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    Outer Planets Mod Let's Play Series

    Keep up the great vids Bevo!
  2. darqen27

    [1.0.x] CrewQueue - Crew Rotation and Vacations

    Okay, thank you, no rush
  3. darqen27

    [1.0.x] CrewQueue - Crew Rotation and Vacations

    Fresh install, really want to try this, is it still unstable with KCT?
  4. I have installed this mod a few times, and I am confused to what is supposed to be available. The only missions i ever see offered are put up stations to mun, minmus and kerbin, they never go away, even if completed they just respawn, canceled, respawn. No other missions to do anything ever came up in my whole playthru, starting a new 1.0.2 LP with Real Fuels installed and wanting to try this mod again. No errors were ever provided from the log files. So thus my confusion.
  5. Installed DRE, flipped over to a station in minmus orbit that had some landers docked to it. a JSI radial camera exploded do to burning up, nothing else happened, just that, and there were other cameras on the craft, but they didnt explode. Log file showed no errors, so I don't have anything else to provide.
  6. Just wanted to say this mod has been essential to how I play the game, I am very pleased with the recent version, and since I never see any pictures anywhere of this great mod in action. Here are some of mine from parts of my mun and minmus missions using the lander, I have flown many places IVA only in this lander and with all the data at hand in the cockpit, it is very easy to do. http://imgur.com/a/E9NBk#0
  7. I tend to build larger rockets, I really like the Saturn V, so I build my rockets tall and lean and I use Procedural SRB's to get off the pad. They are invaluable to me, and with SR I get my money back anyways since the SRB's land on the pad
  8. I apoligize for that. I read the logs, saw KIS and FAR fighting in the VAB, was throwing Null reference exceptions trying to do something with KIS and then a unity4 exception 1 nano-sec afterwards I'm sure I can reproduce it and get the exact errors for you if needed
  9. Thank you for that very condescending answer. This is a clean install. and considering I can read logs files, its exactly what I said it was removing far and modularflightintergrator removed the exceptions.
  10. Just an FYI, installed FAR and ModularFlightIntergrator, and this caused serious VAB errors with KIS when trying to load craft files
  11. Just an FYI, installed FAR and ModularFlightIntergrator, and this caused serious VAB errors with KIS when trying to load craft files
  12. Still getting this bug on my landers which are 180 attached via a docking node. they are activated(attempted) days after the fairing is gone
  13. Gratz on fixing the age old bug. The game felt very bland without this great mod