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  1. Think of this: Your SSTO has a LOX launch drive, but switches to Nukes when in/close to orbit. Pushing that left over oxygen around costs additional fuel. I would like to get rid of it. Or: You have a refueling station, which has to provide both, LF and Ox. Sometimes your miner/converter has too much of one of the fuels. Makes sense to just dump it. By the way: No render? Is it not animated? It would be so nice to have two valves/nozzles per tank (on each side) or even on a command capsule. Edit: I actually did miss the video. Why on earth do you upload to facebook??
  2. No, you just pretend. I don't believe you.
  3. How should that work? KSP 1 will be developed in parallel to KSP 2. They will be competing companies! Since Jeb, Bill, Val and Bob are working for the original KSP, they will not be able to work for KSP 2 as well. Maybe KSP 2 will be staffed by their kids? Maybe there will be an option that your astronauts might be headhunted by the other company. Maybe you will be able to buy Jeb and Val from KSP 1?
  4. I would love to have the reflective stainless steel look of the SpaceX starship in the game. Implementing that would be quite easy, as the "textures unlimited" package shows, simply set all surfaces except windows to full reflection. It looks cool and would add a completely new look to parts without any additional design work. Here is a look at a plane of mine in stainless steel:
  5. Linux support. Or I can't run it.
  6. A lovely trailer. Crossing my fingers for DRM-free Linux download from website. This is actually something I would pre-order if Linux is on the map.
  7. Congratulations! I am glad to have been there for 7 years and two months of that and boy has this been a ride -- and still is. Here's to many many more years!
  8. Oh, yes. That looks fantastic. Great effort. Now let us build our own bases and shipyards on planets!
  9. No, I am not. But since they will be there, it would be nice to have them de-specialised My opinion is: Make one arm and integrate TweakScale
  10. I know. But that would require 8 or so parts instead of 1. I always like the non-specialised parts more. They give me flexibility.
  11. First things first: Great stuff. I am so looking forward to the stock robotic parts and more surface features. Even if they look a bit tacked on, I guess this is the start to much more variation. Since so many parts have been retextured, I could imagine the planets/surface textures to be next in line. Regarding one thing about the robotic arms: Too bad these seem to be purpose-bound. I would like them to be just the arm, instrument should be another part you can fix to whatever you want. The arm would be more versatile that way... I don't like specialised parts. KSP is what it is because any part can be used in so many ways. What makes it great is not telling the user what to do with parts, but provoking creativity. Don't get me wrong. I love all the robotics parts and this looks great! But I have so many ideas what to with such an arm if there was no instrument attached to it, but: A KIS/KAS refueling point, or a docking port, or a spot light, a command seat. A grappling hook or magnet (from KIS/KAS again), or a camera from that camera mod. Or attach four of these and attach wheels to have a cart with variable wheelbase base/ground clearence... The measuring instrument would also be cool if you could allow it to be attached to other parts without the arm. So much more potential!
  12. To be honest, the fact you require a written statement for the opt out is really bad policy. And in times, where the actual product, the game, is usually bought online without a physical copy like a CD-ROM or similar, requiring a physical letter is straight ridiculous. I do not consider this respectful behaviour. I like SQUAD, but Take-Two is simply making it as hard as possible to opt out. By the way, I don't think this agrees with European law.
  13. @Lisias: You are absolutely right. Usually Squad tells what is happening. This might really be a NDA thing. Also to people requesting requiring Squad to write daily reports on their progress: What would you really gain? You would wait the same time and make developers write more documentation (which developers seriously hate). That would further eat into their development time. My suggestion is still to chill, and close the tab/window with this discussion. Set yourself a timer and don't check for the update being dropped for the next 12 hours. You will not loose anything, since you are not a professional youtuber, who might be dependent on being the first to report on the update. "What", you say, "but I am a professional youtuber!" No, you are not, or you would simply watch for the "update is out" message and get on with your job. That said, go out now and play some old KSP, so that you can better appreciate the changes when the update drops. Or do something completely different even!