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  1. There is a nice mod, called "Athmosphere Autopilot(Fly-by-wire)" which even allows for coordinated turns, which I would gladly fly myself, if keyboard controls would properly make it possible. That mod makes you love flying planes again. I still think this should be stock, though. After all, plane/space plane parts are stock.
  2. dr.phees

    So what is Serenity?

    Uhm, guys and gals, I seem to remember the Hype Train brakes are self-releasing. Listen.... I think it is already rolling!
  3. dr.phees

    Mun 180

    WARNING: THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE MIGHT CONTAIN IRONY That's exactly like NASA does it! Edit: Added warning announcement.
  4. @TykoI am pretty sure, Forbes is on the same expert level as you are.
  5. A big thank you for the Lander Can Mk2 fixes!
  6. Ok. Rephrased: Currently I would prefer SQUAD/4k to put developers on the job of improving KSP, not artists. Better? The reason is, that there are so *many* little bugs, that exist forever and finally fixing them would actually polish the game play a lot.
  7. Oh, yes, please. Add a little HUD to the helmet visor, maybe a tiny little navball to to lower edge and maybe a magnification lense to flip down/into view. Lovely idea! BUT... I would prefer you to make Kerbals... - not drift on ladders (WHY NOT STICK THEM THERE - YOU DO NOT SLIDE ON LADDERS) - not fall off even slightly moving vehicles - not slide on even the least inclined surface That would be infinitely better than idle animations. I mean, how often do they really stand around in our view compared to falling off stuff. Raise your hand if you are with me!
  8. dr.phees

    What did you do in KSP today?

    It is. I love driving it with raster prop monitor. The IVA view with the little camera on the bottom is great! I ran full missions from the driver's seat.
  9. dr.phees

    What did you do in KSP today?

    It's in the DeepCraft file. It is a twin hull version of the plane in the pictures with winch in the top and some KAS fastening gear on the wings. The plane flies stable in about 21 to 23km height at about 1200m/s. Perfect as a stratolauncher (although launched craft should be of the 1.25m diameter. The trick is *not* to use full throtle while low in the athmosphere. It will do 1000+m/s there without problems, but it burns fuel at an amazing rate. Once high enough, you fly full throttle at 21+km height. And keep it there. AthmosphericAutopilot addon is brilliant for that. It then uses something around 0.5 units of fuel per second. Brilliant mpg! I did not test the range yet, but you can easily circumnavigate Kerbin in one flight with the monohull version. I guess the twin hull has similar, probably even bigger range. The mono hull hypersonic seaplane on which the carrier plane is based on is now on KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/docphees/SeaGully-IVx-XPD-Hypersonic-Seaplane
  10. dr.phees

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I went down to the sea floor to recover a sunken probe core from a depth of about 700-800m. For that small mission, a submersible had to be constructed... ...and a carrier plane was built... Anyway, there is a floating base, now as well.... All together, it's just a nice place to stay: All craft files are in my hangar: https://kerbalx.com/hangars/46627 The mono hull hypersonic seaplane on which the carrier plane is based is here: https://kerbalx.com/docphees/SeaGully-IVx-XPD-Hypersonic-Seaplane Many more pictures in the gallery: https://imgur.com/a/jBCBsAY
  11. dr.phees

    Kerbal Inventory System

    The point would be that a Kerbal can only safely maneuver 1000kg of mass alone, due to momentum and the dangers of getting fingers/bodies crushed between it and the rocket or station while moving it. Yes, that's all true, but, and that's a big but, this is a game. And we simply do not have forklifts or similar equipment and we cannot properly control several EVAs at the same time. We all agree that handling of larger objects would be possible with several Kerbals (when pushing 1000kg, one person can easily achieve an acceleration of 10cm / s²). And we want to be able to do that (I want to). Using reality as a game mechanism does not make sense (regarding this issue). Another game play oriented limitation should apply.
  12. dr.phees

    Kerbal Inventory System

    The limit makes sense, but not gameplay-wise. Three astronauts can each hold position for herself, but that is not true with Kerbals, making the whole thing tedious. A new limiting factor would be needed, maybe a craft with a certain number of Kerbals on board within some range. Gameplay wise that would mean, they could EVA, but you don't have to play that out.
  13. dr.phees

    Kerbal Inventory System

    That mass limit should only exist in gravity / on the ground or in athmosphere.
  14. dr.phees

    The Grand Parachute Discussion Thread

    Im my opinion Kerbals of lower rank should have dumb chutes (non-stearable).
  15. dr.phees

    StarMods:  VABReorienter!

    Or just a button to snap to absolute angles in regard to the room.