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  1. KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    You guarantee it? Great news.
  2. It would be soo great to do that. I am currently trying to build something like that in kOS, but am a bit short of free time. I wonder if anyone knows if the autopilot/trimming/pilot input API's are open enough to build the correct autopilot behavior as an addon. Does anyone know?
  3. The dv readout should have been part of the (early game) techtree. Life support should be quite easy and should be there (optionally). Also there should be no need for the better burn time addon! (I would consider this a bug) A few clouds should be part of the game as well, and better plumes... Oh, I forgot: ROBOTIC PARTS! Why are they not a priority thing? They expand the possibilities by so much!
  4. Don't consume dairy you find on a train, it might be off! edit: One wonders, though. It is eerily quiet...
  5. No, MechJeb doesn't. But it does the same thing. It uses the direct controls instead of trim. An example: You use Kill Rotation mode to stabilise a plane. Look at the controls, that MechJeb uses to keep the craft on course. At level flight that would usually only be pitch. The moment you touch the controls for yaw, all other input is moved to center instead of keeping the set-off for stable flight. You release controls and MechJeb starts oscillating until it finds a new stable set up. That makes planes (and spacecraft with slightly offset thrust vectors) ungainly to fly. Instead, MechJeb should use trim to stabilise flight and then add user input to that until user input is done. The craft would now be much closer to stable, making it wobble much less when restabilising. While this would improve all the flight modes, the described mode could be made into a free flight mode for athmospheric stabilised flight. The current "Kill Rotation" mode let's the craft return to the exact direction and rotation where the user takes the fingers off the controls. That makes the craft wobble around that orientation. A stabilised flight mode would return to the trim setup saved before the user input. The craft would take a moment to stop rotation, but that would be what you expected from a stabilised craft.
  6. We have a little discussion about SAS/autopilot improvement by using Trim instead of direct controls for the autopilot and stability controls: This might be good to get implemented in MechJeb, improving its autopilot.
  7. Since this is meant to expand the current userbase, that would not tell us much
  8. Still, what about the suspiciousness?
  9. A basic description is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aircraft_flight_control_system#Secondary_controls KSP also allows trimming your craft. Using that for SAS would allow combining user/pilot input with the trim, eliminating the weird bumps when you try to correct pitch while in SAS mode.
  10. Yes. A 60% chance. And that's worldwide. English covers about 11%, Chinese alone comes to about 16%, more than doubling the user base. All together the new languages cover roughly 30% of the world population. (This excludes foreign language speakers and the groups might overlap, but we should expect KSP to have roughly twice the userbase or more now.) And now the changes to KSP will allow easier integration of more languages, probably even for modders. I think this is quite a change. My guess for a good next Language: French. EDIT: The numbers are based on the estimated L1/L2 speakers of: Englisch: 400/400 (L1/L2) Spanish: 570/90 (L1/L2) Russian: 260 (L1) Chinese: 1200 (L1+L2) Japanese: 125 (L1+L2) (all numbers in million people)
  11. If I didn't speak english, I would actually be much more interested in a localised version. If only to finally experience the bugs first hand! Also: THE HYPE!!1!
  12. This makes it sound bad. Since Squad is a company, they need money. Without selling an abonement, they have to find new markets. We cannot expect them to bring out updates for free without having something to pay people with. Sure, Squad itself isn't without flaws, but morally questioning them for earning money seems a bit strange in itself.
  13. In this case squad should be perfectly able to do this without looking at any code. It is a basic thing and already implemented in the stock SAS. It is "just" a bit of rewiring...
  14. I hope this will be done at some point. I am currently trying to find out if there is some way to do this via an addon. The problem is, that the autopilot input would have to be re-routed to the trim. Does anyone know if that is theoretically possible at all? With kOS it should be quite easy to do, I would guess.
  15. KSP hidden story

    Yes, would be nice. "a new star system" would require either procedurally generated planets, which could be a nice DLC, or simply open/activate a jumpgate-system to moons of the various planets, allowing a kind of late-game alien-tech travel network. Nice addition and a end-game goal. Minor critique: Retrograde polar orbit doesn't make sense.