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  1. my plane keeps turning left and its getting frustrating
  2. It's a foliage update on parallax mod. You either have to wait or be his patron for 3 euros to grant early access.
  3. NEWS: Linx released his early access scatter system in his patreon for 3 euros. Check it out! https://www.patreon.com/linx_
  4. I'm glad I'm born with this and not ksp 2 also you have discord? it's easier to talk than ksp forums
  5. Wait, If the volumetrics are done, will blackrack post a message saying it's done? For people having notifications on like me.
  6. BallisticFox on Linx's discord server made a photoshopped concept of what would it look like if the Volumetric clouds combine with the New Scatter System (a new upcoming mods that adds grass etc. that will be in Parallax) by Linx and it's breathless
  7. Wait, what is the parallax surface under R from the Parallax logo? I would like to see a swamp-ish place.
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