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  1. I think I just wasn't thinking when I made the art. I think it would only require changing the background image (just move the GS markers up until they are in the middle) and changing the assignment in line 279 in GlobalV_DisplayData.cs; probably to y0 += 0.5f. @Ser Let me know if I should make and test those changes and then put in a pull request.
  2. do you just want to know if it's a runway or a waypoint? Navutils always has some target destination selected, even if the screen isn't up. If you let me know what you're thinking you'll do with it that will help me figure out how to write it
  3. he really is. Been away from KSP during 1.1.3 update, so absolutely install his fix.
  4. you know, this is such a glaring and significant error with the game, I have no idea how it could have gone unnoticed for so long. we should ask the RSS players how they think the on-orbit views look...
  5. ...Excel* locks up irrecoverably more than KSP CTDs for me... Although what I like about KSP's development is if a serious, reproducible, issue happens, the devs still are working on it--we're not stuck with 1.1.2 forever (unless something goes terribly, terribly wrong). So if it's unplayable, but the previous version isn't, make bug reports, roll on back to 1.0.5, and check in with later releases to see if the issue you're having has been resolved Is it perfect? No. I do understand if it makes you not want to even deal with KSP, though. And no, the game didn't crash "for no reason"; ther
  6. Just inquiring as to what you're using/planning for modular SRBs
  7. fuel to burn is a perfectly good phrase--why wouldn't it be? a three month transfer isn't necessarily a waste of fuel--reduce radiation exposure, reduce consumption of consumables/extend time @ mars. Time is money, and propellant is money--it's just a trade-off of what you want to save more of.
  8. use this. It says 0.90, but it should work in 1.0.5 https://github.com/kujuman/NavInstruments/releases/tag/v0.5-RC3
  9. there hadn't been, but I could see about adding a list. Should be simple enough, just would take some free time the newest version won't work in 1.0.5, but if you go to the github link, there should be a version to one that's for 1.0.2 that'll work in 1.0.5. I think it's 0.6alpha 2 or something weird. On mobile so can't easily just post the link right now
  10. I don't know if there's a simple equation you can use, but let me see if KSP calculates "stalling". If it does, it should be easy enough to make a small .dll for it to communicate w/ RPM or add to RPMs variable list. EDIT: Couldn't find one in the stock game, so I don't have any suggestions for the generic aircraft.
  11. If you missed the interview, you can check out the interview on Twitch! or the whole Video on Demand https://www.twitch.tv/dasvaldez/v/66033245
  12. This version seemed to fix the issue for me. I can still upload the previously troublesome craft if you'd like.
  13. Wondering if anyone else has gotten jittery laden rover wheels on the same vessels in moving from 2.0.0 to 2.0.2 ? Jitter stops on revert to 2.0.0 . Will look through logs etc later today if I can to try to see what I can find.
  14. The code was pulled, but I had to do it in the git console (which I admit I don't really understand) so it might not have said, "yes, it was pulled", because I kept smacking it until it worked...
  15. I don't have a linux install so I can't test this myself. Right click won't work for anyone (it was a work-around in 1.1 experimentals, but it might work again, so I'll rework that soon). Next version might be able to fix that.
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