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  1. That's pretty much the life of a kerbal. You "land" somewhere, you get stuck. The rescue team "land" and get stuck also. And it repeat over and over.
  2. Woot!!! Sign me in, I want to go to space!
  3. Oh man thanks! That Duna like planet with the Orion spaceship is now my desktop background!
  4. Hype hype hype hype, I can't wait, it's so freaking awesome. I feel like a kid that has been told that Santa is real and is coming to give me gifts.
  5. From here https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/game/kerbal-space-program-2/ Multiplayer/Modding The technological developments made to the foundations of Kerbal Space Program 2 will build on the beloved modding capabilities of the original game, as well as deliver on the long-requested addition of multiplayer. Soon players will be able to share the challenges of deep space exploration. More details on these features will be revealed at a later time.
  6. Even though I started playing KSP when it was at 0.7.3 alpha, I still want to pay the FULL price for KSP 2. I don't care how much it cost, just take my money!!!
  7. Anybody know on what graphics engines they are making KSP 2?
  8. Yep I enjoy reading the loading quotes and watching the different images appear when loading my game for 10 minutes. Never gets old !
  9. I find it easy to land on any atmospheric body as the air(or whatever gas it is) slows me down so much. Eve is particularly easier than Kerbin. Also the very low G of Gilly, Bop and Minmus make it easy too. The hardest to land for me would be Tylo just as magnemoe mentioned.
  10. I landed on my first try and was super happy, more so because the Mun was just released back then. Good old times!
  11. I can't see where I'm landing so I'm just enjoying the view above the clouds of Eve. Landed and deployed my rover, still can't see much but at least I'm on the ground and not splashed down.
  12. I run with life support mod so time isn't an issue, snack are. I only send Kerbals out when I'm certain of their survivability out there, so long missions are very rare and or very complex.
  13. I'm running about 51 mods and it take the same amount of time for me to eat an apple in 1.6.1. Faster than in previous versions where I could literally do other things while it loaded. The maximum it took me was about 25 minutes in 1.4.
  14. Very cool, what is the music you used?
  15. Can confirm, I bought the game a really long time ago( the first payable version if I remember) and I haven't transferred to Steam yet, I don't intent to. But the option is still there for those like me that have bought before the cuttoff date.
  16. Unexpected landing of an Unidentified Flying Object.
  17. I made a Mun Station, but now every time I load it, it breaks apart for some reason, I can't figure out what the problem is.
  18. I had a very complicated one before but now since 1.5 I use a more simple. First letter is what type of craft it is. Like, F for Flyer meaning anything that flies in atmosphere like planes. O for Orbiter, anything that can land and can get to orbit, mostly on low gravity bodies. They are mostly landers. ST for Stations S for Satellite and Relays P for Probes, anything that I launch that is supposed to go to a specific target and get data of it. R for Rovers V for Vessel meaning anything that transport Kerbals, get to orbit do whatever mission it is supposed to do then get back to Kerbin in a capsule. Then I add its name that I take mostly from ancient gods or names I like. Then a roman numeric number to tell which version it is. And you get something like this : S - Deimos II or ST - Mirai I.
  19. Now all kerbals can watch gifs of kats anywhere in the system!
  20. Jon Tash

    Mun 180

    I was pretty logic to me to do that manoeuvre.
  21. Jon Tash

    Mun 180

    You went back to kerbin orbit and then burned to get in a retrograde orbit on the Mun (compared to whatever you were suppose to save) to get it?
  22. Today I put a little station with a lander in Minmus Orbit.
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