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  1. Another +1. I also used to 'shoot' magnets and harpoons to attach to vessels and the ground. In some of my craft I have a moveable firing arm with a light or even camera attached to make targeting easy (in zero g) or interesting (on the ground).
  2. Online only and micro transactions. Also, any restrictions that are put into place to cuddle, guide new players. KSP needs a steep learning curve. Tutorials and videos should be there to help, but no artificial limiting the player. Every restriction has to be toggleable.
  3. @UomoCapra Please don't post links to facebook videos, or at least give us some alternative. There are many people who really don't want to be part of facebooks data set.
  4. Still: The only thing that would prevent me from buying it is if there is no Linux version.
  5. Think of this: Your SSTO has a LOX launch drive, but switches to Nukes when in/close to orbit. Pushing that left over oxygen around costs additional fuel. I would like to get rid of it. Or: You have a refueling station, which has to provide both, LF and Ox. Sometimes your miner/converter has too much of one of the fuels. Makes sense to just dump it. By the way: No render? Is it not animated? It would be so nice to have two valves/nozzles per tank (on each side) or even on a command capsule. Edit: I actually did miss the video. Why on earth do you upload to facebook??
  6. No, you just pretend. I don't believe you.
  7. How should that work? KSP 1 will be developed in parallel to KSP 2. They will be competing companies! Since Jeb, Bill, Val and Bob are working for the original KSP, they will not be able to work for KSP 2 as well. Maybe KSP 2 will be staffed by their kids? Maybe there will be an option that your astronauts might be headhunted by the other company. Maybe you will be able to buy Jeb and Val from KSP 1?
  8. I would love to have the reflective stainless steel look of the SpaceX starship in the game. Implementing that would be quite easy, as the "textures unlimited" package shows, simply set all surfaces except windows to full reflection. It looks cool and would add a completely new look to parts without any additional design work. Here is a look at a plane of mine in stainless steel:
  9. Linux support. Or I can't run it.
  10. A lovely trailer. Crossing my fingers for DRM-free Linux download from website. This is actually something I would pre-order if Linux is on the map.
  11. Congratulations! I am glad to have been there for 7 years and two months of that and boy has this been a ride -- and still is. Here's to many many more years!
  12. Oh, yes. That looks fantastic. Great effort. Now let us build our own bases and shipyards on planets!
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