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  1. The problem seems to come from the value "maxSimultaneous" not being set in the "CONTRACT_TYPE" of StationCore.cfg
  2. [quote name='Nhawks17'] Ohhhh crap that's right... I forgot the Overhaul version does that... Well you can always switch to the Release version, there's no custom terrain and the city lights are still there and are working. There's just no atmospheric effects yet unless you install scatterer (I'll have custom configs out as soon as I can but the default one's should be ok for now)[/QUOTE] I'll definitely try that out, thanks!
  3. [quote name='Nhawks17']Yeah if you go into the Stock Visual Enhancements/EVE folder you can delete the Terrain folder.[/QUOTE] Thanks for your answer! My bad, I should have been more specific: Deleting the Terrain folder does work, but it also disable city lights, I was trying to find a way to keep them enabled and *only* disable the new terrain. I tried toying with the terrain.cgf configs, but the weird grass thing remain regardless. At best, you can change the display distance so that it only shows when the camera is very close (I could get behind that). Unfortunately, since the vanilla
  4. Hi! Great work with the mod! Loving it. Except for Kerbin grass, a matter of personal taste! Is there any way to restore the default texture? I just spent two hours trying to change this, to no avail :( Thank you for your time :)
  5. May I suggest starting from the left, then organizing different paths by sorting them by line? This three is nice but the layout is confusing
  6. Hi, Quick update about my texture replacer removing astronauts and placing them back in the astronaut academy roster... It was actually that clicking on the texture replacer window was also clicking on the element behind it, hence doing weird stuff because I was, by mistake, also interacting with the Astronaut facility UI at the same time.
  7. Hi there, I have an issue with Texture Replacer. Browsing the in-game options to assign suits by role (pilot, engineer, etc...) made the affected Kerbals return into the astronaut training, while keeping their level.
  8. Apparently its not yet available for us mere mortals.. Or did I miss something?
  9. THE mod of the .24 I was waiting for.
  10. That would be wonderful ! Audio is always important. By the way, I tweaked a bit the RCSnoise.wav to make a deeper and perhaps slightly less loud version to suit my tastes. Here is the link if it can be of any interest https://www.dropbox.com/s/avqald1srwzftbc/RCSnoise.wav Simply put it into \Kerbal Space Program\GameData\RcsSounds\Sounds but be careful to backup the original version first at it will erase it ! Thanks again pizza for the mod !
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