an approximate cost-per-launch of 7.2K funds, or 2.4K funds per kerbal. It will be ready soon. The SkyFall Cargo Shuttle, however, is still heavily in development and may not see service for a while.
  10. Here's the centrifuge module. A little over 10 tons, comes with its own RCS for docking. Run the KAL to start everything up. Craft file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A27rA_RxBzrsGOgaSGw0bClpUyWglMNP/view?usp=sharing
  11. Dust is bound to jam things up. Assuming you would have posted a picture of an RTG:
  12. Alright, I should have a module ready by Monday. EDIT: As for the shuttle, it'll only be mostly reusable, and won't be able to carry any payload as-is. Perhaps it could be up-scaled.
  13. Hmm. The SkyFall Industries shuttle was (semi-intentionally) planned to compete with Libra Orbit, providing a (hopefully) safer and cheaper alternative. As for station modules, perhaps SkyFall Industries may be able to provide an artificial gravity centrifuge. What payload capacity are we working with?
  14. Nope! @ColdJ Haven't been around because of a lot of things... the KSP2 debate, new games and hobbies, real life...
  15. Are commercial spaceflight design submissions still open? SkyFall Industries is developing a small, mostly reusable crew shuttle for 3 kerbals. However, at the moment it looks like it'll need an aerospike. It will launch vertically and land horizontally, and only drop 2 SRBs, 2 nose cones, and 2 radial decouplers. DEVELOPMENT UPDATE: Looks like the planned configuration of 1 rocket on the main hull (aerospike, swivel, or Koidak )and 2 Thumper SRBs mounted on the sides won't be enough. The point of the design is to avoid dropping anything expensive like jets or rockets, so I'm planning to try a higher-power core engine combined with drop-tanks. Wait, the Reliant is pretty cheap, I might be able to afford dropping one or two of those into the ocean
  16. 6009? haven't been on the forums for at least a year, but I'm back now
  17. Previously, I've reached Pol with around 2.7 km/s from low kerbin orbit, but it was some time ago and I don't exactly remember the route I took. I think I used a Tylo assist to capture. If I depart from Minmus, burning until I have a low kerbin periapsis and then doing an escape burn there, I might be able to save around 600-700 m/s. This would result in needing 2.1 - 2.3 km/s, which I think I can achieve given the other mission constraints.
  18. That won’t help me with a Tylo assist, and without one, it tells me I likely wont have enough fuel. However, the ship making the journey still needs enough adjustments that Im not sure what its range will be. A Jool aerobrake might be possible, but it would mean major modifications to the ship, increasing mass, and Im working with some tight mass limits.
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